2018: Cryptocurrency Explosion: Stop Fearing, We Are Just Getting Started: STEEM Will Be One Of The Leaders!!!

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This latest pullback has really got some people scared.

Are we in a bubble? Is the crypto run over? Will we see a 60%-90% loss? Was Jamie Dimon right?

People, relax!!!!! There is nothing to fear. The crypto party has not even kicked off yet.

To start, we all need to understand that beneath cryptocurrency is blockchain. This is the most revolutionary technology since the introduction of the Internet except that it is 100 times more powerful and disruptive. In fact, this is what the Internet was suppose to be. Instead, we got a "siloed" system where over 80% of the traffic goes through two companies.

Decentralization is going to unleash an innovation wave. Blockchain is not only decentralized, it is also open. Anyone can take what went before and use it to build "a better mousetrap". I cannot emphasize this enough. We lagged behind the last 25 years in terms of the historic innovation curve. That means we are about to move back to the norm. which tells me a major innovation boom is on its way. Blockchain provides that outlook for millions of people. Whatever the creative avenues, they can not only be put on blockchain but also compensate people. This is a radical departure from what we are accustomed to.

However, that is the fundamentals. When looking at price action, rarely does what makes sense occur. Markets are run by two things: greed and fear. It is nothing more than a battle between the two in a given period of time that makes an asset respond.

That said, the big elephant in the room is Wall Street. The cryptocurrency world, thus far, is made up on individual investors. This is still the case judging by the number of accounts being opened on a daily basis at places like Coinbase. The number of people entering this realm is growing by leaps and bounds.

Even the Wall Street hedge funds started to get into the game. We saw a huge run up in marketcap from Thanksgiving until just before Christmas. The move was from $250B to $625B in about a month. The only outlet that can provide that much money is Wall Street. This makes sense since we knew they were gearing up all year long. Reports were of over 125 hedge funds being established to strictly invest in cryptocurrencies.

So why isn't the party over?

The answer is because Wall Street is not even here yet. Hedge funds make up only a small percentage of the investments. When it comes to the big money, it is the institutions that really carry the weight. While hedge fund operate in the hundreds of millions, institutions deal in billions. It is not uncommon for managers to have $2B or $3B under management.

While the stock market provided wonderful returns of late, these players are losing ground. They see the ones who are involved in crypto earning 10x to 100x multiples on their money. Do not think for a second this is sitting well with them. Sure, they will sit there and blast cryptocurrency on television but everyone knows they want in. Notice how Dimon changed his tune about bitcoin.

I can promise you Wall Street is not going to sit out another year like 2017. With cryptocurrencies poised to run up by huge multiples again, the institutions are going to figure out a way to get in. The returns are simply too appealing to them to pass up. We are already seeing segments about crypto on shows like Fast Money. It is becoming the talk of Wall Street.

It is ironic how we tend to embrace what destroys us. Some of the first website on the Internet outside of porn were newspaper and magazine sites. These pages were static back then because the Internet was basically an information source. Of course, a decade later the publishing world was in disarray since newspapers and magazines were getting their clocks cleaned.

I believe that blockchain will end up wiping out a large portion of the traditional financial industry. Nevertheless, they will embrace what is going to eat them alive. Cryptocurrencies are the greatest thing to happen to the investment community ever. The Internet came to money. What this means is that anything it embrace, it creates in abundance. The Internet is nothing more than a huge copy machine replicating whatever it comes in contact with.

At the same time, the medium also destroys whatever is standing before it. The traditional structure of an industry is upended when the Internet comes knocking. Not only were newspapers and magazines destroyed, we also saw industries such as music, video rental, and photography completely changed.

In the meantime, Wall Street has plenty of fiat they are willing to invest. The reason why I say the party is just getting started is because we have "only" seen billions roll in. A $600B marketcap is nothing. These people are capable of trillions. If you look at the gold market, which is a minor market compared to equities and futures, it still has a marketcap of $8T.

JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, two of the largest investment banks in the world, both have mentioned their consideration about opening up crypocurrency related products. If they are looking at it, I am going to guess every other investment house in the financial arena is doing the same. Group them all together and it means trillions.

Wall Street is not a complex system. They operate on the herd mentality. Nobody wants to be the first to jump in case nobody else follows. However, when the pressure of missing out gets to great, it only takes one to open up the dam. They all follow each other in jumping off the cliff. Good or bad, it does not matter.

The latest pool to jump into is cryptocurrencies. Wall Street is not going to sit back forever and miss this boat. The fact that you are making 10x, 20x and even 50x on a token really rubs them the wrong way since they aren't involved. It is only a matter of time before they gang up on the regulators and push them to lift any restrictions. Once that happens, watch out, this place will really get crazy.

I put a price tag of $100 on STEEM by the end of the year. One of the reasons I did this is because I know how Wall Street operates and that they will get in at some point. I can assure you we will not ring in 2019 without Wall Street being in crypto. They cannot wait that long.

I believe we witnessed only a slow drip in compared to what we are going to see. The hundred of billions will turn into trillions. The institutions will guarantee this. They do not do anything on a small scale.

As for a bubble, do not worry about that. The crypto space, even with the institutions, is still going to be rather small compared to the equity and derivative markets. Besides, even if they 10 fold the crypto market in the next 12 months, blockchain is going to jump ahead a thousand-fold over that time. There is too much development taking place for Wall Street to keep pace, even with all their money.

Be mindful of what coins you are getting into since there is some real junk out there. However, Wall Street will buy most anything. My suggestion is to get involved with quality blockchains with a solid team who are creating something that has use. Having an ICO just to issue a token for no reason probably is not the best one to buy.

Being on STEEM, I feel you have a definite winner there. Wall Street is going to eat this token up once it gets on their radar. For the past 5 years, they have been looking for the next Facebook. At some point, I surmise you will hear this description applied to STEEM by some in the media. Even though it might not be true, ring the cash register at that time because huge money will roll in.

And once it starts, the herd follows.

Welcome to Crypto 2018....

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If you look at the gold market, which is a minor market compared to equities and futures, it still has a marketcap of $8T.

And much bigger than equities is the bond market. What might happen when that bubble bursts?


Yes and then how much bigger is the derivative market than equities.

Wall Street knows how to raise money...there is no doubt about that....and they can create bubbles, often without realizing it.

In the end, things pop....cryptos might end up in the same boat at some time but we arent even close yet.

Very enlightening. When I get doubts about my investment in crypto I just read one of your post.

I tell people that there's no ground for panic but rather another opportunity to power up for the next Big thing

I know about a week ago, my steemit account was valued at just inching over 8k... today... below $5400.
Yes, the price of steem and sbd goes up and down, so does the stock market.

If you're here to claim a Bitcoin-like wealth and think you'll be retiring come June of this year with steem or sbd, then I suggest you re-evaluate your reasoning for being on this platform and block chain.

BUT... if you're writing and commenting quality posts, sharing your personal experiences and knowledge, interacting with other members and really making a go at steemit success, then I say grab a chair and laptop space and let's get to know one another.


I'm new here, but totally agree. This is only just starting, and $5 or $6 STEEM will seem insane by this time next year. But patience is the key - I've not even started creating content yet (will be doing soon), but I know it's a long road. Too many people chase short-cuts and the fast-buck, but that's not going to happen here - which is a good thing, because then the platform would quickly go to hell.


I have been here only six months... I have had some GREAT successes, as well as some OMGosh! moments of feeling as if, and thinking now what?
What I have discovered from my daily steemit travels of posting and commenting, is that this is definitely a slow and steady place to be. Take every success in stride and take every failure as a lesson learned.

All too often peope come and go here... the price of steem and sbd rise... an influx of new people... the price goes down and people start to disbelieve in the system and platform.

What's that saying.. survival of the fittest? Well steemit is success of the determined and dedicated.


it was undergoing a correction and soon it will rise higher hoping to what the experts were predicting at $15 - $20. now that will be worth it before valentine


@goldendawne I’m new to the site, little over a week actually. Running a giveaway for 10 free Steem to help folks. I am giving it away at 2pm central time today. I know you have a lot of followers and would be very appreciative if you would resteem the post. I’d like to do this weekly to help folks succeed on the platform.

i think they will join now after the drop in prices and capitalize on the growth that is about to begin, the market will explode in 2018 and i agree it hurts them to see this much growth over night and they are not in, soon all the major coins that have a good solution behind them will start to grow. cant wait to see steem at $100

Wall Street RIP.

Blockchain and Steem are born!

Your points are spot on.

This latest pullback has really got some people scared

Steemit is a sure place and steem is one crypto I am so confident about and I know that this year will bring about great tidings for every Steemian in terms of steem value.

People, relax!!!!! There is nothing to fear. The crypto party has not even kicked off yet.

We should know that we are in a safe place. No matter what the pricing of steem is like now, I am convinced beyond doubt that it will be a force to reckon with. Just a little patience is all we need.

In this time period, and if you could only pick one?

Bitcoin or Ethereum

What does everyone on this thread think has the most potential?

I think you are absolutely correct. The big money hasn't even started to invest in crypto. Once they do prices are going to skyrocket. Just think what will happen when the average persons 401k has a crypto component

Great blog @taskmaster4450. Thanks for sharing the experience about how stock market functions. You are right more amd more hedge funds will come who will invest strictly in cryotos. Yoh misse out on mutual funds and insurance companies also pit money in high risk stocks for great returns although the chunk is very less. I think soonee or late mutual funds will also come with new products for crytos or atleast they will also start investing in cryptos. There is huge money out there in market to be unleashed to be invested. Possibilities are huge. Many HNIs who invest in stock have not even touched it because they hardly understand this subject.
Future of cryptos is very promising. Keep looking for gems and invest carefully you will be rewarded. And yes Your target of 100$ for steem is very realistic.


And delete the comment if inappropriate @taskmaster4450 wasn't trying to be disrespectful on your blog.

You are right brother. Steem is the best


You lose, Mark Zuckerberg! XD

Thanks a lot for your valuable post sharing ... my dear. i like this post

This post very nice,,i like your every post..i appreciate your blog,,best of luck.

Very helpful post.Thanks for sharing with us

I appreciate your post.Thanks for sharing with us

''People, relax!!!!! There is nothing to fear. The crypto party has not even kicked off yet.'

Yea not everyone can see the full potential at first/

Great post! I think people would be crazy to jump off too soon. Crypto go up and down but so does the stock market. This is a truly awesome platform that we're on. HODL, guys! Just keep on Steemin!

The best thing to do is to spread the word around.

This is the best time to know those who are here because they know how this works and are ready to stay around for long.
This is not the time to panic sell and i hope people realise this on time.


True, but Wall Street also has the power to control markets in the opposite way. Think of all the futures, that want BTC to be below lets say 15k and the interest they have to make gains with futures on falling prices. The old markets have a huge influence on crypto already and I´m not feeling that well with the thought, that they are simply playing with us in a bigger game already. Ok, I´ll stop for now, before I sound like some crazy conspiracy theorist and put my tin foil hat on.... ;))

I am planning my Scrooge Mc Duck type swimming pool now. I never liked the idea of diving into fiat coins it just looked painful. Crypto pool is definitely the future.

Truly said.
Though some people might not see what crypto has come to do the world of blockchain. The wall street will definately give them no choice than to want to join the lead and stop the fear

I have read stories of how STEEM changing lives of many. I am sure it will continue to prosper. Hopefully things remain good in blockchain so as to sustain STEEM and others.


steem is one fire

Another great post!

Yes, Wall St. is coming. They've dismissed it as a fad, only for criminals and a bubble, but that's exactly what they said about the Internet about 20 years ago - and they've all adopted that now.

You're completely right. The current $600-$700 Billion Market Cap is peanuts compared to where it'll be when the real money arrives. And when it does, as the market grows larger, it will first shoot up, then stabalise. The reason cryptos are so volatile (compared with stock markets) is because they're relatively small. Institutions and investment banks will be the new whales.

At the same time, governments will regulate as much as they can, and make sure they can tax it. That will cause fear and push back, but the cat's out of the bag now, and it won't go back in!

I can see Bitcoin being dwarfed in size and importance by another (possibly not yet launched) coin/blockchain in 2019 too. As the big money does come in, they won't necessarily put it in the same place we have. They'll want more control, and a safe haven for their investments. But Bitcoin will look like an absolute steal at $11k, even $20 when the $Trillions starts to pour in.

2019 is certainly going to be interesting, and some new wealth is being created right now. Exciting times...get in while you can!

I love your analysis here @taskmaster4450

We are in the crypto world, one of the major reasons why people are panicing is because they are more concern about the price rather than focusing on what cryptocurrencies is capable of doing, taken over the whole aspect of markets.

Wall street all the way......

Steem is one of the biggest favorites in the world

I'm very glad that I finally returned to commenting. I did not have enough. Your article is an excellent motivation to act. After all, in order to become a millionaire, just need to collect 10k SP by the end of the year. I'm glad to sail steemit in the boat with you. Good luck to you and good.

Я очень рад, что наконец-то вернулся к комментированию. Мне этого не хватало. Ваша статья отличная мотивация действовать. Ведь для того чтобы стать миллионером, всего лишь необходимо собрать 10k SP к концу года. Я рад плыть в лодке steemit вместе с Вами. Удачи Вам и добра.


I believe 10K STEEM by year end will be a big number in terms of fiat @cranium.

My view is you will be a very happy camper when that happens.

Good content and quite interesting and a good read. Thanks for the information and encouragement.

All I can say is: I haven’t sold any of my crypto!

Wall street will also try to manipulate the market, I hope they won't create to much instability.


Actually their more involved the less volatility there will be.

But yes there will be market manipulators...the entire segment is too small for them not to.

Welcome to crypto 2018, ladies and gentlemen. For those of us who wants to build a wealth of our lifetime, now is the time to invest your attention and resources into STEEM Blockchain!

Thank you for your Post! I am with you, that Blockchain will revolutionize our world and i am very happy to take part in this venture.

But i guess i have to be the party pooper, because when i hear: "the party hasnt even started" i hear some serious euphoria.

Of course telling people only the upside makes everybody feel good, but we need to ask the question, what are all this tokens truly worth at the moment.

I believe in Blockchain but it know the difference between "market value" and speculativ value.

And i think most market caps at the moment are a promise fot the future.

I think we will see Major Corrections because to evaluate many companies just because of an whitepaper is risky.

Many of them will not suceed in the long run.

So i think investing in crypto is both. A huge chance and a big risk!!

Stay grounded folks and have a good time.


To start, you said companies but blockchains arent companies....companies are built upon particular blockchains.

Also, you are right there are going to be many coins that fail. There is a lot of junk out there. However, Wall Street, when it enters, it buys up everything that is not nailed down, even junk. In the end, a lot of it will get dumped and crash....so people need to be wise in what they hold.

However, there are many blockchains with a lot of activity on them (this one for instance). Holding solid tokens when Wall Street shows up is a very good plan. Those people start the euphoria...not us.

An interesting perspective and plenty of information. For someone new to steemit, like me, posts like this are VERY helpful so thank you so much. Please keep them coming!

Brilliant write-up as usual @taskmaster4450. I wonder, with your high predictions for Steemit this year, if I can ask a somewhat personal question. I've been reinvesting all of my Steem Dollars into Steem Power because I want to level up on the platform. Should I be holding a certain amount of Steem Dollars in my account in case the price raises later?


I can only tell yo u what I do...I am putting all my SBD into SP....

You want to hold in case it goes up later, what if it goes down. SP has an immediate value..it instantly increase your voting power which will increase your return and also make those who follow you and whom you upvote more powerful.

Yes putting SBD and STEEM into SP is an investment...but if one feels strongly about this blockchain, which I do, it is not a difficult choice to make.

I've enjoyed this Steemit community and the people that I visit daily. I also enjoy the daily #freewrite challenge that you turned me on to task. Whether we're in a bubble or donut or hole I'm coming back everyday to interact with my new acquaintances, I don't even care what my wallet says anymore. I'm here to stay and keep on upvoting, commenting, and creating quailty posts. Thanks again for excellent content and sorry I went off on a tangent there.

  ·  last year (edited)

You are right! There is no need to panic. Steem will recover nicely and come out ahead. Just need some patience my little padawans!

  ·  last year (edited)

Right! I agree with you.

Good content and quite interesting and a good read. Thanks for the information and encouragement.

Well you certainly got me fired up lol, thanks man articles like this really help us to focus and work hard at putting out good content and building the platform.

@taskmaster4450, this is a great article, very inspirational, thanks for sharing with Steemit community.

The whole post are very informative.I know about crypto.I hope many dream from it .
Thanks for giving such a news

And... the pullback is over anyway.

Everyone needs to stop buying into he FUD. Either you believe in the investment you are making in Steem or you don't. If you don't that is fine.

I Believe.

You should too. Steem is a token that already works. Not smoke and mirrors like many others. Best of all, it is a functional economy, far more functional than the economy of any government.


Image Source

Thanks for the post.

Keep Steeming!

The whole cryptocurrency market is still very small and everything that´s happening right now can definitely be considered to happen in the early adopters stage. The Pipelines from fiat into crypto and back are just so small right now that the masses can´t get in easily but that´ll definitely change whenever the banks and wallstreet fully jump into the game.

Regarding Steem I fully agree that 100$ could be a possible price at the end of 2018. Of course we can´t say that for sure but the pure potential this Blockchain bears along with about 1.000 new users joining every single day I don´t think we´ll stay out of the top 10 for long. Investors will drive the demand to new levels as soon as they hear about steem and what awesome technology it is.

Further Commercials on Steemit are impossible so what do you think will big institutions do, right, they´ll invest to be able to promote their products. That being said they have to put money in that´ll be given back to the people, not any owner of a social network!!!