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RE: Steem-Tx | Now on Browsers + benchmark

in #steem4 years ago

Nice work!

Slight noob question: What's the difference between using this vs. embedding Steem KeyChain into a project? Does one do more than the other?

Or is it simply an alternative?


Steem keychain is for users to interact with steem blockchain and perform actions like sending STEEM.
Libraries like this (steem-tx, steem-js, dsteem) give the ability to the Steem keychain to communicate with Steem blockchain and perform such actions.

Ah, so, in terms of hierarchy, it would be:

  • steem blockchain stores transactions
  • steem-tx communicates with steem blockchain
  • keychain uses steem-tx ( theoretically ) to allow users access

Got ya. Thanks! :^)

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