Proposed Solution to resolve dispute between Justin Sun and Steem witnesses

in #steemlast year (edited)

I just listened to the recorded meeting between STEEM witnesses and TRON @justinsunsteemit and have a better understanding now about the situation and believe there is a relative straight forward Solution to resolve the dispute between the witnesses and Justin Sun.

I noted the interesting parts of the meeting below. Please take some time and listen to the explanation from @justinsuntron which helps to understand where he is coming from and his aim going forward.

  • Trigger for exchange vote - 16:50
  • Reason Justin bought Steemit - 19:20
  • Protection of Justin private funds - 22:05
  • Steemit as an investment - 22:55
  • Justin on exiting stake - 26:41
  • Witness expectation on Steemit stake - 31:55
  • Tron stance on Steemit stake - 33:32


When @justinsuntron bought Steemit.Inc / Steemit account(s) from @Ned, he was not aware of the agreement between Steemit.Inc and the community that the Steemit funds are to be used for development and enhancement of the STEEM blockchain only.

When previous top 21 witnesses made a soft fork to temporarily block the Steemit stake from being withdrawn, this was seen as a malicious attempt to temper with Justin's funds. (Again, to him the Steemit stake was something he thought belongs to him as part of the purchase from Ned.)

Justin made it clear on several occasions that his goal is to make money. He is not interested in governance or power over the STEEM blockchain. He stated that initially he planned to work and develop STEEM for years but with recent events he like to exit as soon he can make a decent profit.

What each party wants

  • @justinsunsteemit want STEEM price to go up so he can exit with a profit.
  • STEEM witnesses want to have their power back and clarification about how Steemit stake is used.

Proposed Solution

In order for witnesses, steem community and Justin to get what they want we all need to work together and do the following.

  1. Stop hostility against each other
  2. Justin to ask exchanges to withdraw their votes
  3. Justin and Witnesses to work out exit plan and how much of the stake is used at what price and how much will be returned to Steem Developer Fund or burned
  4. Steem Witnesses to commit to not freeze Justin Steemit accounts based on agreements made on point 3

I think this is a fair and straight forward proposal. If you agree please share this for visibility.

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