I like the recent changes and have confidence again in Steemit / Steem

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I was very impressed with the presentation given on SteemFest from @vandeberg but specially the honest reflection from @roadscape. I haven't heard anything honest like this from the previous management and to me it shows great strength in admitting that something went wrong and committing towards improving it.

In addition I follow the proposal to reduce the powerdown period from 13 weeks to 4 weeks which seems to have great support from the community, so my expectation is that this will be implemented very soon. With that expectation I have powered up 10K STEEM today and will continue to power up more once the 4 week power down period has been implemented.

So overall I have confidence again in the leadership and the direction of Steemit and look forward to start blogging about 3d design and 3d printing again.


Same here, steem looks great right now and the push 2020 is promising! 😀

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Yes all the announcements and developments (proposal system) look very promising!

I actually would prefer an instant power down option for a 5% penalty etc, and a longer normal power down feature. The 4 week power down is a middle of the road proposal to me.

Congrats on the purchase though. You are buying at a lot better prices than I bought the majority of mine at.

Yes I am very optimistic again and believe things get better. Thank you for the kind words.

Not sure if the 4weeks power down proposal is the best for us but I agree with you steem is much better now.

I am interested why do you think a shorter is not better. I believe it is better because people don’t like to have their assets freeze for 13 weeks. The amount of steem on exchanges shows where a lot of the steem goes.

so is that really gonna be happening powerdown period to four weeks ?

I do hope so. I don’t have the link anymore to the proposal system but the last time I saw it the proposal to reduce power down was very popular.

It's a lot cleaner and much better content. Looking forward to the communities to see what they will bring to the party.

Yes, communities will be a big improvement as well.


Where can you actually watch those videos? Thanks!

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sure this 4weak proposal will make much trust of investors and also all of us to power up bcz now i am seeing most of us and new people afraid to power up when they are seeing to come back steem in long term 13 weak hope it will make trust and mostly people will power up and i will also power up with this implenment

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