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RE: YOU DID IT STEEMIANS!!!! Steem Won The [NETCOINS] Contest.

in #steem4 years ago

This is the result of a truly outstanding community effort, and we can all be very proud of it. It's been a great warmup for the SMT promotion in 2019, don't you think...? :-)

Thanks for being the driving force, team @oracle-d! ❤️


Cheers @Surfermarly. Thanks to you as well for being an ideal Steemian!!!!

Thanks for your lovely words!

Definitely Marly. You are bang on right. ;)) Now we know if we want to get the word out, STEEM community will ROAR!!!! I am proud of us :'))

Be prepared, crypto marketzzz 😜

Thanks to all! We deserve this song ;)))

I was trying to link it on the oracle-d discord server, but the bots didn't let me - haha :-)

STEEEEEEEEEEEM TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Going to listen to that song all night. ;)))) Thank you Marly :'D

+++ thats great, it only showed the community is still active

best news ! such a strong community! we did great!

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