DTube, Utopian and SMT's - STEEM's Killer apps

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For Ethereum it was ICO's that drove the price where it sits today and in my opinion the Killer Apps that drive the STEEM price to the next level are DTube, Utopian and SMT's.

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The Steemit.inc team is working already to make the STEEM blockchain scalable and future proof which is awesome and very important as you can see on the overloaded Bitcoin and Ethereum Network.

Once instant account sign-up is possible, there is nothing in the way for STEEM to shoot up up up ...

I expect that once the sign-up delays are fixed and users can instantly sign-up, massive marketing on all levels can start to promote the STEEM blockchain. I personally think that DTube might very well be the most driving force to get Millions of new users into the STEEM blockchain within a short time span. Why, because it only takes a few influential YouTube users with 100K to Million followers to drive massive account sign-ups to the STEEM blockchain. A very good example for this is the massive account sign-ups we got once @dollarvigilante and recently @davidpakman joined the Steemit Platform.

DTube is constantly improving as shown in the latest post from @heimindanger and the front-end looks very good. It won't be a problem for established YouTuber's to make the switch from the YouTube Interface to DTube since they are very similar. Very smart move by DTube!


In regards to SMT's I expect a lot of positive things to happen once they are available. @appics looks very promising and raised 1.5 Million USD in 26 minutes for the pre-sale, that shows the massive interest right there in the numbers.

If you are sad that you missed the boat with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash, don't be. We all have the massive opportunity to be part of the incredible raise of the STEEM blockchain which will take place once account sign-up speed and SMT's are available. Obviously anything can happen and STEEM might be gone tomorrow but if you look at the current facts than all points out to a great future for the STEEM blockchain!

All the best and STEEM on!


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I completely agree about Dtube and the potential there. Steem is more than just Steemit. Holding Steem might be one of the best investments for 2018 - its going to go high !


Yes I believe 2018 will be awesome and I am looking forward to the raise of STEEM.

Well said @tarekadam. Steemit has unlimited potential to be the next cryptocurrency of the world. Let's make the community stronger.


Yes, I agree, huge potential for the Steem blockchain.

I am having alot of faithwe will boom this year, in fact we already did but it will be even better when this all is comming trough the frontdoor. Jihaaa


Oh yes I agree, we did already great but I expect this year will be remembered :D

With @appics we try to inspire a bigger community to join the crypto world. Let´s all work together. There is so much more to come!!!


I am looking forward to it.

Yea,its better to work together to bring more ideas making it work and making steemit a better place to be , i appreciate your time and effort to bring this to steem, dtube and to me


Thank you, yes if we work together in marketing Steem this place will be huge.


yes i agreed

I just came across dtube, because I saw most of the ppl on steemit post about dtube. Sign in there right away.

dtube has came a long way they just keep on doing really hard work and finally it is taking shape :)

I am excited with the emergence of SMT users and communities this year and hopefully we would see a much valuable steem and it will help me a lot for my medical expenses. @tarekadam

agree with what you have said above..someday steem will conquer the crypto world :)

Nice post, ı upvote and follow :)

The future looks great around here. I've read about SMTs, but I need to see it in action to really understand the potential. I think celebrities will be the biggest driver simply because it's easier to want to join because "Kayne West did it" (insert any celebrity name), than to understand technical topics. Musicians are the real untapped resource. I see a lot of great music put up on Steem, but I haven't any big name musicians sign up yet. It's only a matter of time before they figure it out and bring their large audiences over with them. I see $50-$100 steam in 2018. I really believe it's possible.

Keep promoting the greatness and getting the word out / There is a powerful corral of applications now and it's only getting better / Peace!

Hello ~ LOL
We are friends in steemit.
I am interesting in your post and I want to share with the same

All the very best to Steem and I am really hopeful and as seen for all the facts it is indeed looking very much promising for the future of Steemit and Steem :)
I do really believe in the community and Steem !

The theme of something wonderful is really amazing
This is all you are doing to develop this steem really special
I appreciate all that you are tired of just order me to keep track of you

Hey, nice post. If you are interested, I just put together a comprehensive introduction of SMTs: https://steemit.com/smt/@trogdor/smart-media-tokens-for-dummies


I also think that there is a lot of growth potential. But as you said until the registration issue is fixed it is limiting the acceptance from huge masses. It Would be enough if a new account would have limited functionality at first.

upvoted. thanks for the article tho.