If you had 1000 Steem Power delegated for a month? (update)

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I am running a competition, yeah I know... and need to update it a little so, consider yourselves updated.

The question to be answered is this:

If I delegated 1000 STEEM POWER to you for 4 weeks, how would you use it to maximise your account value?

Again.. I will repeat:


I have had some very nice entries talking about using it to build community ... Sad. Everyone thinks this is sad. The saddest even.


Possible Prizes:

  • 1000 STEEM POWER delegated for 4 weeks
  • A fresh account with 1000 STEEM POWER delegated for 4 weeks
  • Me begging some random people to upvote some of your posts
  • 8 x 100% votes over the next 4 weeks at whatever power I happen to have at the time
  • A signed picture of my smiling face (or anyone else's face which I will sign with my name)
  • Nothing at all (very, very possible)

Now, remember that IF there are prizes allocated that involve the ability to earn, the proceeds must be powered up into STEEM POWER. There is a reason for this because STEEM POWER is your future ability to scam better (or be a genuine part of the community if you are so inclined).

Now, you can't power up a signed picture of my face so if that is the lucky prize someone gets, I expect a small shrine to be built with it as the centre piece, admission charged to pay reverence to it, and all earnings from the shrine to be converted into STEEM POWER.


  • In the comments section of this post, bullet point your ideas and IF there is a winner, they will be selected from there.

  • There are no rules as this is decentralized Ancap freedom! ...other than the power up at the end or, flags!

I realised I didn't put a time frame on the competition so I have decided it will end Sunday night my time. What time is that you ask? Finland time, sometime when it is dark, which during winter is about 28 hours of the "day".

Winner selection criteria

I also forgot to give criteria for winner selection which is a large oversight considering people would have to essentially guess at what I am judging it upon so I will clarify it now in this comprehensive list:

  • I decide.

Oh, btw, if there are prizes of any sort to be given, I will be visiting the blogs and wallets of those who will potentially receive and see what is there to find. Who knows what happens then?

So, you have until tomorrow to enter into a competition where you must explain how you would best use the system to MAXIMISE YOUR ACCOUNT VALUE with 1000 STEEM POWER.

Winners will be announced some time in the future when I get around to it. Good luck!

[ a Steemit original competition update of sorts ]

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I will just copy my answer from before :)

I would probably delegate 1000SP of my own, just like @wwf did for receiving @fulltimegeek delegation. In the long term this will probably be the best option to maximize my worth, since steemit is all about communities and teamwork. Besides, by doing small contributions for the growth of the community, that could in the long term increase the price of steem, which would be good for all of us. I think with this attitude steem is limitless.

If you were hoping to read some selfish answers then the amount of delegation would need to be higher. With 1000 SP the best way is to continue doing teamwork.

First i want to say thank you boss @tarazkp for initiating this competition.
Here are my goals:

Aside using it to build a community, i would specifically make it mandatory for me to welcome a certain numbers of newbies per day by upvoting their introduction post. With this they will feel encouraged. In that case i would be able to build up more followers.

I have always had a wish, and that is to make my comment box be a pool of upvoted comments just like yours.

I have the mission of helping the poor, and this week i did it for the second time, with 1000 steem i will be able to build enough SBD l, with that instead of sharing the usual penny i do give to them, i would be able to give them one square meal once a week.

These are my heart desires, so even if it was to be scam you just have to change your mind. 😀


you must have a heart of gold.
no doubt you must be a caring mother!


thank you for your entry

I'm so intrigued by this contest! First of its kind that I've come across here in steemit. I thought I should give a try for all the rewards except the signed picture. So here I go -

  1. The main source of disappointment for newbies like me with a figure of 25 or 30 stuck on our face is simply the lack of upvotes. It takes several minutes to hours to put up a decent blog post and then the wait begins! Only to realize after hours that nobody bothered to upvote it! It takes a lot of perseverance for 20 somethings to hang in here. So I would go on an upvoting spree for quality content from 20 somethings.

  2. A comment is an effort by a fellow steemian to communicate with you. It bothers me when I see that most of the times, meaningful comments go unrewarded. I will make sure I upvote all those comments that make a worthwhile read and thus motivate further communication on good posts.

  3. I will use the earned rewards to power up and host meaningful contests to give back.


thank you for your entry

my comments are still the same as my comments on your post two days ago
If you delegate 1000 SP to me, the first thing I do is

  • say thank you first,
  • I will maximize your reward to help the beginner steemit person quietly head to steemit in order to succeed and work in steemit.
  • I will also develop the community because there are still many young people who are energetic to develop their talents, so photography, writing and there are many things to do,
    and we are looking for people who want to delegate SP.
    Maybe my dream has happened with your presence now,
    and I really hope for it
    thank you

if you would delegate 1000 Steem power to me, I will help my community member and newbie.

there is no doubt that Sp is the most important one in Steemit. the exactly way to maximise an account value is by powering up our Steem to Steem Power. if @tarazkp would delegate 1000 SP to me, I would motivate and Inspire my community by vote, especially the author those who never find by any currators.

founder Jeunieb Steemit Community (JSC)
one inisiator of @steemit-students community


thank you for your entry

thanks.. and to the point:

  1. I will make 5 posting in a days, and I upvote it all. in a post I will got 0,20 SBD and 0.2 SP it's mean I will get (0,20 SBD x 5 posting = 1,00 SBD) and (0.2 SP x 5 = 1,0 SP)

  1. I will comment to 20 my follower posting, and I will upvote to my comment = I will got 0,20 SBD per comment and 0,02 SP per comment), its mean I will get (0,20 SBD x 20 = 4 SBD) and (0,20 SP x 20 = 4 SP)

What I will get in a day?

In a day I will get = 5 SBD, according to a rules in steemit I only will get 35% of my SBD, it mean I will get (35% x 5 SBD = 1,75 SBD/day)

In a day I will get = 0,50 SP/ day

What I will got in 4 week with 1000 SP?
1,75 SBD x 30 days = 52,5 SBD
5 SP x 30 = 150 SP
This is my real count, what I will get when you delegate me 1000 SP.
in it does not include curation when I upvote in other steemian posts.
it course, curation for upvote in others steemian post can't to real calculate..

#My Follower Is my community.
#I was an Initiator on steemit-students community


thank you for your entry

If you happen to choose me, I promise to flag hundreds of spam comments that you are about to get on this post.

As per my maximizing my account value with the delegated 1,000 SP - I would use the SP mostly to quickly connect with many people by joining conversations and upvoting comments not only on my posts, but also on posts of other people. Being able to provide only a $0.02 upvote is not very good for relationships-making, and I think that relationships-making is the key to long-term success here.

Cheers! : )

Okay, for me i think this demands wisdom

*first i will find out how long the delegated is lasting as this will help me to plan myself

  • I will definitely sell my vote for profit
    *i will organise a contest to attract followers
    With these three thing done effectively, i think i will maximise the steem power.
    Thanks alot

thank you for your entry

Here is why you will assign me the SP :)


  • I'm a thoroughly decent gal with pure intentions who, even though working 4 + hours a day on Steemit, continues to slip through the Steemit cracks unnoticed.

  • I have not withdrawn a single Steem and power up continually ~ I am invested in Steemit longterm

  • My intention here is to shine bright and encourage others on their way ~ I'd continue with my activity of commenting and upvoting as per but with a bit more bang!

  • I wish to start a quality Art Contest Art Degrees where there are 3 distinct entry levels: amateur/student/professional and could do with an SP boost to encourage entrants. Please take a mo to read my post about this HERE.

  • I'd be your best friend!

Tadah! Taraz.



thank you for your entry

Thanks for holding this contest. That is a lot of steem to give away. Here is what I would do.

  • Continue to upvote and encourage new people here on steemit.

  • Give more to my favorite charities.

  • Take a bit of extra time to write the quality content I would like to produce, rather than writing under pressure or just posting photographs.

Not much different from everyone else, but it’s what I try to do every day. Thanks again. 🐓


thank you for your entry

The more Steem Power, the more weight my vote has over the network. I would like to shape the network in my own little ways, going for a diversity of content
I will reward engaged followers and build myself a swarm of users that assists me with little things, whatever it may be.
i will reward exactly that - great content, and great accounts
With more Steem Power, I will acquire more curation / voting rewards out of my activities influencing the network
i think by these i will be able to maximise my acount value


thank you for your entry


Before i enter, can you get me a pic of Elon Musk signed by Tom Hanks? Because i would be up for that


I can indeed. I am sure you know the concept of 'six degrees of separation' so, I wouldn't use that. I would download a picture of Elon Musk and forge Tom Hanks' signature.

If you can trust me in this delegation, I will thank you very much for you. because it will help others through my hands for newcomers in Steemit, you can see daily activities for new friends in Steemit what I have done. If you support my account, you have helped many others out of my hands day by day, the delegates you gave me I hope to benefit others or for small accounts that do not make plagiarism or spam until it grows better. thanks @terazkp for your support and cooperation for many people here, regards from me @ades


thank you for your entry


Ok, you're welcome.
with respect from me, for consideration.

Good day, @tarazkp, not quite sure if you’re serious about this, as it sounds rather sarcastic ;)

Lately, I’ve been investing my small earnings in Steemit & powering up most of what I make here.

I intend to continue to do so, so that I can build up my account and have higher voting power.

My heart is with the Arts, since I believe they can transform our perception, nourish and inspire us.

So, in addition to trying to widen the reach of my own writing, I would try to support artists as well as writer communities — especially, the likes of IsleofWrite, who are in the process of publishing 4 anthologies to share with the world the literary talent on Steemit:

All the best, Yahia
“You must improve yourself on a higher level if you are to be able to help people, and not just weep over them.”
—Idries Shah


thank you for your entry


If I can be that one, I will give thanks to you and give upvotes to all your post, Then I can maximise my upvoting support to all redfish tag users, a little community I am with,

If I were delegated 1000 SP I would maximize my account value by:

  • Posting quality content daily (minimum 5 posts per week) and taking advantage of my self vote.
  • Utilize the SP in relationship building (commenting/voting/commenting some more) to gain a larger following and hope for upvotes.
  • Would definitely use my VP to its full power by starting a "Liberty Trail" on Streemian, and attempt to beg some whales to follow my trail.
  • Power Up to the MOON!!!!

thank you for your entry

Pretty stringent selection criteria to work off....

Talking about scamming.... I wonder id your reward post is going to be something along the lines of:

"You see how easy it is to scam... I just scammed you all out of your upvotes!! No prizes for anyone! I'm keeping my 1000SP!! Nya-ha-haaaaa!!!"


thank you for your entry ;)

@tarazkp i will use that steem power just like this .
.i will try to increase my followers using that sp.
.i will upvote the trending posts in a special time for good return of sp.
.i will upvote posts and the comments on my posts. to be honest my simple formula <3 <3 .
Or simply you can guide us how can we use that for better.that will be great am i right sir ?


thank you for your entry

I am not sure that I can maximize the income from delegation reward gived by people, because the trust is a mandate that must be executed. Steem delegation is a big responsibility for me and if the delegation is accepted, I will keep the values ​​set in the steemit with no ambition to think of myself.
I do not want to make steemit become bleak, which I believe is what we give will produce good results. Thank you.

If we're purely talking about maximizing account value, upvote myself 10 times a day and power up all the resulting rewards


so funny,but truth.
most people here 'may' claim to help others more with that,but it just makes me think


thank you for your entry

Well I'd just vote enjoyable content or comments like I usually do

I wouldn't focus on that; I would just go on curating as before. Not winning this one, am I? 8-)




Damn. 8-)

splendid & exceptional!

what a very nice concept dear.it is always good and wonderful having others at heart.especially when it comes to helping others mostly the newbies otherwise known as the 'minnows' to grow.
Well done bro,keep it up.

Coming back to this, have to get out the door and don't want to forget about it.

that's really cool.

One of the basic use of steem power in my minnow knowledge is to make a vote worth something as a means of encouragement and appreciation of good work and quality as well.
Thank you!

That’s nice though , if I have that power for a month , I’ll enclurage newbies who are skeptical about this steemit/blockchain technology so that I could prove them wrong and this thing is real :D .

Loool yes , true that though . In Finland we have 28 hours 😁😅

great information. thanks for this. i wanna be a part of this competition.

I am waiting for 1000 SP because I wrote so sensible words. If I were you, I can think about it LOL

Nice contest. :)
Knowing each steemians propaganda. :)

Mine is this..

  • I only have one thing to do with delegated steem power. To inspire and motivate newbies by upvoting their work. Of course quality over quantity.


I would get the cooperation of my all my chat friends .

one post per day or every 3 days .

Have with a fancy title that explains that this is an experiment in upvote generation . Title TBD

I would use all my upvote for that day in that post to thous who joined in

Have each chat buddies, instead of making a post of their own attache their post inside my post with a comment, photo , meme . Have a one stop shopping for all . With their supporters that should make my post shoot to the moon . generating a record breaking payout.

Added benefits is that any minnow that joined in would also benefit.
The concept in this would be that the whole benefits from the few

The details would have to be worked out.

Just a thought to maximize total payout


thank you for your entry

Why is every other entry talking about helping the community...

That would be really nice. 1000 steem power for a month is definitely a great empowerment. Good initiative

Interesting question as the answer really becomes a blueprint for how to grow my account the quickest. Gave it some thought today and these seem to be the key things that would allow for the most impact short and long term.

  • Meaningful comments on current followers posts while automating some upvotes for them to make sure you are there early enough to gain curation rewards.

  • Write 5-7 quality posts per week is realistic for myself.

  • Use a service like Steemfollower to upvote quality posts and get votes in return.

  • Search out a couple members with accounts which are more powerful then my own and start trying to build a relationship with those people for long term mutually beneficial relationships.

  • To gain short term gains I would also look for paid bids and bid in front of larger upvotes. Would only do so on posts I felt were quality and have very low previous votes to maximize the return from the curation rewards.

  • Also leave quality comments on those posts that were upvoted. Goal to gain some rewards on comments also.
    *Daily conversion of SBD gained during the month into SP as per rules unless paid promotion is allowed and then would look for profitable or even break even bidding opportunities. Added vote increases exposure for the posts and hopefully gaining more votes and followers.


thank you for your entry