Currently updating to 22.444 - Vote for top witnesses

in #steem2 years ago (edited)

I guess I don't need to introduce what is happening, but I really wish all the Steemians that care about Steem and cannot accept the Tronization of our chain use their votes so that we can stop the sockpuppets that took over the blockchain. Vote for the witnesses on top, they re not that far out.

I've got some server issues on top of that but I am currently replaying and will run 22.444 within a few hours.

Fuck Justin and long live our community!


More details of 22.4444 and how it is different than 22.2 please.

It's the same at 22.1 before sf. We just changed the number to protest (4 is death in Chinese )

Thanks. Have moved my unused 14 votes to the top 14 deposed witnesses for the time being.

Thanks! Yabap is getting close

is that what it's all about 😂

The Steem blockchain users should unite against Justin Sun, and especially against what he did lately (forcefully replacing the top 20 witnesses).

I voted for your witness. I voted for a few other witnesses too.

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