Stopping my powerdown to subsidize engagement

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Yes, I was powering down a little for an 'emergency Steem Fest fund', so now I have to make sure I get some extra work in the real world to go. However, I think it is going to a good cause; @steem-ua. So, now I delegated 2500 Steem Power to 'the cause' because obviously, I really want to see how this experiment pans out...

If you are wondering, there are:

737 delegators delegated currently 394195.41 SP to steem-ua. That's 534.86 SP per delegator.

That is pretty decent in a week or so of collecting delegations.

@steem-ua has a stats page that can be found here which has some interesting graphs and what not but, I will pick this one:

There are:

25 SP - 177 (potential 1 vote)
50 SP - 108 (potential 2 vote)
100 SP - 191 (potential 4 vote)
250 SP - 211 (potential 7 vote)
500 SP - 16 (potential 7 vote)
1000SP - 8 (potential 7 vote)
2500 SP - 5 (potential 7 vote)
5000 SP - 11 (potential 7 vote)
10000 SP - 7 (potential 7 vote)
25000 SP - 1 (potential 7 vote)
50000 SP - 2 (potential 7 vote)

I write potential because people need to post to get the vote and many aren't going to post every day, even if they delegated for 7 votes worth.

But this is where it gets interesting I think.

There are 177 delegating 25 for a total of ~4425 SP.: 177 votes
There are 108 delegating 50 for a total of ~5400 SP: 216 votes
There are 191 delegating 100 for a total of ~19100 SP: 764 votes
There are 211 delegating 250 for a total of ~52750 SP: 1477 votes

That is a total of 81675 SP to cover a potential 2634 votes.

The other 52 delegators can get a potential 364 votes potential (most of these won't post 7 times a week anyway but we will include them)

that is a total of votes: 2998

This is what that SP vote is worth currently:

All things remaining equal, maximized it can deliver that 70 times a week for a total of: $300

300/2634 = an average of ~11 cents per vote. Not bad.


395,311 Steem power is the total delegation amount. and all things equal can deliver, 70 x 20.74 = $1451.8

1451/2998 = an average vote cast of ~48 cents.

an account with 250 SP has a vote value of ~1,25 cents. 12.5 a day and 87.5 cents a week. Granted the vote weight works on the User Authority score but, using the average, that same account by delegating 250 SP can potentially get 7 votes and $3.36 in vote value - curation of course so, around 2.70 average.

This isn't going to be the same for everyone of course because, the User authority rank dictates vote weighting so to get a better weight, an account needs to essentially, create content that attracts higher ranking users and engage well in the comments sections. But, even at the lowest votes I have seen of 10 cents ($0.70 in a week), it is equivalent to about 55 self-votes, without self-voting.

If we look at getting $2.70 (all things remaining equal), that is about 2.5 Steem a week or 100 Steem in a year. If all one has is 250 SP and delegates, posts 7 times a week, it is a 40 percent return on the delegation without any other vote. Now, if one produces some decent content, engages well and attracts some attention, they will attract additional votes on top of this which not only adds to the total but, increases their UA ranking. Engage well and a 250 account can be a 1000 SP account within a year quite easily. Potentially, in that group of delegators up to 250, there are 600 soon to be minnows with 500+ SP. That is about 5% more than today.

If this doesn't encourage small users to power up and get enough to delegate, nothing will.

However, this is made possible by the larger users who delegate much more than they could ever possibly benefit from it. I was delegating the 250 to maximize my vote but increased it to the 2500 so that I can cover others instead. This compensates for the 7 I will get from @steem-ua and allows more in the lower reaches to get a little more.

I think the 2500 qualifies me for a percentage of the curation return relative to the total, but, this isn't the main reason for doing this. There is no way I am able to support so many accounts (indirectly) with the same values my 2500 will deliver here and, even though there is a User Authority dictating the vote percentage, no account is excluded from delegating and taking advantage of it.

If hypothetically, @ned and Steemit Inc decided to go Steem for Steem on this, it would multiply the support without adding new votes to cast (essentially making it a x4 factor) and not only make it a no brainer for small accounts to delegate to but, an attractive option for large delegators to passively earn from the curation bonus. It would be a Steemit-backed, community-backed curation initiative to increase distribution, encourage powering up and holding as well as affect engagement and post quality. With enough SP, this will vastly change the distribution and create many more minnows fast.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very large feeder for many accounts and still has some barriers to entry without any one having to place a bid for a vote. With support, it will feed Steem to many at a low level but that level has to prove that they are capable of getting at least 25 Steem to take part, power it up and then, lock it into a delegation. As I said to @therealwolf the other day (we don't always see eye to eye) this is not competition to bidbots, this puts bidbots where they should be, as high-end promoters, to which he agreed. Maybe there is hope for him yet ;) A User Authority vote is not going to ever put anyone near the trending page although, no one on the trending page is excluded from being part of it.

I really don't know if this is insane or genius yet and I have no idea what happens if it works but, I do believe that wider distribution is necessary, incentivizing powering up is wise and supporting the community in multiple ways is a good way to build a healthy system we can all enjoy. Rather than a trickle down effect, this is a way to essentially create a separate pull on the resource pool that heavily favours smaller accounts.

For me, I have to justify every Steem and where it goes because to me, each is important and each is a little bit of my voice on the platform. For those larger accounts that have their SP tied up delegating to bots, consider pulling a fraction of it and delegating to @steem-UA to see what it could possibly do and what effects it could have if all active users took part.

Shill over.

Is it a shill if I am paying to take part?

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DUDE! I am so glad you discussed this. First of all it sounds rewarding, but so much more importantly, it actually sounds like it may be (at least part of) the solution to SPAM content on Steemit, and frankly the main limitation to this platform, namely seeing rewards end up where they belong, with quality content creators.

Thanks again. FYI, after reading this I read their posts on how they operate and calculate, etc, etc, and I delegated to them. :)


As said, if you have a look, at least at this point it is a bit of a no-brainer decision. Drop by sometimes and let me know how it goes. I am collecting anecdotal experience. Kind of like a story soul reaver ;)


Wow so far it has returned a 0.20 cent upvote each day. Thats like my full self vote at 4,000 sp! But for 250 sp.

Only 280 posts occurred yesterday on steemua delegation accounts so i was one of those 280 rewarded and therefore the split, and vote, was favourable.


Thank you very much mate :)


Keep up with the quality content!

Hahaha. You see, I learned a new word today, shill. You're gambling too, so i guess you're not. I have to confess I decided to delegate because of you. your enthusiam and vision.
Even though i don't understand the math fully, i do beleve in the principle that is being promoted here.
We are all rooting for a good hand.


Let me know how you find it because I am interested in the experiences people have.


I just got my first UA upvote! About 0,10. Looks good.


Sure, I will. Thanks for all these stats and insights.

I love numbers and after seeing your logic, this is clearly a win/win scenario for all the parties involved. More importantly, it provides the platform with the community needed to inspire changes wanted for improved engagement throughout the ecosystem being created! I have been hesitant to delegate as I have not had the time to read up but I think I will take some of my recently purchased STEEM to delegate as well! Thanks for summarizing the potential in numbers which is great for me to understand!


Numbers aren't my strong suit so check them twice but, they are pretty close to be good enough... perhaps :D The beauty of delegation is it can be revoked immediately, it isn't lost.

I did my best to delegate a bit even if it's a small SP .. 250 Sp that is 'cause I believe in this program.

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I think that you post daily, you will get a decent return and perhaps help a few more along the way.


Oh yes.. I hope so .. I'm just concerned that steemit's eco system is not the same anymore as last year. So many things happened and there are a dozen bots all over becoming greedy ... they even set up on a minimum sbd/steem bid if you participate to buy votes from ROI of 110% is that ?.the author has to pay curation fee and the bots get these curation fee as well. One reason why newbies and others leave steemit.. we have to do something to attract new users..

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Woah that's a lot of numbers
But I think I kinda understand it
That you have stopped powering down just to see this take off .... that's a real confident booster
Thank you again, for including me in this experiment 😊

It's good to see you have delegated for such a nice case...what will happen to us who does not have enough so to delegate

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what will happen to us who does not have enough so to delegate

create, engage and power up and soon you will :) this is the idea of it. The more that power up, the more chance you have of earning too. This is why people need to power up and support others.

Hi taraz. 732 have delegated to steem-ua. i thought there would be more. Maybe over the next month or so more will climb on board. I have been contemplating adding another 150 SP to cover the 3 days I am missing. Honestly not sure which is the best thing to do. Maybe try grow some more in the meantime.


Hi taraz. 732 have delegated to steem-ua. i thought there would be more.

You have to consider now the engagement level. You see it everywhere because you hang with the engaged, many don't. On top of this, you have to consider how few who may want to benefit can't because they don't have the available SP. Only 15000 or so over 250 remember.


I forgot about that. You find some are dormant as well because of the price of Steem. Keep forgetting how so few hold what matters. It's changing slowly though which is what make this so good I think.

resteemed !
thanks for good analysis :)


곰돌이가 지금까지 총 95번 $0.916을 보팅해서 $1.441을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~


완전 멋진 곰도뤼~ ^^

Steem-UA has been awesome to me as a newbie to steem and are definitely a worthwhile delegation target.
They are incredibly helpful and friendly, willing to work with and guide you as needed.
In addition the entire project is well thought and designed to provide benefits no matter how large or small a user you are.

@tarazkp - Thank you for supporting a program that helps all the steem community especially the new and small.

Everyone could use a helping fin from time to time and programs like this help the minnows swim with the dolphins
Please consider supporting or joining steem-ua if you can


I am hoping that it is a way for some larger accounts to grow some smaller accounts so they can become more active parts of the community as time goes.

I don't know if @steem-ua is all we hope for it yet...but it really is a good choice for ROI for good users. Maybe we shouldn't think about ROI, because we should care about finding great posts to upvote...but @steem-UA does offer an algorithmic way to distribute the upvotes. We all put some of our eggs in one big basket, and it tries to doll them out a bit. In a sense, in the sense of ROI, it actually makes sense to buy upvotes, because they help our posts get a bit more, and we get more ROI and our accounts grow bigger, but it's giving money to accounts that we really shouldn't be. They don't care what they upvote. They upvote utter crap every day. They don't even read what they upvote. So, this kind of makes a bit of sense. Until something better comes along, @steem-UA sounds like it might be a good thing.


I don't know if @steem-ua is all we hope for it yet...but it really is a good choice for ROI for good users.

Me either which is why I think it needs to be tested well. And yes, it is good to actually discoer posts but with limited time and active SP, there is no way the search is posible. Perhaps in time, this can bring more people up to a level where they can search with SP.

Hypothetically, if someone works from 100SP to the 250 SP for 7 votes, every SP past that can go into curation. Currently, there are only a little over 15000 accounts with 250+ SP but, in the last week there are about 30+ accounts posting. Hard to say how many are automated but with all of the delegation to bots etc, there isn't much for organic discovery.

Until something better comes along, @steem-UA sounds like it might be a good thing.

My hope is it distributes and evolves to encourage better interaction and slowly, improve the environment to cut out much of the nonsense. Idealistic perhaps.

I have not been as active as I have for more than a month now but still check in with some people and Steem UA is one thing that I found them to be discussing.

I have not powered down but have not been powering up as well as I am just letting my account go on auto pilot save a post a week of a story from Steem Monsters or finish a story with bananafish.

I have not exactly given up on Steem but it has taken a lower priority. Maybe if we can get more prjects like this can help bring more engagement back to Steem.

Thank you for explaining it well.


Engagement generally goes in phases, especially for the very active. My powerdown was only on a portion of my SP and it was my backup incase I couldn't get fiat in the real world to go to SF. Now I have to work my ass of on both here and the IRL platforms :D

Don't force it, let it flow, read and be inspired. The creation will come.

I am one who delegated 25 SP as my account is small but I feel I can't afford not to delegate as it seems so positive!


As you grow, support others to grow too and eventually, the place is filled with enough people willing to support each other.

Very good analysis.
We clearly see that the minnow are the most interested in this new system, they are the most benefited. This will make many new people stay in steemit and not go away disillusioned of the platform.


Hopefully it has a chance to keep the better and ore engaged ones at least :)

Got my first two upvotes from them and already looking forward to increasing my delegation to 250SP. Everyone who can should support them

Thanks for supporting this promising experiment @tarazkp, and thanks for writing about it! Maybe I'm not too good at understanding all the numbers and math, but after receiving the first upvotes by steem-ua, I can only encourage everyone to accumulate SP by powering up, so they can delegate some to steem-ua! :-)


I can only encourage everyone to accumulate SP by powering up, so they can delegate some to steem-ua! :-)

Tell your friends ;)

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I’ve just read about @steem-UA . You put in a wonderful delegation. I don’t have the steem to delegate as I am trying to power up to increase by VPN.