STEEMFEST TICKETS FOR SALE - Entry visas for @wafrica DENIED! Please purchase SteemFest3 Ticket from @surfyogi

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**NOTE - Entry visas for @wafrica curators DENIED!

Please purchase SteemFest3 Ticket from @surfyogi

3 Tickets are available for purchase at this time, at the previous Plankton price (432 STEEM), before the ticket price increase last week.

I appeal to the community to take these tickets off my hands for the same price I paid, and get the best price on SteemFest3 entry at the same time.

Representatives for @wafrica have attempted to apply for Visas to be admitted to Poland, but recently have been denied.

@roelandp is aware of the situation and assures me he will support me in this sale, so my ticket sales are entirely transparent to the organizers of SF3.

I was attempting to sponsor three folks from Nigeria this year, and use the most professional agency we could find to help us apply, but sadly this year is a fail.

We remain strong in our resolve!
Thank you, SY-

Contact Details:
Telegram: @surfyogi
Discord: surfyogi#4267
surfyogi AT gmail

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How about SF 4 in Nigeria @roelandp?

Unfortunately the visa entry process for Nigeria is very d manding for US and EU citizens.. I know of this first hand and could never ask for this seriously.. but it does speak of very strained relations and many issues that do need to be considered.
@lordjames mentioned S Africa.. but it’s too far for most as well.

For WA, think Ghana would be the most viable choice based on language, visa, safety and getting tech through customs considerations.

yup just ask @mcsamm and @desmond41 and @blackman @masterroshi Americans and EU citizens will have no problem flying to Ghana, and honestly Nigeria should be no problem either they wont turn down western tourist visas, you just get a plane ticket and they stamp ur passport, u usually get a month or two or 3 sometimes 6 but honestly Ghana is where we need to go its the safest and most business friendly and all the Ghanian steemians are just waiting for us

@surfyogi man its really sad ,i made use of same agency too ,i was sponsored by @dimimp but sadly the process failed ,hopefully next year would get better .

It's really sad to see the visas got cancelled. As I already expressed numerous times, thank you for doing such a great job and unfortunately it didn't work out again :(

I'm resteeming your post for visibility.

Totally a Shame... I will buy this ticket!

It is indeed a sad story. But I would love to buy one!

Hey @roelandp @surfyogi, how can we do this? :)

This year process was a learning year, by God’s grace, we shall make it.

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You're right. We'll make next year by God's grace

I will contact you tomorrow....I might be interested!

I am so sorry to hear about the visa situation. My friend @gloglo had the same issues last year. It’s horrific that you cannot travel freely!

Its unfortunate.

Embassies here dont like the word crypto and once your details are checked and no credible source of income are found, you hit all sorts of red flags.

For two years its been the same thing.

Steemit isnt really recognized and "being a blogger" isnt a credible job.

Take care surf, hope youre able to sell the tickets .

these days i am just shook at what to do !

Lets fly at least a dozen or so western steemians to Ghana, the Nigerians can come to Ghana, everything will work out fine, no european or american will get any visa problems going to Africa as tourists, no one say anything about crypto, we all just go for a wedding, im sure we can generate or find a steemian whose getting married and just combine the events but what we REALLy must do is use the existing university system and not be afraid to work with US aid and take as much government resources as possible applying for them on if you need an American to do the final application let me know on discord and also remember, we all have to think bigger and realize this is a big video game and you are all struggling for no reason when you arent applying for grants business grants for the us federal government, even if youre not american, plenty of americans like me will be happy to apply for them and put money in bid bots and give you the keys, imagine setting up bid bots with government grants that have all sorts of good sounding causes behind them, its an easy way people make a nice ROI without thinking too much, its a no brainer business solution so lets use it for west african Blockchain investment, doesnt that sound good and noble?> Now start making an instagram for your imaginary Cause and remember, you cant go wrong because all you have to do is find some godo steemians who will upvote their countrymen and women and youll be Golden, you cant go wrong, steem is just a money distribution faucet right now and it does run on favoritism but thats ok, people have favorites for a reason, instagram is a whole machine RUN on favoritism, and facebook is just about reading the content of your favorite people... steem just adds money in a delegated proof fo stake blockchain where we just give the money out to people whose CONTENT we like .... and im SORRY if youre offended by the 21st century but both women AND men can make money posting selfies

hahaha i guess steem is the revenge of the nerds or the revenge of the not that attractive people... hahaha because the MOST attractive are on instagram making money from sponsorships but nothing much to show for millions of followers and likes...... but with steem people with just a few hundred likes get thousands PER post DIRECTLY but overalll Instagram users make WAY more, its a much bigger business than the 1million dollars a week reward pool we have... we could have a billion dollar reward poool but only after steem reaches the bitcoin level of popularity WHICH it will if @ned gets his shit together and fixes on boarding and stops waiting for this imaginary crypto bull run thats right around the corner.... crypto stopped because people stopped producing cool stuff, we just have to wait for crypto kitty type shit to start on EOS again and for the EOS ecosystem to really take off, and steem HAS to inspire leaders from the TOP DOWN the GRASS ROOTS has done ENOUGh work its now time for the TOP of steem to do work NOT the community.... and its really a mystery to me how to make someone like Ned actually believe in us ... i get that we are only a small portion of the entire potential future steem population BUT we ARE the first adopters who have all the majority of steem, the remainder will always be more expensive and so no matter who else gets rich of steem we will all get rich first and as long as you have a few hundred or a few thousand stseem and never power it down you should be good .... you should be able to live off your steem, we are aall in the "steemit beta" mode and only a few actually still believe in the applications of steem.... the developing world really has no other choice so if youre in the developing world and just able to gather 1 steem a day youre freakin golden! BUT Steem IS Cheap so its NOT enough! You ALL mUST go out online and find ways to make money and save up more steem or you WILL feel left out on the next bull run, WHICH COULD be LED BY STEEM itself but im afraid EOS will take the lead soon without us, but who knows, i am an advocate for using steem as the main EOS social media system and just never let EOS go, just mainatin the link from the grass roots and just keep organic hivemind axon connections... dont EOS go.,.. maintain connections with all #eos groups on steem all the eos people make sure you give them free publicity write articles about EOS dont just mimic news stories that shit suycks, you have toa ctually write useful reports on eos ... eos venture capital is liek oen big 100 million dollar reward pool and we CAN get grants for something as spimple as an EOS related upvote bot manually curated by 3 people on 8 hour shits around teh world who just go around upvoting useful ES content, imagine that, imagine using EOS capital to make professional aps for steem that use steem as THE social media network FOR eos... inter blockchain comunication IS A FEATURE of EOS and its up to us to chisel that outa nd build things in this open sandbox... people here nee dto chill and jujst watch youtube videos and train in a skill if your young, if youre older just try to guide people with comments and you can try learning a skill but its best to use yoru socal skills and get new investors and if you CANt get investors, go for the EASY route appply for GRANTS frm the US federal government and when you get to the part where its just for US citizens let me know i will apply for you and put the money into steem give you the keys, and risne and repeat and we will pump so much federal money into steem and it will HELP people in developing countries JUST like we say it will do, we can really eb HONEST when applying for these grants

Man you have spoken deep heart felt truth ! How’s you doing though ?

Quite unfortunate to see that such effort didn't go through. You have been very awesome. Thanks for your continuous support. Resteemed.

@Surfyogi all 3? That's kind of cruel from the Polish Embassy. I don't want to go political or racial but it is highly suspicious.

I understand they may have had problems with immigrants or visitors before but these guys must have cleared all requirents for God's sake

For God's sake they applied just for tourist visa and got denied? I'm from Poland and we don't have there problems with immigrants, especially from Africa. I feel so bad for them.

well this is the case here in africa !

This is exactly what I thought when I read about it...

Inconsistent monetary inflow and non steady job, +all applicants being youths will raise red flags.

Most foreign countries literally have stricter rules when dealing with nigerians .

I will definitely take one ticket off you if you still have any. But won't be able to do it till the end of the coming week, when my money comes in. Let me know if you still have any. :) So sorry you guys' visa has been denied...It sucks. Would have been lovely to meet you.

When you are at Steemfest I would be glad to meet you. Don't know if you remember me, but we had a discussion about vaccines a few months ago. I just remembered when I saw your name. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to talk you into vaccines there. Just remember you were one of the few where an acutal discussion was possible. Greets

Thank you! Haha, yeah I didn't think you'd try and talk vaccines if we meet at Steemfest. It would be nice to meet in person!

Damn, that sucks . . . Coming from Eastern Europe I know what it feels like to be denied a visa, happened to me before.

Hopefully, next year they will be able to attend.

Hi! You should have got the document explaining Consul's decision. What was the explanation? maybe there is something to be done about it

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