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@wafrica Smart Media Community (SMC) is very happy to announce the completion of our airdrop of the WAFRO token to over 6,000 followers, contributors, and curators of our AMAZING Smart Media COMMUNITY!

20% of ALL WAFRO tokens are in the hands of 6,000+ wafrica followers!

Curators, Contributors and Followers of the last 12 months have been rewarded AGAIN for their patronage and participation.

NOTE: Please use SteemPeak.com wallet OR KeyChain for Steem (chrome store) Wallet to verify you have received WAFRO tokens from @wafrica ;-)

Using the steem-engine Smart Contract Token (SCT) on the Steem Blockchain, we have now completed on March 23, 2019, what we believe to be one of the FIRST Historic AIRDROPs on this important new Steem side-chain, that could eventually become a Graphene standard.

Please check your Steem Wallet to see:

  • SteemPeak Steem DAPP - Now supports the SCT token (!), and a market for it’s trading
  • KeyChain for Steem - a fully featured steem wallet extention to Chrome browser
  • steem-engine.com - the originator of this excellent system, you may also view your WAFRO tokens there

Distribution vs Value vs Scarcity

    WAFRO airdrop pie chart.png

  • 50% of the WAFRO token will be LOCKED and reserved for specific functions over the next 10 years, to further the community interests.
  • 20% will be distributed to participating members of @wafrica DAILY for the next 10 YRS at 5,000 tokens per day!
  • 10% will be distributed in the next 10 months to those the HODL! their WAFRO tokens!
  • The 50% of tokens LOCKED are slowly spent to pay curators for their time and interest, developers to create our DAPP(s), Hosting costs for servers and witnesses, sponsorships and new projects to further Africa awareness of blockchain and the Steem Internet of Value.

    Over 6,000 followers and contributors participated in @wafrica SMC last year on the Steem blockchain and now we reward them, with their own blockchain and tokens to spend among each other and to trade for STEEM.
  • Let us CREATE A MARKET on the new exchanges that have appeared for this: steem-engine.com and steempeak.com. Soon in the future, we expect steemit.com and freedomex.io to join in exchanging SCT as well.

    We believe with this plan we can create a market, MOTIVATE people to both use and hold their WAFRO, as well as create many incentives for curators, artists and musicians to contribute their VERY VALUABLE ATTENTION to the WAfrica!

    A complete White Paper will be published soon, with complete technical details, to fully illustrate what we have done, and why, and how we arrived at these decisions as a DAC and fully intend to operate a DPOS blockchain as a 'Complementary Currency' (see wikipedia).

    A complete roadmap will be more fleshed out soon, but the basic idea is to HODL!

    For the next 10 months, if you hold your tokens, you will be REWARDED FOR DOING SO!

    With a further airdrop schedule as follows:

    April 2, 2019 - 10% of the 2.4 MIL tokens will be distributed to all users holding tokens, based on how many they hold on this date.
    May 23, 2019 - Same as above, etc for following dates as well
    June 23, 2019
    July 23, 2019
    Aug 23, 2019
    Sept 23, 2019
    Oct 23, 2019
    Nov 23, 2019
    Dec 23, 2019

    Please keep in mind no current STAKING feature is available and this will change soon. Once available, staking will be the same as holding tokens, and we will reward those that stake tokens as part of the road map going forward as the future reveals itself further to our community.


    separator lotus.png

    To All WAfrica Followers!

    Please use the following wallets to view your WAFRO tokens:

    1. steem-engine.com
    2. steempeak.com
    3. Keychain for Steem (Chrome Store Mac/PC)

    As part of the @africa One Year Anniversary, we are very happy to announce, the TOP 50 RANKED followers of our Community to receive recently the WAFRO token airdrop (based on stake weighting as well as participation).

    The last number given on the right, is the NUMBER OF TOKENS DROPPED TO THEM THIS WEEK:


    1 - "surfyogi",5,7,12,53,10,515,1245,102145
    2 - "mcsamm",11,47,10,177,159,177,1144,93859
    3 - "dianadora",1,1,1,23,91,479,1124,92218
    4 - "emmanuelacheamp",0,1,0,24,30,474,1051,86229
    5 - "julietisrael",7,634,3,26,265,18,1040,85326
    6 - "prettyjules158",8,36,9,46,61,377,1031,84588
    7 - "joetunex",2,2,2,108,495,62,955,78352
    8 - "leeuw",0,0,0,1,0,438,879,72117
    9 - "bleepcoin",0,0,1,3,1,412,836,68589
    10 - "lordjames",8,28,10,48,92,230,768,63010
    20 -"chiama",6,17,10,38,103,107,486,39874
    30 - "gbija",13,32,3,82,67,1,392,32161
    40 - "mihadan",0,0,0,0,0,156,312,25598
    50 - "opeyemioguns",0,2,0,16,141,26,243,19937

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    voting graph.png

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    Damn it i miss this airdrop, how come, is there any opportunity for those who missed the initial offering?

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    Login to steem-engine.com and see:
    WAFRO WAfrica WAFRO Token 17,968 WAFRO !!!

    Thank you boss have seen it.

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    Hei @surfyogi, Can this token be changed to Steem, how?

    Eventually, when we set up an upvote bid bot that accepts WAFRO, in exchange for upvotes on your post you wish to promote!

    So it'll be possible to exchange the token for upvote? Wow so will this be soon or later @surfyogi?

    Hopefully the upvote bid bot that receives the WAFRO offer will be launched soon ..

    I'm glad to definitely be in the running for the token, thanks a whole lot @surfyogi I'll be looking forward to the roadmap and actualisation of this token, wow wafrica

    Thanks for the valuable announcement. Steem community is the best place to promote any Token.

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    Amazing. Wafrica to the world

    Mine received, thank you and I encourage everyone to use Steempeak to check their tokens too.

    this is indeed great

    Great post 👍. thanks for sharing this post... I like it this post..
    I appreciate your valuable post...

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    Wow, token received.
    Happy to make it to the top 20 rankings.

    Token received, a good africa on the rise.

    I missed the airdrop too.. When is the next phase coming?

    328 WAFRO
    You did NOT miss the airdrop!
    Login first to steem-engine.com, then:

    Ohh my goodness! I missed this airdrop 😢😢.. All the same this is a massive advancement towards greatness. Well done surf @surfyogi

    You didn't miss the airdrop, it's in your token Wallet already.

    https://steempeak.com login and check your Steem wallet.

    Wow... Thank you

    Hey @surfyogi i missed the airdrop.... Is there a a way i can still hodl some of the token??

    What's up with it now?

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    Wafro's received...to the moon!

    damn, how can I miss this one :(

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    Can I have some WAFRO please :D @suryogi

    this is a wonderful development. Welldone to the wafrica team and to @surfyogi.
    Missing out on this make me sad which i know it wouldnt have happened if my device didnt shoot me out. I wish i receive mine too because i've been a user of wafrica right from its inception.

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    Thank you for sharing a valuable post! Thank you for sharing this post with us. That's why I am grateful to you for the steam community, it will be published in a perpendicular way.

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    Hi @surfyogi sir ..how are you?

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