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For a long time there have been alternative to Steem places to blog and earn crypto upon and one that has been touted to check out is publish0x, a paid blogging site that allows consumers to tip contributors with several cryptos. I was reminded about this today and went to have a look. The platform is actually quite nice looking and seems to be modern enough to create a compelling experience, but something was a little off.

This is the frontpage:

And this is what the first article had on it:

I find the idea of multiple cryptos interesting and they seem to be used a bit like on Steem with the SCOT tokens and the coming SMTs will be.

Here is the latest from @justineh on https://steempeak.com/

Justine could have also tagged a few more in there too, if she had wanted and earned multiple tokens. Not only that, when I voted on her, I gave her multiple tokens because I have powered up in several - in this case Steem and PAL only.

One of our own?

Now I don't know much about Publish0x and I am not so keen to sign up and spend my time on what is going on there, but I did have a poke around to see what kinds of articles are written and through some of the tabs and came across a blog by one of the highest overearners on Steem the last 3 years, and thought it would be an interesting exercise to see if there was a difference in how they are doing in comparison to Steem because I think that this would be a good indicator of ease of earning.


I had to scroll through 11 @Kingscrown posts before the tipped payouts added up to a single dollar and for reference, the last 11 posts of his on Steem collected 148 dollars worth of votes. To be fair, he has been on Steem for 3 years and on Publish0x since March of this year, however I do not think that he would do particularly well in comparison to some of the other content creators there anyway. I saw some other Steem familiars posting there also, they don't earn anywhere near as much as they do on Steem.

I thought I would look at some other sections too. For example the, Music, Photography and Art section:

Please note, they are the two most popular posts (seemingly based on payout) for the lifetime of the platform, with the highest paid being worth $4.70.

And everyone's favourite topic, Crypto.


Am I missing something?

This appears to be the highest paid post on Publish0x ever:

$21.68 to stop you needing to zoom - The article is good quality by what I read. However, for the "highest paid" (I think) post on the platfrom, the writer has only got a total of four posts including this, his first. $21, $11, $9 and after a 6 month break, 0.04 cents.

Is it competition?

Again, I don't know much about Publish0x but the first thing we have to recognize is that over the last 3 years, the Steem blockchain has pushed out to its users ~80-something million Steem (not including the mine), and even at these prices, that is 16 million dollars worth of crypto that has come out of the pool. For those counting, that is 761,904 of their highest paid posts.

The next thing I am wondering about is that Publish0x has a tipping service and from what I saw (there are popups for every tip), most are using BAT, likely because they can get it free on tap by using the Brave browser. Tipping is great but there is one problem with it in comparison to Steem, once one tips - the crypto is gone.

And one of the artists themselves, @nonameslefttouse has noted several times, owning a bit of Steem powered up is the ability to tip forever. This is important to note because I wonder how many Steem consumers would tip as highly as they vote on posts? Coming out of the wallet feels different to coming out of the pool. And it is.

As said, this is why there are downvotes that can take Steem value, because the value removed isn't coming out of an individual wallet, it is coming out of a shared wallet. It isn't removing earnings from the author, it is redirecting the current of the pool.

For those who like a little history why pool and direction is important:

Not only does Steem staked access regenerate, it gives 'ownership* of the platform to those with stake and this means, a hook to keep them here and engaging and the benefit of being able to earn back on consumption is another hook. To me it seems like if Publish0x really wanted to empower their userbase and provide more for their contributors, they would integrate Steem voting mechanisms into their interface and let people with a regenerating pool of resources vote on the posts instead of just tip.

What I do think is that everyone should head over to the new post section of https://www.publish0x.com/newposts and compare it to the Steem new post section https://steemit.com/created/ and have a look at the difference in content.

Sometimes I think that we are a very spoiled bunch of crypto creators filled with entitlement issues as we demand rewards on content that if presented anywhere else, wouldn't be rewarded at all. Do you think an actifit report would earn anything if the value came as a tip out of an individual's wallet? And because the crypto is already owned and in the wallet, you wouldn't even tip yourself.

I am not picking on Publish0x here a they seem to have built a nice user interface frontend, however the new feed dribbles through with only 20 posts in the last 5 hours - but it is good to get a check on what is out there.

While people will complain about the 50/50 split in HF21 and all the other things, for the most part those on Steem are likely earning more than they would on at least Publish0x and then if factoring in the niche frontends, those earnings go up again. In time, communities, SMTs and all the other changes that will keep empowering the way Steem Power can be used will keep evolving the diversity and experience of the Steem userbase.

The ideas backing Steem are quite revolutionary and while many peoplestill do not understand why ownership and return on consumption is so important, in time they will become industry standards.

Develop, Own, Create, Consume - and repeat.


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fk you need to tip me, i read all of this.

Used it twice got bored. even gave myself 80% of the upvotes. Might go have another look

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

Seems a bit quiet around there. 20 posts in 5 hours with most being crypto related would bore me.

Do you think I would do well if i shill Steem there?

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

yeah i'll vote for you, 80% me 20% you. it sucks cause you have to wait like 8 minutes between posts to vote using their token hydro

8 minutes between voting? you would have to read one of my posts to kill the time.

Try for 100% this time :D

I did check it out when it launched.

I wasn’t entirely convinced it is blockchain based tbh. Bounty0x, the mothership who launched publish0x, are ETH based. You couldn’t store much on ETH in a second, so 20 posts in 5 hours is a good thing. And even that would be expensive for the team after a while.

It seemed to me that it runs (ran) just on a database, pretty much like a hosted blogging platform like Medium but then had a steem-similar rewards mechanics (and referrals!) integrated. They also mentioned in one of the early post that they are able to delete offensive posts and none of those posts referred to any blockchain tech being integrated. I definitely didn’t spot things like immutable in their launch posts.

I like that earnings are being expanded to more tokens, all traded tokens. But what’s the value if some “mad admin” can decide they don’t like you and delete your content. And nuke your rewards.

No thanks. It’s bad enough Google and AdWords, and others, can already demonetize with just a click —often also nuking until then pending rewards. The world doesn’t need more platforms like that. If you go crypto... then go crypto and support immutable and full [wallet] ownership.

If they have since shifted to a blockchain-based setup... somebody please let me know, as then I may review my opinion on them.

Thanks, I forgot the paragraph on not a blockchain. The ability to delete means less shit posts I think but, at what cost? Too high for me.
As said, if you go crypto, it has to be ownership.

So I decided to try the platform out again. Don't judge me... everyone loves some free $BAT.

After writing my post, when hitting publish I was presented with this pop-up.


‘Nuff said

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

The first one is almost okay

This is my original content

But even that has caveats

I've been saying time and again that it's a massive privilege - but one available for anyone who wants it - to be on Steem. In fact, it is too good to be true - even at the current price of STEEM. I think the main obstacle to onboarding new Steemians is that Steem as it is is simply way too good. It's just got to be a scam because nothing can be that good.

The answer to the onboarding problem is to make Steem worse for the next crop of Steemians by cutting them off the reward pool. Let's not even talk about it. Let's offer a platform with various communities with nice user interfaces with delegated Resource credits available and wallet addresses attached to their accounts. Let them think you'll need 100,000 views to earn a couple of bucks. :)

We have a product that is so good that it needs to be substantially downgraded for people to believe it's bad enough for them. Meditate on that for a while.

Meanwhile you need to actually buy ETH to be able to earn from many a ERC-20 token, because otherwise you can't send it to an exchange to convert, and on EOS you can't even create an account without buying and then for many things you need to consume [minimal] RAM for first use to create the multi-tree for that dApp for your account. And then you run out of RAM, and just like your ETH for toll tax, it doesn't automagically recharge either.

And shit like that has 100x our market cap...

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...Because they probably invest in marketing and PR 100x more than we.

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  ·  11 days ago (edited)

I think block.one even bought the domain name voice.com for 25 million 😳

Also bought enough ram to give everyone free accounts when it comes out 🤷🏼‍♂️

For 30 million...

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I agree, it is too good in many ways and, much too cheap. I actually have a post I didn't have time for last night that touches on this. Let's see if Im allowed to write on the wedding anniversary :D

the ability to tip forever.

I am eagerly awaiting for that concept to catch on. As well as, get paid to be entertained.

It is going to get very interesting once it sinks in for the mental shift. I know many who have been here for a year, two or three who still do not understand the value of it.

I have tried most the other blockchain-based social media sites and what we have on Steem simply hard to compare to anything else. The challenge when talking to new prospects is that people yet have to wake up to the idea of ownership and what it does to investment.

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The challenge when talking to new prospects is that people yet have to wake up to the idea of ownership and what it does to investment.

I wonder if it is because most people have an employee mindset.

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

Bingo! If only we or they could change that...

This is just proof that steem is still unrivalled and for what is worth this place doesn't seem bad I just think it lacks utility like steem

I haven't checked out many of them at all, this one just fell into my lap today :)

I've been hearing about Steem losing first mover advantage for a least a year now - show me somewhere else you can gift crypto without it cost you anything?

I think I tipped you with 4 tokens today, good going :)

Yep, it is going to be a strange future of tokens everywhere

2 cents for the Haiku :)

Yep, it is going
To be a strange future of
Tokens everywhere

                 - tarazkp

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I've been hearing it for 2+ years

Greetings friend @tarazkp

I recently met www.publish0x.com too.

I don't think it's a platform that can be measured with steemit. I don't know its user base but its economy is totally different. I dare to say this because the cryptography used as "tips" are arranged by the ecosystem daily to each user to use them to reward writers. When the vote is granted, the percentage of the tip can be distributed between the grantor and the recipient. Tips do not come from users' wallets.

Thank you for sharing this important information.

All best, Piotr.

If the users are granted tips each day, what decides how much is granted and to who? It doesn't appear to be blockchain based so there is a lot of room for obfuscation of activity.

Tips come from a free reward pool. The tokens are sponsored by HYDRO, BAT, DAI etc. who each pay a certain amount to have their tokens weighted. BAT is this months 'featured' sponsor so they are being tipped out the most.

We get 6 tips per day, with our first tip of the day being worth the most. I can tip an author between minimum 20% (and 80% of that tip to myself for reading) or up to 100% to the author. Again, assuming I tip at 100% for all 6 tips of a day, my first would reward the most tokens, and then it would scale off to my last post of the day.
My tips will be from one of the sponsored tokens in the reward pool, based on what I mentioned above - the weight that each token team has delegated to be pulled from the pool. So 3 out of my 6 daily tips may be of BAT, and one from DAI, my last 2 from HYDRO.. random example but you get it.

There is a 10 minute cool-down between tips, and a 24 hour cool-down between tipping each author.

Posts can earn rewards forever, and I can tip the same post twice as long as it's 24 hours apart.

The rewards have only been increasing each month as more tokens get one board, also they had recently tweaked the reward mechanic which has increased earnings a lot better than before..
This month they have started to take off, give them time..
Don't use old posts as a gauge, yes they are still eligible to earn but just as with STEEM, generally the first week or so of a post's life is when it bears the most fruit.
It's still very much BETA but if anyone is interested in providing feedback, search 'Publish0x' on Telegram and find their official channel, devs are very responsive.

Edit: It's also not fair at all to compare STEEM earnings to Publish0x, especially from a person who has made a solid following here on STEEM over many years. There is a different community on Publish0x, a different set of eyes, and it can't be expected that even a handful of the following from STEEM will follow over to Publish0x, at least not this early. For the first few months, Publish0x was strictly accepting authors who wrote about crypto - the audience was limited and limited to certain topics. The last month or so they have really branched out and opened up, definitely be one to watch ;)

Good to know, thanks for the information. I hope they do well because the more crypto projects that do, the better. However, it is going to be interesting how far the sponsorship program will last and the centralized rule and potential for deletion is a major turn-off for me and I know many others. Perhaps for average users getting into the scene it might be okay.

Yes, I recently had written a detailed comment when someone asked me about Publish0x, and I ended it off with the downsides which IMO were two main things: - Posts do not live on the blockchain and the lack of customization in both posts, post URLs and domain scheme (maybe the latter isn't that important to many but to me it is)

~re sponsorship: They are starting up marketing campaigns regarding that and have signed a few other sponsorship's already currently.. You need to remember that advertising is not cheap and even though sponsoring tokens helps Publish0x, having your tokens in Publish0x's reward pool also helps you get your token exposure and in the hands of more people, which in turn causes those people to learn about it, blog about it and spread the word. There is a minimum threshold for withdrawing for all the different tokens so it's not like everyone can immediately go and dump them or anything either.

I cross-post my STEEM posts to Publish0x when they expire here, in order to give them a fresh life and allow them to continue earning over on Publish0x ;)

I cross-post my STEEM posts to Publish0x when they expire here, in order to give them a fresh life and allow them to continue earning over on Publish0x ;)

I think in time there will be more long-lasting content but it will be on the SMT layer, not Steem. As far as I know, there is nothing stopping an interface creating a workaround for their own tokens to keep content always live.

I didn't realise other tribes were able to keep posts earning past the 7 day mark! I knew they had control of the rewards split and that they could have rewards paying out sooner but I was thinking the underlying code only allowed 7 days max.

I wonder if it allows for a post to be paid out at certain intervals but continue to earn? (Like a payout every 5 days but the post can keep earning for 30 days or something) I guess we'll have to see what transpires when they finally get this SMT thing rolling :)

I always welcomed the competition as it only provides more idea to implement here to prepare for potential success in the future. I think tipping not only our currencies but other would be great here. I think I have read that BAT could be integrated with Steem based front ends which would be a great place to start!

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