Promotion Bots 3: Electric Boogaloo

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Well, I'm on my third week of promotion bots, and a lot of things that used to be mysterious are now clear.

If you like, I can share a little of what I've learned, even though most of what I've learned is that the conventional wisdom is correct.

Still, it's a pretty nuanced topic, and it might do us some good to discuss those nuances.

So let's get into it.


Homer Sez Original.jpg

SmartMarket (SmartSteem) is too unreliable to be of any use as a promotion service.

For monday's post (Hints #7), they returned my entire deposit without reaching a single Steemit user. Yet, despite the fact that SmartSteem was not promoting the post, it still made roughly the same amount it made when using SmartSteem + MinnowBooster, leading me to believe that MinnowBooster is doing most of the work anyway.

And while I'm pretty sure that SmartMarket has given me some significant promotion in the past, the fact remains that they're just too unreliable. I have no way of telling what kind of returns I'm going to get from them, or if I'm going to get any returns at all.

Their service, I think, is just not up to snuff. And I will not be using it from here out.

MinnowBooster Requires Strategy

The next lesson I learned is that MinnowBooster can also be a bit unpredictable, but there are ways to time it and strategize around that fact.

Minnowbooster does better than SmartMarket in a few respects, but perhaps its biggest advantage is that it lets you know beforehand what kind of upvotes you can expect, given the size of your donation.

They give this information in the form of a graph, which can be found on

MinnowBooster graph.png

The graph, unfortunately, is not always accurate, as I have sometimes given to areas that are clearly in the green, but then had my donation returned, with a note saying that no one is currently in that range.

But even if it's not flawless, it is helpful. And, most importantly, it gives specific numeric data.

The blue line represents people who might upvote, and the green line indicates people who will reliably upvote. The ones in the higher domains will give bigger upvotes. But I have found that the quantity of voters is often more important than the quality.

Basically, it's possible to make a bigger profit by giving less SBDs to MinnowBooster.

Each of their upvoters is looking for a specific amount, and if you pick the amount with the most people, it's possible to make a bigger profit than by landing that one "big" upvoter with the bigger SBD quantity.

Of course, the bigger upvoters give bigger upvotes, so it's also possible to catch a bigger profit that way. And very rarely you will see both quantity and quality combine, and the graph shows a whole stack of bigger upvoters in one spot.

Combine this with the fact that you can use MinnowBooster more than once on a single post, and all you have to do is keep an eye on that graph throughout the day until the conditions suit your needs.

Honestly, I don't know why anyone doesn't use it.

TipU, the Most Reliable of All

This past week, I finally got a chance to try out TipU.

Tipu has two very narrow windows each day in which it is available for giving upvotes. But this timing aspect is the only real drawback. I have used TipU three times now, and every time it has come through for me, boosting my post to the point where I am guaranteed to make back the SBDs I invested in TipU.

This bot is superior to all others in the reliability factor, which perhaps makes it the most valuable of all. It has a fairly narrow donation range (0.5 SBDs to 15 SBDs), meaning that there is a cap to how much money you can make from the service. But it is still a better bet than nearly all other options.

In Summary

Let's go over it all again in brief:

  • SmartMarket is too unreliable to be useful to the Steemian looking to promote their posts. They also have other features like delegation which I have not tried, so I cannot comment on them. But their promotion service stinks.
  • MinnowBooster is also somewhat unpredictable, but it gives you the tools needed to use that unpredictability in your favor. If you've got a keen mind, you can make a hefty profit from their promotion service.
  • TipU is extremely reliable. It has an upper limit to how much it can give, but if you can catch that train, it will take you exactly where it promises to go.
  • I'm not sure how much more I can learn about this subject. Hopefully, it's enough to help you out. Thanks for reading, and keep on Steeming.

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This seems to be an interesting subject! Coz I am getting low audience and my income drops significantly! So, I prefer do something to increase it! Will test your strategies and hope to find a best one! Thank you friend!


Bot's can help you to spread a message, that is worth spreading. If you have very few follower's, there is a high chance that you post will get buried in the abyss called the "new tab", if you don't make use of their services.

Thanks for explaining the graph and why my donations are returned sometimes.
I'm having problems with tipu though, I always catch it during its break periods

SmartMarket too unreliable but they return if they can't proceed. That's a good sign. Valuable Promo bot review.

@talanhorne - Sir until I read your posts I thought TipU is a service that encourage people but act as fund transfer interface between sender & receiver... Am I correct Sir...?
Are you talking about another service that provide by them Sir...?



TipU offers two kinds of services:

  1. An investment service that works kind of like delegation, except that you can ask for your funds back at any time.
  2. An upvoting service, where you can send a specific amount in SBDs and easily double that amount on the strength of TipU's upvote.

I am not aware of any fund transfer interface service. But what I have experienced with TipU has all been quite profitable.

"SmartMarket is too unreliable to be useful to the Steemian looking to promote their posts"
good says dear... thanks dear

I’m really glad you found @tipu helpfull and reliable! Thanks for all this experiments and letting us know.

Hello @talanhorne,

Extraordinary summary of your experiences with these bot programs. Incredible findings. Community needs researches like you do. Excellent article.


Does tipu also upvote immediately like smartmarket and minnowbooster.
I haven't tried it out yet


If TipU is active, it will usually upvote immediately.

Sometimes, however, it will send you a note saying that your upvote will come in 20 or 30 minutes. Since TipU is such a popular service, it sometimes needs to pace itself to keep its Voting Power up.

I almost agree with you on @smartmarket. It’s almost impossible to catch them to get an upvote. The only thing great about them is when you are lucky enough to get an upvote from @smartmarket you can get it few minutes after you post, which gives you most of the curation rewards as well. With @tipu you can find out exactly when he gives an upvote and that’s what I love about him. He also gives the biggest ROI. Two times he actualy gave me 300% upvote with his add in my post which I don’t mind at all.

@talanhorne sir...
I think you have revealed the true sprite of steemit platform and here we can go with some point of view as bot are help to promote the post and also they promote what ever we submitted. but i like your approach, post 3 or 4 a week and maintain with the quality. great job and you also inspired me.
Upvoted and resteemed

Actualy I don't think to using bid bots. But I used before for promote my posts. I think it's not in good to mine. With your idea I think Tipu is better option. Before I need to check it out. Excellent Bid bots review @talanhorne sir...
Wel done and perfect work sir...

Its really very helpfull for every steemians.Very good job my dear friend.Keep it up.
Thanks for sharing with us

@talanhorne sir...
In the past month I have been experimenting with bots as well. In the beginning I was loosing on my investment. One of the reasons was the Steem price dropped. You just have to figure out when it’s the best time to use them. Eventually I have used @tipu as well. His ROI is one of the best and I will continue using him. @smartmarket is great as well since he upvote you right after you send SBDs to him, which means before 28 min your post was published. This give you most of the curation rewards as well. Keep experimenting and letting us know.
Thanks sir...

@talanhorne, That would be very useful information of how to used promotion boys. I already using it for increase my power up, Valuable info.

Helpful post.Thanks for sharing with us

Thanks for making it more transparent to us how the minnowbooster works...
I have tried minnowbooster many a times and i see it always benefitting me ...firstly you get the instant upvotes and it almost catches up the same amount you have invested...
d to make bid on @tipu many a times but failed to make a was refunded to me h time i did that..

Promotion bots given some works to provide blog posts. It's helpful for power up. From your last post I known better about Tipu. In future I'll hope use Tipu service if have extra profit. Thanks to excellent review @talanhorne.

That's well compared of smartsteem, minnowBooster with tipu bot service. I read carefully this and understood excellent opinions included.Thanks @talanhorne.

Cryptocurrencies are the future and thank goodness that we are part of it..good post

that's great

I haven't tried any of the above mentioned bots, but my friend recently told me about tipU and Minnow Booster.
And according to you I should opt tipU

Awesome substance for steemians, for advancement their article.
have a nice day

this is something new to me. but you said too well, i have learned many update about promotion bot. it will help me. thank you

I used many bots but i think tipu is good for using

Steem has changed the life of so many individuals including myself. Now I want to help people with the money I have made , when I go back home in a couple of weeks , it’s time to give back o those in need . I put my trust in God..

This is professional writing experience and very valuable article

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I was actually looking out for that tipu bot.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to get most of my SBDs invested back.

I'll definitely try it out.

this is something new to me. be that as it may, you said too well, I have learned numerous refresh about advancement bot. it will encourage me. much obliged to you

I usually try Minnowbooster it's really work form me.

Very good jop my friends and good luck @talanhorne

A pleasant thought, we can utilize your day by day distributions regarding this matter, to be sure to settle on the correct choice,
upvote and resteem

Yes i tied @tipu and it's my favorite bot.

I like this with your post, good luck always for you.

fabulous blog sir

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thanks @talanhorne sharing very good info, good luck always friends.

i am really appreciate your post.but i don,t know this promotion bots tropic.but to read your post i understand this important tropic perfectly and clearly.because you sharing this subject very easily step to step.its really very helpfull for every steemians.i am very prode feel to got as like you steemians.very high thought quality knowledge skills.very well done.thanks to sharing for your best of luck of your great dear friend. @talanhorne

Great and amazing post sir.
You helped me a lot sir for understanding the trending market since I had joined steemit.
Thank you so much for your support.
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Very well articulated
Excellent job sir.
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Thanks for sharing this post.

wonderful post sir

this is something new to me. but you said too well, i have learned many update about promotion bot. it will help me. thank you

that s matter was really helpful! we have need this info.

About the promotion bote, you said a lot about this post that I did not know thank you so much for posting this important post I learned a lot from this post.

You're highly recommending try @tipu services. Your explanation helps to get a clear idea of it. Useful & valuable experience shared to the Steemit community here.
This bot is superior to all others in the reliability factor, which perhaps makes it the most valuable of all. It has a fairly narrow donation range (0.5 SBDs to 15 SBDs), meaning that there is a cap to how much money you can make from the service. But it is still a better bet than nearly all other options.

Pretty awesome post @talanhorne sir. Many people use minnow bot for Upvoting their posts.
But, it takes credit.
Great and amazing post.

Thanks @talanhorne sir for sharing this post.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

Very Helpful Post ...Just amazing post sir.. very interesting post thanks for share

Great content for steemians.. for promotion their article.. Thanks for sharing with us a new bot..

steem It is reaching one of the highest altitudes and is very popular for all people :)

Bid bots are useful and beneficial, but only if your post is qualitative, if your posting good content, it will reach to the people by promotion and then people reward you according to your hardwork, that's what i have learned in my four months of experience.

impressive experiment of promotional bots & outstanding judgement you made at the end. thank you @talanhorne

reteemed & upvoted

Regarding cryptocurrency market, we are currently playing an important role in this community. I think cryptocarrency is playing an important role for our platform.

Yeah, you're quite right about the promotion of the post from those bot. I have fear that the earning money will loose to invest after them as i not get pretty much upvote pay out. Looking for profit is now days is impossible but promote your post is pretty good thinking. A good review and results come out with your article.

Thank you for this post, it also makes things clearer to me! Even just learning that these exist isn't always easy, this is the first I've heard of tipU

I've been using minnow booster a couple times and I guess I'll use it more given that it can be used multiple times! I've heard of smart steem but your experience guides me to stay away from it.

Most interestingly, I didn't realize I could buy votes from the green part of the graph, I thought only special people maybe delegators to minnow booster can buy those votes

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Congratulations @talanhorne
Now you are in the MinnowsPower Loyalty Member List...!!!

Exceptional article & valuable outcome of your experience shared well...!!!

100% Upvoted by @MinnowsPower

Thanks for the information sir.

Promotion services are a blessing and a curse... Also, haven't really tried going with tipU, but I guess I'll give it a go... I trust the words of @talanhorne!

you followed my advice to use minnobooster undoubtedly tipu and minnowbooster are the 2 best bots that I have been able to use and are more reliable.

It's really very helpful for every steemians.
Thanks for sharing new information. Carry on

Excellent submit,my dear buddy @talanhorne,We want more people to be courageous such as you and communicate out approximately this..very beneficial put up, excellend job, thank you for percentage,@Upvoted

thanks for the explaining
well i have used only minnowbooster so far
and i have always got the positive results
you should also try @buildawhale i have came to know that is also profitable bot

nice summary
thanks for the post

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I have not been able to use tipu yet .
As far as you are saying that will sure try it out.

I have not been able to use tipu yet .
As far as you are saying that will sure try it out.

wow great explanation man

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

Perfect review, my friend and you quite rightly identified all aspects for each bot, now I think that only TipU can be used, but there are also limitations. Thank you @talanhorne

Fine work @talanhorne and your explanations on these bots give me to understand how and in which direction can view their use, I think your estimate will be useful to all of us!

This promotion bots review is very share with us .... steemit is a smart platform...and it is very essential and also effective...thanks for sharing your article...

I'm grateful for the information. I learned a lot about bots. I think this post is very useful for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

I'm so happy to read your informative part no. 3 of the Promotion Bots post @talanhorne. I never used bots service so I don't mind this is lot. But I see smartsteem given more amount than we invested some.

This is very interesting article and great steem posting . thanks for sharing.

Wonderful day

great post,my dear friend @talanhorne,We need more people to be BRAVE like you and speak out about this..very helpful post,excellend jod,thanks for share,

is MinnowBooster helpful for steem???

Thank you very much for explaining the graphic very clearly, now thanks to this publication I understand perfectly, many successes friend!

just amazing post sir

Promotion bots given some works to provide blog posts. It's helpful for power up. From your last post I known better about Tipu. In future I'll hope use Tipu service if have extra profit. Thanks to excellent review @talanhorne.

interesting winner we found using that experiment at the end tipu is more reliable in this case great

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