Age of Abundance: Earn Tokens Similar To On STEEM: Be A Very Early Adopter

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Anyone who is on STEEM right now is an early adopter. This is a fact that was covered numerous times.

Nevertheless, there are still some who do not like the fact they are so "late" to the game.

The Age of Abundance is my belief that we are entering a new Era in humanity. We witnessed the shift in the monetary the second the Bitcoin White Paper was released. Suddenly, Abundance became possible. Money creation went from the hands of the elite few to almost anyone.

Nine years later we are still very early in this game. My view is we are rapidly moving towards a tokenized world where people will be receiving 25-50 different tokens each month simply for living their lives. The advent of the Utility Token made this possible.

STEEM is one of the leading tokens in this regard. There is another that was suggested to me on here yesterday. After playing with it last night and doing a bit of research, it likes like it is worth a shot.

For those who feel that they are too late with STEEM, this is really in the early phases. In fact, the project is not even to the point that it is fully running. It is in the testnet phase. The entire process is undergoing testing.

Like many technologies, being early can have its advantages. Of course, the drawback is that one could be wasting time since the project could fall on its face.

The project is called minds and was referred to me by @flauwy.

This concept fits into the Age of Abundance model since it gives anyone the ability to earn tokens. As I stated, this is very early so the tokens are worth nothing. In fact, I do not believe they had an ICO yet or determined how many will be available. All of that is still in the planning stages.

The site has a nice feel to it. It models Facebook a bit more than what we see on STEEM. Posting, upvoting, and commenting are the same as everywhere else. Points are earned for different tasks being undertaken. Unlike STEEM, there are no limits to upvotes (which is strange to me at this point after being on here for a while).

This site is not exactly new. From what I understand, it has been around awhile. What is new is the adoption of a cryptocurrency (potentially) to use as a reward system. Obviously, being such a supporter of STEEM, I can't disagree with their thinking.

What is nice is that posts made on STEEM could also be posted on Minds as a way to stimulate more interest in STEEM.

I have included my referral link and would appreciate people using that to check out and sign up for the site. At this time, there are no keys, simply a username and create a passwork. The process is rather simple.

On that site, I use the same username as on here (taskmaster4450) so subscribe to me on there. Let us see if we can get a nice following going there.

Who knows, if enough of us are on there, perhaps we can persuade them to ditch the idea of ERC20 for the STEEM blockchain. It appears to be an ideal fit for them with their own SMT.

Click on this link and check it out.

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It's an awesome idea that they switch to the Steem blockchain! Unless they want to end up like cryptokitties it's an easy choice


LOL @dandesign86.

I agree. Too easy to torch the ETH blockchain.

If they want to be extremely successful, I believe they need a bit of horsepower under the engine.

STEEM provides that.


It definitely does 🔥 hehe

I was not aware of this platform, I´m already exploring it, and I´ve joined in with your referall, of course.

For those thinking it is too late, just don´t think, start investing time on Steemit or Minds or anywhere that rewards your work... anything is better than nothing.


For those thinking it is too late, just don´t think,...

This made me laugh. You right though. Just keep investing time and accumulating tokens. That is the name of the game right now. For those who cant buy them, doing things that pay in tokens is the way to get in the game and to grow one's stake.

Thank you for using the referral link.


Ahah, glad I made you laugh. It is as you say, but never too late.

Just had a quick browse through the site there and have to say it's simple but effective. Minds has the social media site that Steemit never did. It has groups, people and content well set up and makes it easy to find content that interests you.

For me it would make perfect sense if they went with a SMT as the two sites would complement each other very well and could only add value to both as well as to steem. This is where I see the real value of SMT's is through adoption by this kind of site.

Now when Steemit has communities it will be interesting to see how it works but as of now this could be a great frontrunner.


My guess is communities ends up similar to subreddits.

Steemit never really was meant to be a Facebook type site. They always intended to focus upon reddit.

I agree, something like this could be a great addition to the STEEM blockchain. I have no idea how many people are on that site, but coming into an ecosystem like STEEM might be a benefit to anyone.

I read a post that talked about the developers looking to make the system be able to handle 100M people....that means there are parties who expect a ton of growth.

Any organization would be well served by that.


It probably will head towards subbreddits in terms of design which would leave a gap in the market for a more social site which minds seems to be. I think being an early adopter for a SMT could be great for it as they would probably get a lot of users from Steemit who are more interested in that type of social media but who are involved with the STEEM blockchain already.

It would make perfect sense to me to use minds as my front site and just share any good blogs that I create on Steemit which would increase my exposure across both really. It would be an interesting experiment if nothing else as their site is already tokenised really so they would have any easy way to monetize them with STEEM.

I started posting on Minds not long ago, but have fallen off again, after joining in March and not using it. I never thought I’d actually appreciate the targeted Feed of say Facebook, but I now realize I prefer that over the random boosts of a lot of negativity on Minds. There are a lot of people on there who spend a lot of time talking about all that they think is going on wrongly in the world (much of it imagined IMHO).

The fact that it takes time away from Steemit when it doesn’t even have crypto I can trade on exchanges makes it also hard for me to get myself to commit to it.

The only reason I’m still trying is that it has groups!

Jeesh, does Steemit need groups/communities!

It makes it so much easier to find folks I share at least some interests with on there, because I can simply join a group on that topic. So I’m pretty much never navigating to my feed on there, even though you get points for loading it. I just go to groups like “Positive news” and “spiritual awakening” or “natural living” which all tend to have content I actually care to read.

It’s hard for me to judge whether it’s worth my recommending it to others since the jury’s still out on whether I’ll really use it myself. If you wind up posting on there regularly let me know and I’ll follow you on there. I have the same handle in both places.


@indigoocean I am under the same username as on here. Just started playing with it myself.

Wow nice find there @taskmaster4450! I’m gonna have to check that out later when I’m home from work at my pc.

Thanks for sharing this valuable info!


You are welcome. Always trying to get my fellow Steemians other ways to earn more tokens.

At least until SMTs come out...and then we all might have more on our plates than we can handle.

very Nice

nice post.

We all early adopters.


@deuceace Yes we is amazing to think of the possibilities.

you got it, i'll sign up using your link. i am open to using new options and bringing more to my steemit page as well. my #medicinecardmonday is taking off and i'm getting quite a bit of personal requests for healing energy work that incorporates Reiki and Native American ceremony. thanks for the heads up and hopefully you will get something out of it too since i'll be using your link. thanks TM!


@eaglespirit That is awesome. Steemit is a springboard for so many things.


yes it is, i had read something months ago that steemit would be the "myspace" of decen. coin/token based platforms. it will just get better as we move forward.

Thanks for the information sir.

i always follow you for your work.i am like your activity.

Excellent post

Just exploring right now, joined with your referral :) has somehow the feeling of a facebook,linkedin with crypto :) Just the first few seconds.


@jayplayco Yes it does have a bit of a FB feel to it. It will be interesting to see how it develops over the next few weeks after everyone has a chance to try it out.

have signed in with you as a referrer.still learning how to use this platform but the looks of it is somewhat interesting.thanks


@gabriellasam Thank you. I appreciate it.

It does look interesting from what I uncovered so far.

I signed up for minds a while ago. Unfortunately I can’t remember which email address I used. So I created a new account a couple of days ago.
I still need to take the time to figure out how it all works, though. I’m so used to using SteemIt, I really need to make the switch in my head to start using another platform...


@simplymike Yeah I am with you. I was baffled by not having to look at my voting bar to see how much power I was draining. Unlimited voting there.

Hopefully everyone makes a fortune on there too.....the more tokens the better in my view.


There’s this feature that allows you to hide content that can only be released by paying, if I got it right.
It’s just an awkward idea to start from zero again. I don’t even remember how I did that on SteemIt - lol.€
I know I signed up with my SteemIt username a couple of weeks ago. I’d like to be using the same username, so I’ve got to take the time to find the associated email address again.
Meanwhile, I used ‘organicgardener’ - my sub alias on Steemit - to be able to learn the ropes until I get back in with my main username...

I am already there but haven't been that active. will give it another try...
And if they came on the Steem Block chain - that would be great!!