2018 Will Be Ethereum's Year?

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I just read an interesting article on Coindesk see here about Ethereum and the growing importance of blockchains that support smart contracts. The Coindesk article has above title and I like to share a few of my thoughts on this.


While I fully agree with the author on the relevance of smart contracts in 2018 and beyound, it is my opinion that Ethereum will be overshadowed by EOS and STEEM SMT's once launched.

Ethereum has no competition currently and users have no other option than simply accept the slow transaction speed and high transaction costs. Once / if EOS and SMT's are launched however and work as advertised, well than there is not much imagination needed to see that users and developers will switch to the platforms which provide faster transaction speed and charge minimum to no fees!

source: unsplash.com

The author also mentioned that Ethereum's team is working on privacy and scaling. Looking at Block'tivty stats it is quiet obvious that Ethereum is running already into scaling issues while the STEEM blockchain is handling the same/more amount of transactions without issues. The EOS platform is expected to match that as well. Ethereum's initial advantage of being the first successful smart contract enabling blockchain is now a disadvantage since it is much more difficult to change the code if thousands of developers using and relying on it. I expect the Ethereum team will have some difficulties to scale the system to the level STEEM and EOS are already given that Ethereum need to be careful no to break the code while upgrading the system.

To me 2018 will be the year of EOS and STEEM SMT's

If they launch and work as advertised. The STEEM blockchain is already the most used Blockchain transaction wise and the developers are busy to prevent any scaleability issues in the future. EOS is very promising platform and has a great support and marketing team behind it which will certainly help to advertise the advantages this blockchain has.

Lets see what actually happens next year, it is a very exciting time.

All the best!


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I kinda doubt smt will lay any shadow on ethereum, the purpose is simply not the same. SMTs are not smart contracts.

I, on the contrary, believe that 2018 will definitely be Ethereum's year with all the ICOS that were funded in 2017 beginning to release their products in 2018.

Plus you vastly underestimate the first mover advantage imo. Look at bitcoin, it's incredibely slow, has enormous fees, and is basically a relic from the past. And yet it's the no1 and no crypto can match even half its marketcap. Mostly because the exchanges only offer btc/somethinglese pairs, and nowadays we see more and more eth/something pair. So even if EOS is a better tech, the first mover advantage will keep eth on the top for this year.

Especially since every blockchain dev has heard about ethereum but almost none heard about EOS.

tl;dr : IMHO eth will dominate eos for a long time thanks to its developer base and partnerships

that's my 0.02 sbd anyways ;)


There is a massive difference between ETH and BTC in terms of first mover advantage. BTC has made people money and continues to be a store of value (for better or worse) - that is basically it's main use case. ETH has a ton of dApps and projects that simply can't succeed or scale if Ethereum doesn't figure out how to scale before the competition does. Projects will jump ship if there is a better alternative, and EOS already has projects that are banging at the door for their mainnet launch. I am heavily invested in both project (EOS/ETH), but my money is on EOS at this stage - ETH has too much baggage that will mean the evolution of the platform will not be quick enough to keep up with the revolution and quantum leaps that EOS and other 3rd gen platforms are going to take.

I agree with you - next year will be the year for EOS and Steem . Like Dan Larimer says - it's hard to change the engine on a running car. Essentially this is the situation for Ethereum.

EOS is built from the ground to handle the kind of scalability that Ethereum is facing now without even breaking a sweat. If we look from a technological stand point EOS will be much superior and I think it has long ways to go in its price increase


Yes, I expect the same and looking forward to EOS.


Great EOS! The 10X increase is coming...

to be honest i have a great feeling about ethereum since september my money has been tripled and i think in 2018 the price will go much higher then what anyone can think of. As for EOS well it's abviously my jam 😂😂


Ethereum is a great blockchain and very useful, I just think the transaction speed and fees prevent it to hold the top position in the long run.


To me 2018 will be the year of EOS

yeah! steem future looking bright

I think 2018 will be a good year for us. With great joy and many love we will start in 2018. I think 2018 will be the best time for us to work online for us. I think in 2018 Ethereum Mango prices will be the highest price in 2018 Ethereum price is like Bitcoin Prices If I'm so happy and very much like it

steem future is going to bloom :)


Y s that is what I expect as well :-)

That's why i am not selling it just HODLLL

I agree. Start buying!

Let's hope you will be right my friend!