The Deception, Manipulation and Fraudulent Bubble is the Mother of all Bubbles that few people are talking about. Here's why Blockchain will change everything and why the Steem Blockchain will be a +$500bn Social Media Powerhouse..!!

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I explain again why the #Steem Blockchain will become a +$500bn Social Media Powerhouse..!!

The Deception, Manipulation and Fraudulent Bubble

I have wanted to do this video for sometime now and I thought that now would be a great time to put it out.

Some of the content in the video may come as a bit of shock to a few people, but there will be some out there that will watch it and know exactly what it is I am saying and the message that I am trying to get across.

I have tried to keep the video as short as I can, but as you will appreciate, a subject like this cannot be explained in a matter of just a few minutes.

I wanted to take my time and try and explain it as best as I could without taking too long.

Hopefully 20 minutes isn't too much and for the ones who want to hear what I say about #Steemit and #Steem this is summarised towards the end.

Most people assume when they hear the term "Financial Bubble" they automatically assume an Asset Bubble.

But what if I said there was a different type of Bubble, one that was bigger than anything we have ever seen before.

In the video I explain this other type of Bubble.

A bubble that is the result of decades of: Deception, Manipulation and Fraudulent practices.

The Mother of all Bubbles..!!

The Deception, Manipulation and Fraudulent Bubble is the Mother of all Bubbles that few people around the World are talking about and hopefully this brief video will help explain what will soon become reality..!!

Global Tokenized Economy

In the video I talk about Central Government, Central Banking, Mainstream Media and the future that will see a Global Tokenized Economy.

As I explain my vision of the future, I also talk about why #Blockchain and the Distributed Ledger Technology will play a massive role in the New Global System which has already begun to change everything.

Global +$500bn Social Media Powerhouse

As this New Global System continues on its journey of migration from the archaic and antiquated systems of the 1970's and 1980's, the lightening speed of the #Steem Blockchain will be play a vital role in Social Media, as it continues its growth towards becoming a Global +$500bn Social Media Powerhouse..!!

For the ones who may have missed the 4 previous videos I talk about in this video, here are the links...

Video - 1

Why I strongly believe that the #STEEM ECOSYSTEM is set to become a +$500bn Powerhouse..!!

Video - 2

The System is Rigged, not #STEEMIT, that is the total opposite, I mean the Global Financial System.!!

Video - 3

Bockchain Technology: How the Global System is on the verge of a Technological Shock! The Biggie.!!

Video - 4

Why the proposal of leveraging the #STEEM Blockchain with Smart Media Tokens is MASSIVE news..!!

Thanks again for reading and watching and once again I thank you all for supporting @Steem-Ambassador, #Promo-Steem and the newly launched Website.


Member of the @Steem-Ambassador Programme

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Very well said @stephenkendal we are blessed to have voice like yours behind Steem. Its up to people like yourself to show people the powers of blockchain over the coming years. The knowledge you have many people are still searching for. Thank you.

It is my pleasure. Thank you very much. I love promoting #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain because I totally believe in them. Marketing and Promoting something that you totally believe in just makes it so much easier. I won't stop until everyone I speak to have heard about them. These last 9 months have totally changed my life and I thank #Steemit and #Steem for this. Have a great weekend and once again thank you for supporting my Blog. Stephen

It truly is an amazing platform. I'm very new, this is my first week, but I can see the power of it's potential. I don't have a voice here yet, but It must be very fulfilling to be able to use yours to promote what you believe in. This whole week I have been using my voice in the real world to tell others about this amazing community. There is so much I need to learn about it but am enjoying the ride.


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yes steem gona change play rouls of Social media business

I want to personally thank you for your support. It helps to know that what I have been working towards all of these isn't in vain and some people can actually relate. Steem is going to be a big part from now on.

@alao Dont mention it brother. Glad to have you here contributing your good content. Much respect. Take care.


Knowledge is the most famous of all, that implies the great comment of strength you impacted on Stephen, shows the wisdom that spreads knowledge. This is my first time of see in encouraging comment like yours that touches the readers and help build their capacity in writing. Thanks for your contribution.

nice comment @thejohalfiles and i couldnt agree with you more. @stephenkendal has been also been a source of inspiration right from the first day i joined steemit few months ago and has tutored me into ensuring i create genuine contents for the steem blockchain. Great guy in an excellent platform.

Ich kann tun was ich will meine Videos will keiner sehen schade

Well said @thejohalfiles !! The blockchain is the answer to so many problems many people have discussed for years! Posts like this are great!

I'm trying to post as much helpful stuff as I can for new crypto adopters. I recently made a post about NEO and GAS and the importance of storing it in the correct places to get GAS from your NEO, still too many people don't know about this and are losing their GAS to exchanges like Bittrex.

Any help sharing this post would be great please friends. Thanks - spread the word! Respect and peace.

Good day Stephen,

Caught your video on YouTube three minutes after it was published. Excellent!

I like your video on YouTube and re-steemed it on SteemIt.

Thank you for your continued efforts to promote the STEEM blockchain, educate a wider audience, and support the SteemIt community!

Have a great weekend!
Steem on,

I cannot thank you enough Mike for your continued and overwhelming support of my work. You truly are a real credit to the #Steemit Community. Have a great weekend Mike. Stephen

steem blockchain resolve many centralisation problemes

@stephenkendal I was only able to watch the 500bln video and I’m 14 years old and I see your vision. It’s all a matter of the steem being In the right hands
And It will continue to grow. I’m not sure when this was recorded but steem target for you was 2+ and bit coin was I beleive at around 2800.00 usd . I think this is a high risk high reward field. I also believe it’s like a gamble and if steem is being bought up by people who are will to take a gamble with a few dollars to see it through , then the sky is the limit. The key here is only invest what you are willing to lose . Maybe by the time I finish school in 8 to 10 years I might be already retired . As well as not be a slave to the current rigged system! 🚀Steem On Steem Nation!

So I am amazed by the way you have had the disciplines to diversify your coins and slowly have reaped the rewards. Hang on tight and see this through regardless of how it plays out this is a life lesson that 99.9% of teenage kid should don’t get. Good job son . Love Dad

Awesome video! I agree we are still in the early stages of the Steem blockchain becoming mainstream. Resteemed!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support. Stephen

Yes steemit is the only assured blog
I strongly believe that very soon, image

🙏🔥steemit the best social network

If STEEM or SBD were to achieve an immensely high market cap wouldn't they have to revalue to coin since it only uses 3 decimal places on this platform? On various exchanges you can trade down to 8 decimal places like with Bitcoin, but that is not the case on

If I'm not mistaken there are only 260+million STEEM with around 240 million in circulation. They could re-value each STEEM to 10 STEEM and still be just fine in the grand scheme.

If we were to experience a 300X growth to $500B like you describe then each STEEM would be trading at $1800-2000 each. Just 0.001 STEEM would be $2...

Another solution would be to simply add more decimal places :-D

If we were to experience a 300X growth to $500B like you describe then each STEEM would be trading at $1800-2000 each. Just 0.001 STEEM would be $2...

$1800-2000 each? Why not. I am sure the developers could work on the decimal place issue..!! Stephen

I had grossly underpredicted the price of bitcoin in the past. I need to buy some fiat world stuff. I guess am going to be sorry.

really nice to see people like you supporting the blockchain technology.
your voice is worth something.

great informative video, and you are absolutely right, steem blockchain has the potential to become the most active and useful blockchain that ever existed if we get it right.

Thank you. As always, I appreciate all your support. Stephen

@stephenkendal Totally agreed!

The Steem blockchain has a bright future ahead with plenty of room for exponential growth. Too many technical reasons as to why it will explode soon. Let's hope this explosion comes even faster than expected.

I believe the best decision one can make is to keep powering up at the moment.

I believe the best decision one can make is to keep powering up at the moment.

Nailed it..!! I could not agree more. Thanks for the support. Stephen

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi Stephen, lying in the bath enjoying your video's, In video 3 you talk about the manipulated finance markets, and say that the bockchain will stop this.

Can't the same tools manipulate the blockchain, the value is what the exchange says it is.

If someone decides to short a token with billions of dollars, the n it seems the same as the stock market.

In video 4 you mention the Kieser report again lol, your claim to fame, but again I watch Max and he comes as a central distributor of information. Working for Russia Today, is it possible that he is being paid to bring down the USA Government.

Great info, made my bath more enjoyable thanks.

Than you.

Can't the same tools manipulate the blockchain, the value is what the exchange says it is.

There is no exchange. The Blockchain is the exchange. In the future there will be no exchanges. As for settling naked shorts in fiat instead of the underlying token they are shorting it means absolutely nothing. They could short billions of Bitcoin coins and drive the price to $1 but it means nothing if they are settling in the printed fiat garbage used to drive the price down. That's why I have said from the beginning, these Bitcoin Futures are a total joke. They may well have called them Bitcoin Bananas..!! Stephen

Thanks for your reply Stephen, but without an exchange a crypto token does not have a value, I still find it difficult to understand what you are saying with the greatest respect.


I never thought of the bubble like you have explained it . Just imagine there will be people strung up in the streets if all the truth comes out .

I also agree with you the price of Steem is definitely going to go a lot higher .

Thank you for sharing

wow,watched all the videos here and have to say the way you have explained how Blockchain works is spot on and opened my eyes to lots.
Thanks @stephenkendal

I totally agree...
we've seen it with Open Source - today nearly every Webserver is Linux/Debian. We've seen it with VLC and we will see it with sia, storj and other blockchain and ifps solutions.
Closed Code and Centralization will vanish and facebook for sure will share the path of AOL, Yahoo - falling in to meaninglessness...

Thanks for the contribution comment and support. Stephen

Thank you for sharing your Insights and Inspiration. This technology needs ambassadors in general. When it really goes mainstream through adaption like we see it here on steem we will see fast and radical change. Finally technology will serve society and not be capital in the hands of multinational companies.

This technology needs ambassadors in general.

Nailed it..!! That is why I have pushed so hard in setting up the @Steem-Ambassador Programme and launching the Website now. It is up to us all to get out there and educate people. Thanks for this great comment. I hope more people see it. Stephen

Thank you for this post, very informative and I share your ideas, as I said Steemit is a great social network and it is growing and will grow even more, everything is a matter of time. Greetings, and excellent post.

I agree your opinion mike26. Steemit will rock

Thank you. Stephen

i really believe and think that steem will grow in the future so much that it will be for sure in the top 5 not to say even in the top 3 crypto currencies ! It just has so much potential and its so innovative that i think if facebook doesnt change something, a lot of users will migrate to Steemit !

I could not agree more with everything that you have said. Thank you for the support. Stephen

Thank you for your continuous efforts to promote STEEM blockfain, educate a wider audience, and support the larger community of Steemit.

Happy weekend @stephenkendal

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

As with any business or in this case social media, the power is in the people. We will see many like Steemit start, but I doubt they will have the excitement exuded here. Quite exhilarating... and therefore in line to be that powerhouse you have exclaimed from the beginning.

Thanks for the support. Stephen

Stephen you are absolutely right! The Steem blockchain is a set to be one of the leading technologies in the nearest future, and I strongly advice that everyone on this platform invests in their time in this platform. Infact, I did a post concerning why people should invest in their Steem power now that

and I strongly advice that everyone on this platform invests in their time in this platform.

Nailed it..!! I could not agree more. Stephen

Totally rigged. I, too, think the #steem blockchain and #steemit, along with their supporting sights like #dtube and #dsound, are truly changing the game. I'm very excited to be involved and actively spreading the word. Some of these folks just don't think it's possible, but I'm patient. Steem Power = Team Power! :) haha

This is one of the most exciting and true posts I have read on steemit👍 I believe this steemit platform will be huge! I have just resteemed this post to help promote this fantastic work. Everyone on steemit must see this post! Well done👍👍 I have also just followed your steemit blog, so I can learn for you about blockchain

I've watched a bunch of your videos and interviews. Great stuff! Always informative and well though out. Thanks a bunch!

Some very interesting points. Watched a few of your videos and i think you are on to something with all systems going on the blockchain.

The only problem i have is, you can bet your bottom dollar there is going to be resistance.... to think the federal reserve is going to sit back and watch the blockchain take over is kidding yourself.

Bitcoin is the daddy, as one TA put it, its the moon that moves the tides, this same TA has predicted the crash of Bitcoin, i have a gut feeling that he is right... ultimately it will rise again as you can not uninvent technology, but there is going to be resistance.

i would like you get your view on this?

Keep the videos coming, fresh new look on blockchain and its power.

I totally agree with your statement, Stephen.
But there are two things we should have an eye on, how the "system" will react? Now they realized that they are in danger to lose their power and control, the truth about all the lies they told us come out and they won't give up without a big fight.
Maybe it won't be a mistake to buy some gold coins, hehehe.

The next thing I think about many times is the Bitcoin, let's call it the father of all cryptos. The mining is too expensive, cost much to much energy, the transactions are very slow, the fees unbelievable high.
So this system isn't the yellow of the egg, we say in German. I read many things about Hashgraph the last weeks and I think more and more this could be our future.
Anyway, we live in exciting adventurous times, let's see how the movie will end, with a happy ending or a deadly end.
Sincerley and with big respect for your work

Absolutely agreed what you said in your videos @stephenkendal, There are basically two things i have heard Crypto Currency and the Bankers. Bakers have been trying their to defame Crypto-Currency through Yellow Journalism on the other side blockchain is doing more than awesome. Last month i joined the steemit and i started following you. You always try to promote Steemit and Steem logically and in a very balance way. I am also huge fan of your Predictions and Level of Knowledge you have.

P.S: I am sure about one thing that the coming time and age is all about Steemit and Blockchain

You are a genuine Steemian and you are always ready to make things better for this Community.
I have Great Respect and Best Wishes for you.

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

The way you speak makes me so excited for the future of Steem. I truly hope that this platform continues to gain new members to keep the traction that it is going to become that powerhouse!

Best post

Thank you. Stephen

Ur welcome

Thanks for the update Stephen!
I crossed on your activity and Promo Steem few days ago. Did you actually powered up your Steemit accound to your current rank or you've acquired it organically. Once again, thanks!

Thank you.

Did you actually powered up your Steemit account to your current rank or you've acquired it organically

No, I have earned it by blogging over the last 17 months.


Sounds awesome! I just had to check that you are one of the Steemit veterans. Thanks for the prompt reply!

The way you speak makes me so excited for the future of Steem. I truly hope that this platform continues to gain new members to keep the traction that it is going to become that powerhouse!

Thank you. Glad you like the video. Stephen

Great posts!!
Loved all the video and loved the information anout this steem and for promoting our steem...@stephenkendal

Thank you. Stephen

It was my honor..@stephenkendal

Hopefully, will take over Facebook as the main social media platform. Followed you for useful guidance. THanks and stay blessed. will take over Facebook as the main social media platform.

I don't see why not. Certainly I can see the Market Capital of the #Steem Blockchain greater than the Market Capital of Facebook. Stephen

Interestingly, I have a current post citing one of MZ's 2018 goals for FB, is to make the "time well spent" for users.

It seems that this post might be experiencing 'media suppression' as it has not gotten a single penny....hmmm...(lol)

I can see...Market Capital of the #Steem Blockchain greater than the Market Capital of Facebook

The power of envisioning is crucial to making 'smart' investments. With Steemit, I find it easy to practice the faith principle, of counting those things that be not as though they were. (Romans 4:17).

I believe that the unique "zero-cost invest-and-earn" theme of the platform makes it worlds apart from anything since FB.

FB's market cap is 70B, making it 70x the current value of Steem. That said, I, too, project that unless MZ does something significant to add 'value' to FB users, more will jump ship and dedicate time and energy to Steemit, et al.

Without a major overhaul, I project that FB could go the way of My Space, being replaced by platforms that work for the people, instead of the people working for the CEO.

Thanks for this encouraging information.

Of course, I'd be amiss to not ask what top 3 'under-the-radar' cryptos you'd recommend researching?

Btw, here's the link to that current post:

Best regards.


Appreciate of your insights. From personal experience, I know the demand is there, and this platform feels ready and prepared to service an existing need. Onwards!

Thanks @stephenkendal , and I really support you ......, and you give the great info regarding newbies and professional 😊

It"s a great platform .i am new but happy to meet all guys ..all are very helpful ..great post.

thATs well said by you
Global +$500bn Social Media Powerhouse
As this New Global System continues on its journey of migration from the archaic and antiquated systems of the 1970's and 1980's, the lightening speed of the #Steem Blockchain will be play a vital role in Social Media, as it continues its growth towards becoming a Global +$500bn Social Media Powerhouse..!!

For the ones who may have missed the 4 previous videos I talk about in this video, here are the links...

excellent post and your work in exposing steemit in positive light is awesome. thanks once more and keep it up

i don't think so

The way you speak makes me so excited for the future of Steem. I truly hope that this platform continues to gain new members to keep the traction that it is going to become that powerhouse!

Steemit already has the most daily transactions out of all other altcoins, including Ethereum.

Nice post...
Please upvote my post....

Ellipses (...) are not typically used for that.

Nice post.
Please upvote my post.

Is a much better way to express the same thought.

How much people care that you just copy-paste the same message in every thread is up to them.

I do hope that the steemit and real-world economies change for the better to the point where there is enough money going around for the good people of Indonesia, so please don't take my post as a personal offense to you.

I mean its every social media platform and every potential media platform in one, what can possibly go wrong????

I am conducting a expose of my city.
I will add hundreds maybe thousands of local users in one year mark my words.

Please support with a follows and upvotes
Don't let it be for nothing

Great video and article a new folower

Really awesome video sir.Thanks for sharing.

Best content, please follow bock

Great post @stephenkendal very informative to share to others curious about crypto!

Your content is very insightful! I'm new to steemit and crypto currency

Thanks for the information

Look like this IS the start of something great.

I like your perspective. Resteemed. Please make more videos . You make these issues easy to understand. Thank you.

I hope your right, also I hope I can get enough steem before it blows up.

I prefer to read than to watch. Let me guess. The bubble is fiat, isn't it?

What will happen when the financial structure of the work will shift. The Rothchield has been owner of the most country’s central banks in our lifetime.and mostlikely rules the world economy. How will the change influence this?
Link for those that don’t know about this family

Thanks for supportting promo-steem

I really hope Steem goes to the moon!!
It already changed my life for sure!!
I already made a good amount of €Euros.
And i am definitely not the best Blogger in the world.
Just look what you could earned as a serious Blogger!
Thanks for promotinog Steem it benefits all of us!!
Have a nice day!!

Thanks for the information! Still trying to assimilate.

muy instructivo gracias

Nice to meet you.
The blog is really great.
I will learn a lot.
Please visit my blog as well.
Thank you. I wish you happiness.
@kyju / Korean

Enjoyable information, really well explained! Love the way you talk in a serious and consistent way about Steem. Greeting from Uruguay!

great post, thanks for the information

Nicely done by @stephenkendal and all Steemains are thankful to have you and your knowledge to educate us on the power of blockchain over the years ahead of us. Neatly done presentation and detailed explanation of the powers of blockchain.

Media is rigged.. Good Cop Bad cop but same Agenda.
ShitHole Media CNN clip