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The world is continuously advancing and it is happening everywhere. One of the fields which is progressing is Artificial Intelligence technology. AI is a new field but alot of work is going on in it. In old days we only saw in movies, AI doing stuff which is impossible for a computer program but nowadays you can see it in reality. AI is still under progress but in many fields it has already crossed humans such as healthcare. Such as Google's sister company DeepMind, announced it has successfully used AI to predict the 3D structures of nearly every catalogued protein known to science. That's over 200 million proteins found in anything you can imagine. One of the fields AI is already ahead of humans is Art. Now you can see AI creating unbelievable art by just giving some information. AI is able create such amazing arts in seconds for which an artist needs months. These AI includes DALL.E, NightCafe and Midjourney etc.

Image Created by AI Source

The Last Selfie on Earth

The AI art become popular when someone asked AI to draw a picture of last selfie on earth and it showed terrifying results. According to AI, the humans will evolve till then and the earth will be destroyed.

Image Created by Midjourney AI

How to Create AI Art

There are many services available for creating AI images but I will like to tell you about Midjourney AI bot. I found Midjourney some days ago, it is fast, easy to use and it gives free trial in addition.


  • Visit Midjourney Website
  • Join its Discord server.
  • In the newbie channel, write /imagine prompt: and describe about the photo you want in detail.
  • The Midjourney bot will start working on it. It will give you four pictures from which you can select the best.
  • It will create a detailed version of picture selected


You can unleash your imagination and can create wonderful pictures by using these kinds of AI. I tried it by myself and created some beautiful and heart warming pictures. Those are posted below.



These are pictures I created using Midjourney AI

Technology is making our life easier and this AI art will not finish the job of artists but will enable them to use their creativity more easily. See you in next blog.

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