Steem Growth update: February - 200 accounts with 100k+ Steem! (edited because I screwed up)

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NOTE: I made a typo and then based my writing off the typo so I am editing it.

At the start of the year I updated the powering up series I do to see what is happening to numbers across classes. January's is here.

I was a week late with January so it was actually a bit of February too which means it had a week extra of numbers and they looked like this.

There were a lot more new accounts created in January with 30k added over December where 10x less were approved but what was nice to see was a lot more dolphins made as prices were low enough that people actually bought some Steem.

How did February go? Well, due to me being late (but not pregnant) last month, there is only 3 weeks of Stats to compare but hopefully my memory is better for next again. It is in February we would start seeing the powerdowns start to take effect if the larger accounts got scared in January due to the Stinc debacle. The 13 week PD means an account from January would have been able to power down about 50-60% of the stake now. How many orcas and whales panicked?

Well, not that many so far. There is 1 more account TEN MORE ACCOUNTS with 100k+ Steem pushing the number in that range into the 200s for potentially the first time ever I think. That is pretty incredible isn't it? Price has allowed people to buy in more heavily and even though there is 70+ million Steem on exchanges, accounts haven't shifted that much. Oh no, 10 accounts have moved up into the 100k+ range which is fantastic to see.

EDIT: THANKS @demotruk

Not bad, not great.. but not bad.

Edit: Lies! much better than expected.

With all that has been going on the last few months however this is to be expected and it looks a lot like some sideways movement at the top and, some new accounts wanting to buy the bottom toward the lower end. As I see it, this is what needs to happen and in time, that lower end becomes the middle class that is need to both consume and distribute. However, it looks like some people have taken advantage of either low prices or, have brought some of their Steem back from the exchanges already and topped up the pointy end of the chart.

EDIT: The top is looking much better which means the powerdowns aren't, they are power ups. Pretty decent.

Again, this is only 3 weeks worth and if price keeps climbing, it is going to be interesting to see if people are going to keep buying in or will the Steem from the exchanges come back onto the platform to take advantage of having a higher voting value. It is often an overlooked piece of the Steem puzzle as while many focus on the price of the coin, I think the value of the vote is a much more attractive proposition for keeping people here, if price sensitive. While they aren't going to earn as much Steem, when prices are higher the distribution of votes go wider at lower values and can provide more people with value without having to sell as much Steem.

Imagine selling 1 Steem today, you would get 40 cents for it.

That is a 100% vote from a 18,000 SP account and that account can do that 10 times a day for 4 dollars. Let's say that 40 cents is enough to keep some people engaged so 10 people could get that vote. However, if price was 4 dollars, that vote would be worth 4 dollars and could distribute 40 dollars a day which is enough for 100 accounts to get 40 cents of value a day. However, the exact same amount of Steem would be issued (all things equal), 10 Steem a day.

So, when prices go up, those who are looking for the immediate value can get it and likely more than now and those providing it can't give that value with less vests used. This is why earning Steem when prices are low is easier because people try to get value on a post that is worth it and low price requires more vested stake to be used to increase the vote meaning - a higher percentage vote.

There is a hell of a lot of game theory in the Steem game for those who are interested in thinking about it but unfortunately, many just worry about the immediate value of their payout and what they can sell it for right now. That is fine of course, everyone is free to do what they want with their life in the same way that everyone is free to do what they want with their stake.

You own you.


I should sleep more than I do obviously.

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The fact that alot of new poeple take the time to create a new account and start this steemjourney in bear times says alot, and we are here for the long run soooo, Lets walk into the future

Yep, long-term thinking really is the only way to make it in anything, the problem is people want tomorrow today and give up when they don't get it.

Yep i found Some really interesting accounts , featured them in @heyhaveyamet, in #steemterminal or in @pifc and really was convinced that they would do great in the steemblog departement , but than when the bear showed up were gone at the speed of light

but than when the bear showed up were gone at the speed of light

The support has to go well beyond what Steem as a currency is however, the biggest supporter one needs is oneself. Most people want to be saved, few want to swim.

I offered to help but never seen them online, so the strong remain

so the strong remain

But that is unfair!! =)

Strong minded sorry , not strong in steempower
If you are strong minded an in this for the long run you Will experience the fun....

I need to make an advertisement 😂😂😂

I was flirting with the top 200 for a while. I think I was in there briefly; looks like I won't get that honour again any time soon :)

I've been trying to stay powered up as much as possible the last couple years, been noticing quite a few accounts push me back a few spots every now and then. Good sign but still feels a bit "meh" that they managed to get in so cheap. Oh well as long as it helps distribution I'm fine with it. :)

I bought in with bitcoin; and they've really gone up and down together, which stops me from kicking myself over the timing. If anything, the 1%-2% per month I'm making here sweetens the deal long term.

Yeah and we don't even need to waste more electricity than many countries combined or build a museum for obsolete asics for the same growth. :D

We had to start somewhere though. I still have a lot of love for bitcoin; like the racist grandpa at Christmas dinner. Everyone just nods politely and waits for him to die.

Haha good analogy.

I thought you had made it over by a fair amount at one point.

Not quite 90K yet, so if there are 200 with 100K each...

I suppose it is still positive with the price of Steem and we are still getting 45 000 new accounts that is still something. Dolphins are coming off the assembly line still and it is steady. We know if you make dolphin you wont leave so the more the merrier.

We know if you make dolphin you wont leave so the more the merrier.

Most of the dolphins that make it do tend to stick around but it isn't the Steem, it is more likely that they have built a good understanding of the way the platform works and, could work.

That makes perfect sense as it takes time to learn. Becoming a Dolphin normally means a lot of work has gone into getting there and the account may mean more than just monetary value.

Imagine selling 1 Steem today, you would get 40 cents for it.

That is a 100% vote from a 18,000 SP account and that account can do that 10 times a day for 4 dollars.

Hey that's me :)

Not for much longer though I hope...

You were my model.

Next year I'll be wearing bigger pants :D

Me too, these ones are already too tight from lack of exercise and poor diet.

I was all set to add 10k steem and then life hit me, then had some cash ready to but 2k and life happened again, then a third time. But heat, a happy wife, and then hot water all took priority over my long term investment plans. Sadly a slower winter in sales didn't help either. All that said I'm really hoping we don't see any further rallies in the price as I'd like to buy more in 3-4 weeks after some more income comes in.

Really want to get up to the 10k range, but not sure if that will be possible...but I will try. Very least want to hit dolphin.

Damn life, always getting in the way of buying...

All that said I'm really hoping we don't see any further rallies in the price as I'd like to buy more in 3-4 weeks after some more income comes in.

That is about my timeframe too I suspect. I thought I could manage earlier but I could only get a little.

Hi. @tarazkp. Stay on the platform and expect to get a retribution so I think it's the same. Otherwise they could publish in other types of networks. But the steem has created a trend and many that we are not so skilled feel it as the best way to approach the crypto.

The price rise is nice I was so close to buying some Steem at $0.30 but too many bills to pay. The ways things look I don’t know if the price will test the 30c mark again soon.

I am thinking it might fall back toward it but get to the 32-33 mark. I missed my chance too to get some cheaper Steem, should have got a second job earlier :D

Guess you will have to wait around 12 to 18 more months before you can move my account to the 5k to 10k range 🤓
I guess lot’s of people would write their ass of for a $0.4 upvote!
Mmh maybe I would too!
Still remember the days where I did get some upvotes but the post value was still below the dust threshold when the paycheck had to be written. But still I continued!
Maybe for some money is the money and I am not going to say that it has no influence on me but for me the biggest kick is getting genuine comment which do result into a conversation!


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AS I see it, it all adds up and if held will hold value later or at least, that is the hope. For me to be able to get a decent revenue stream from Steem, I have to hold Steem. It isn't going to be consistent enough to post for reward long term. Holding for me means that I will not only be able to provide for me, but help others provide for themselves in time too.

This place suits me so it is okay now but in time, everyone should be looking to make their own type of home on Steem until it becomes a full city.

The community is growning..

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Nice to see people powering up. With prices maintaining a slow growth, Im wanting to see if I can get some extra funds to invest.

I think nows a decent time to be adding to your position. Nice to see accounts continually growing on the platform.

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Yep, I would say that there are a few that have bought and are holding on exchanges but, I also think that some of them will bring a bit of it back in time anyway. I have a tiny amount on exchanges too because I like to lay with the trading to learn what I can.

May be the minor price rise has an impact on new accounts. Otherwise I see minimal fluctuation in the numbers. Thanks @tarazkp

New accounts are always coming but with 10 new accounts in the 100,000 category, that is a pretty good result in 3 weeks.

I know it cuts into precious alone/steem time but you do definitely need to sleep more XD

hahah, yeah... one little error... :D

Encouraging to see and now that most of the possible FUD is behind us, we can now focus on getting development done and engagement going for the community, particularly those arriving now! I am still targeting Orca although higher prices make it a bit more difficult.

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There will be more FUD always but I am hoping that in the coming weeks, the Steem.DAO will get up and running and times with price increase, we could see a lot of development happening very fast. That would be nice.

So, when prices go up

The way you say it so definitively though...

lol. Yeah, there is no point in worrying about the uncertainty once one has recognised that it is inherent in the system and at a level that is acceptable given the potential future. All that is really left to be done is the work to get there.

Am I reading the same chart? From 190 to 200 is +10 more accounts.

or you mean the typo ? :D

Yep, you are right... my bad :D

yeah, but there are 200 accounts with 100k+ not 200 more with 100k+ Perhaps I wasn't clear enough :D

I mean this.

And also the comment:

There is 1 more account with 100k+ Steem pushing the number in that range into the 200s for potentially the first time ever I think.

yep, edited now, I typoed it and then used the image I grabbed as the source.... oops.

Thank you.

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Oh. Amazing! Thank you for the information. Resteemed this article.

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Steem is looking really good. Excellent report @tarazkp.

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Interesting looking at this figure and let us keep steemit growing. Many people may later regret of not joing steemit or leaving when steem hit the moon

Seeing your stats lets me know my place on our home-steemit. It looks that users have 15 levels on the platform, and you very well showed me my place.

Thank you @tarazkp , i find the content very useful and it deserves to be resteemed.