Make a passive income with STEEM and support the community at the same time.

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Earning a passive income with your crypto investments is a dream for many of us. If you google for digital coins that support proof of stake, meaning you earn some sort of interest by holding (staking) coins in your wallet, you will find the following well known contenders.

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  • DASH - As a master node owner you can expect around 7.5% annual return.
  • NEO - Neo holders receive GAS with an annual return of around 5.5%.
  • PIVIX - master node owners receive around 4.8% annual return.

So for accumulating and holding these coins the average annual return is between 4.8% and 7.5%. This is already great, specially if you compare it to the annual return you would receive when keeping your fiat money in the bank. (My bank gives me 0.2% interest rate on my saving account).

Did you know however that with delegating STEEM you can earn up to 31% annually!

Too good to be true? Check out minnowbooster and see for yourself.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 13.58.30.png

With delegating part of your STEEM POWER to e.g. minnowbooster, you receive a daily interest in form of STEEM for the duration of the lending period. If you use that STEEM to increase your STEEM POWER holding you will be able to fill larger or multiple orders and further increase your ROI.

I have looked at nearly every coin that provides passive income through staking but NO coin comes even close to the return you can get by delegating STEEM.

So this covers the first part of my title but how does it help the community and price of STEEM in general? Well, if you delegate to people who use your STEEM POWER responsibly, meaning for curating, commenting or improving the STEEM ecosystem (Be sure you don't delegate to users who only upvote themselves!) this will keep the activity levels up and supports minnows to grow by earning rewards and attracting followers. The other benefit is that STEEM stays POWERED UP and is not sold on exchanges. The more people keep their STEEM and use it to POWER UP, the better is it for the STEEM price as there will be less supply than demand on exchanges which drives the price up.

The STEEM blockchain is already the best out there but what do you think will happen if investors learn about the possibility to earn that amount of passive income by delegating STEEM?

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Do you delegate your STEEM? What are your experiences and do you agree with me or did I miss an important point. I am looking forward to your comments below.

All the best!


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Thanks for the great post! You made some really good points about why Steem is one of the best investments you can make.
One thing you are missing about delegation is the one week cooling off period after your delegation through minnowbooster is done. This brings down your annual earnings since you won't be earning during that extra week. However delegating Steem Power is still an excellent investment. I used some very rough math to calculate a possible annual earning percentage of 26.5%, which is still amazingly high.
I purchased extra Steem for this reason. I have not delegated any Steem Power yet because I have been enjoying using the platform myself. But I believe this excellent earning potential will lead the price of Steem to rise. Many will purchase and HODL their Steem because it can earn so well. I'd expect that sellers will be few because who would want to sell something that earns them such a good return. Once Steemit attracts more users and the demand for Steem increases, I expect the price of Steem to rise.
As a complete side note, another good POS coin is Nav coin. Nav coin earns 5% a year by staking, but 1% goes to the Nav community fund so you only end up getting 4%.
Of course you could add the returns of Nav, Dash, Neo and Pivix together and it still wouldn't match the amazing earning potential of Steem! Plus using your Steem Power is more fun than HODLing any other coin!


Thank you for your amazing comment! You are absolutely right, the one week cool down period need to be considered as well but around 26% return is still awesome! Steem on!


This is now wrong as minnowbooster calculates that too now

I run a couple SmartCash smartnodes in the interest of diversification but the majority of my crypto passive income comes from Minnowbooster. You’re right, the returns are far superior to anything else I’ve seen. Another way to earn with Minnowbooster is by using it to sell your vote which earns you SBD. It’s a toss up which method is better. I both delegate and sell my vote, and try to balance the two methods to maximize my returns.


Great comment. Minnowbooster is a great way to earn extra steem. Smart cash looks very promising as well, I might start one Node one day as well and will get back to you in case of questions.

Indeed delegation is one of the most powerful transaction types steem has. How ppl do good with the delegations you can also see with @utopian-io. I delegated to @steemmakers to help curating more maker related content.


Exactly, utopian is another good example on how you can use SP to support open source projects.

Good that you brought up the delegating possibility, I am sure there are many people that are not aware of it yet. This space is evolving soo fast, there are so many new things on Steemit and in crypto on a daily basis, often overwhelming :)

Indeed, STEEM is just the best at almost everything compared to other cryptos and it's really undervalued right now, if you ask me... It's only a matter of time until a lot more investors realize how great STEEM actually is and how it can be used. When SMT's come it will be even better! Bright future ahead of us :)


Yes I fully agree, STEEM has a bright future ahead if the planned development will be realised, hopefully soon.

is there any easy way to delegate and undelegate @tarekadam if yes i would wanna know


I use Vessel, the steem desktop wallet created by jesta. . Another good way is to use SteemConnect from Busy.


thanks so much for sharing this :)

Nice research but aren't there any risks of lending steem?


You can always remove the delegation and your steem is back within 7days.


This sounds strikingly familiar to BitConnect...

Great tips! I love steem!

@tarekadam....such a very informative post......there are many exchangeable currency in our cryptocurrency market......but after see your post,,i think,,,digital coins is more beneficial......thanks for your great article.....


Thank you, I am glad you find it informative.

I think I'll agree with you. I have heard of such news before but you just broke it down the more, steem delegation to voting bots or people who help minnows such as @yoo1009 and @dimimp will this will keep the activity levels up and supports minnows to grow by earning rewards and attracting followers just as you said. It's a cool investment it just takes time.

Well said....on crypto for passive income........thanks for sharing..

I have not delegated my Steem Power yet because i have very little so can't share the experience of delegation but i heard about returns on Steem Power and it's best in the market and no other coin is close to Steem. Thanks for sharing your inputs with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

well said there might be 100's of such coins and platforms but steem is really unique where we can help other at the same time and can get benefit too its like double happiness

Lol Thanks For Information.I hold Neo so i get Neo gas.Yes Steemit is also good its a Real Time Solution For Facebook.LOve This Community Thanks For Sharing.

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That's why big investors love it but many are still unaware when they will know about it their mind will simply blow away and the prices will rise "delegating STEEM you can earn up to 31% annually!"

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steem is going to do way better in the future too but bro when all the coins will be in circulations then how users will get rewards ?