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RE: Okay. Now What?

in #steem11 months ago

There was a big discussion some time ago ether Steem should be viewed as 'security token' or not.
It's pretty obviouse that what's happened is a huge 'pro' argument. And some shitcoins did already had troubles with SEC because of that.
So the SteemTron doesn't actually have the green traffic light yet.


Hey, @svamiva.

I can see there might be some saving graces, regardless of how this goes, but I don't like the costs of any of them. Being beholden to TRON/Sun and whoever might be behind him is not all that palatable, but neither is being beholden to the SEC and regulators, either.

So, I'm glad there's not a greenlight for STEEMTRON. Also, we're being told that just having the two fold into one another is technically impossible now, and would take a long time to do, however long that turns out to be.

That in and of itself gives me the most comfort. If we'd managed to keep our powder dry instead of alerting Sun to our intentions, we may have been able to walk through that process a little further. Now, it's even harder to tell where all of that stands.

I'm hoping we can here from the resigned STEEM crew soon. They've probably signed a confidentiality agreement of some kind, though, so who knows when we'll get the full story.