Search the steem blockchain by tags that interest you - Steem Tag Viewer Update

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A few month ago I introduced Steem Tag Viewer, a simple web-app that helped me to filter the steem blockchain by tags that interest me.

Today I made some user interface updates I hope you like.

Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 13.58.55.png
Screenshot of simple interface. The title lead to the steemit post

GIF of the site in action! I am looking for the latest STEEMFEST related posts

All the best!


I have tried but there is nothing to show

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There is an issue to display correctly on mobile browsers. It works on desktop browser.

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Hey, I see my face TWICE! ;-) Looks like a neat app, definitely going to try it out :-)

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Cool! I seem to have some issues to get it content display on mobile, it works on desktop however. I will try to fix it for mobile asap.

Loved the interface great thing you have shared this is brilliant : )

Thank you very much. I am glad you like it.

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I don't understand about this topic.. I think I have to learn it. Have a nice day, Sir.

Have a nice day!

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