Happy Birthday Steem...

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Steem Turned 4 Years Old Recently!

Although I'm pretty much just focused on Hive for the time being, I felt it only right to give happy birthday wishes to Steem.

Let me explain why...


4 Years || 4... long... years...

It's hard to imagine that Steem is 4 years old. Both in terms of "only being 4 years old" and "already 4 years old".

Only 4 years old?
Wow, that's impressive. So young in terms of setting up an experimental new type of social media ideology. Steem was quite revolutionary in so many ways, and even though development has lagged behind quite a bit, it is just amazing to see how much has happened in the last 4 years.

Already 4 Years Old?
Jesus... Times flies, eh? I wasn't hear for year 1, but I've been here for quite some time myself. I've seen... a lot. That's why it's kind of hard to believe that Steem is only / already 4. How did all this drama, all this chaos, unfold already?

With experimental & innovative ideas, chaos can prop up early on.

Why Am I At This Party || was I even invited?

I don't know how much of my personal audience is still on here, as I'm pretty sure most of them were part of the nomadic group that has left for Hive. But, for those that are still checking in on both sites, let me explain my presence here.

I know in my most recent post I claimed it to be my "Last Steem Exclusive". At the time, what I meant about it being "Steem-Exclusive", was that it'd be my last post with a Steem-only mindset. I'm unsure if I'll be posting on here in the future, but if I do, it will be very likely just simple copy & paste posts from my Hive blog.

However, this post now breaks that idea...
Woops. Sorry about that! I forgot about Steem's birthday and I feel like it would be extremely immature of me not to comment a few things about it.

It's no secret how I feel about Steem now... No secret, just a complicated status...

Steem is a beauty... Or at least it "was"...

Relationship Status: || it's complicated...

I love Steem. I love the tech & the ideology & the community & the concept & the... well, you get the point.

Steem is different now. New owners, new censoring, new mindset, new chaos.

I'm not really down with the new stuff. I don't like the idea of building on here now that the future is lining up to Steem being bastardized & morphed into some shitty Tron clone.

I want STEEM, not a TRC-20 STEEMY token. I wanted Steem to either stay independant, or for Tron + Steem to merge & end up with the best from both platforms. That, in my opinion, is very far from likely.

I don't see a bright future, only a broken one.

One Last Thing || it is your birthday, after all, it'd be a shame to end on a negative note!

Nothing will erase your past. I don't care if Steem gets yeeted off the face of the earth tomorrow, I don't care if it gets savaged & destroyed by JSUN.

That. Doesn't. Erase. Your. Past.

Steem has brought me tons of fun, tons of ideas, tons of experiences. I've made friends & fans. I've learned tech & finance. I've seen memes & art. My time on Steem was amazing, and nothing will change that.

Steem... I still sort of love you... I just don't see you going down a safe path...


🦶 Footnote:

If you're staying on Steem, I would cautiously advise you to keep your eyes open & stay aware and on top of things at all times.

If I were building on Steem right now, I would have to check in literally every day & get up to date with all the latest news in order to stay safe & ahead of the chaos.

If you didn't feel like Steem is the place for you anymore, I'd say come join Hive, it's nice there.

But... If you're comfortable here and you don't mind the changes made by Justin & Co., then I understand. You just want to blog, you don't feel in danger of being hidden on SteemIt, you don't think the new crew will destroy this platform in order to pick apart at its corpse. I get it. I wish you the best.


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Happy Birthday, Old Friend 💜


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