STEEM: Wait until Pension Funds and Institutional Investors want to buy STEEM..!! They won't be bothering with a few STEEM here and there..!!

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Pension Funds and Institutional Investors

Very few people are talking about it, but wait until PENSION FUNDS and INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS want to buy STEEM..!!

Last week I was having a long conversation with a very good friend and investor before I went down to Wolverhampton and he was asking me again about STEEM and STEEMIT.

One of the questions he asked me was what I thought would be a catalyst for the price of STEEM.

I told him in very simple terms, "When Pension Funds and Institutional Investors get involved"..!!

When these boys get in, trust me, they won't be bothering with a few STEEM here and there..!!

Who will Curate on their behalf?

Strangely enough when I was chatting with Matt @Starkerz on Friday in Wolverhampton this very same conversation came up and Matt even took it up another stage.

"Who will Curate on behalf of these Funds?"

Most people that are currently on STEEMIT and own STEEM either bought STEEM or have earned STEEM and are either Blogging or Curating to produce a return.

The point Matt raised, and I totally agree with him 100%, who will Curate on behalf of Pension Funds and Institutional Investors, knowing that they will unlikely be Blogging?

Something to think about..!!

Thanks again for reading.


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It's interesting, because I'm currently talking to wealth managers on a regular basis who are getting more and more interested in the possibility of crypto's in general. Because so many wealth managers are competing in the same shrinking market, often trying to sell the same crappy products to investors who are weary of poor results and large fees, some more radical ones are getting interested in sidelining, away from their traditional institutions. And when you start to realise that the majority of people under the age of 50 will likely never see a pension, or have a retirement age lower than about 80 (due to the huge amount of unfunded liabilities) there will be a stampede of smart, digitally savvy people who want to look for alternatives to the traditional bankster ponzi scheme junk products that theire parents were used to.


"....and when you start to realise that the majority of people under the age of 50 will likely never see a pension, or have a retirement age lower than about 80 (due to the huge amount of unfunded liabilities).."..!! I could not agree more. I have been banging on about this for years to a hail of abuse saying that Banks have it all under control. When I tell them that Derivatives are running the show and will implode soon, they think I am from outer-space..!! See you on Wednesday. Stephen

Yes! Much appreciate the mention here Stephen! As much as marketing and getting more users involved, we can create packages for pension funds, 'You provide the investment, and we will provide the curators'. We just need to put this package together and approach big institutional investors, similar to our flyering to the general public and other interested user groups, however this would be us putting energy into getting the investment side of things comming in.


Looking forward to picking up from where we left off on this . It was a great chat and uncanny that I had only spoken about the first bit only a couple of days before. The second bit, the Curation bit you mentioned, is the bit that really gets my juices going..!! hahaha. Cheers Matt. Stephen


I can see it now.... "Curate-UK"?? ;))

Have you seen the latest article from this top analyst? I actually know this guy. He is very good Analyst.
Also, he talks more than just about Bitcoin. Mentions Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. I mention it b/c you talked about the institutions and so does he believe after we reach a certain market cap level they will start buying. We know they buy with large blocks and not just some pocket change. These guys deal with million dollar orders all the time.

I very much agree. The big money hasn't even startet

There are many bots which can be utilized for curating... or they can just delegate SP and earn atleast 100% return without the need of curating. They can invest STEEM in the Minnowbooster bot and expect roughly 100% return per year, less their facilitation fees. They can earn from all delegation leases and/or upvotes the bot makes .

@StephenKendal Excellent points made in Your post.

At some point, huge waves of capital from retirement funds ($9.39 trillion) will put a small portion of their assets into platforms like Steemit.

Fortunately for now, there are only 2 platforms as far as I know... Steem & Golos and the prices of both will move higher as we go forward.

NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Assets of the 1,000 largest U.S. retirement plans grew to $9.39 trillion as of Sept. 30, 2016, up 6.2% from 12 months earlier...

Thanks Again Stephen... Hope You had a Good Weekend !!

Shared on LinkedIn. Stephen

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If that scenario were to take place, they could probably hire bots to curate on their behalf.

I think it will always be a speculative activity to think about what if situation. What are the interests of institutional investors and pension funds? The sole objective of pension funds and other big players are not to make stellar returns for pensioners. A return objective of 2 to 3% is all they need to provide the continuous cash flow to pensioners. They are not willing to take an unproven risk in Steemit and the likes.

Furthermore, if all the money were to rush in, who will be the ones rushing out of the platform? Hope is definitely not a strategy.

Good Post!Thank @stephenkendal for share your vision. I got some vision on Steemit.

I think this will happen, but we're a long way off from it yet.

Because Steem is not a traditional company with revenue and profit, it doesn't technically pay out dividends. Profit/dividends are the traditional source of value for owning equity, I think it will take institutional investors some time before they get their head around the value model of equity in the Steem Network.

95%+ of institutional investors will have difficulty switching paradigms, that's just human nature and it's especially hard when the paradigm shift is something you're deeply involved in. They will also rightly be concerned about the legal questions of investing in cryptographic, decentralized equity. It will be bold, risk-oriented people and firms that make large investments in Steem.

At first. Everyone else will follow, assuming the network itself continues to be successful.

Retweeted for good measure!

To use your words a little, Pension Funds and Institutional Investor involvement would be an absolute gamechanger!

Why wait until retired master @stephenkendal

I think these investments will soon chime in, in the near future.
Steem is rapidly gaining in popularity and sooner or later there are going to be huge sums of money being poured into the steem blockchain.
Let's see when this will happen

Nice post, how i earn more steem ? Am new to the community

I agree. If Goldman and gang get on its for keeps.

It is kind of unreal, but possible. Probably too high risk at the moment. Bo one is sure if blockchain will adapt on that scale. But within 2-3 years things will clarify...

I respectfully disagree. I have a post in my own blog about it, but I won't be crass and link it here. Just click on my name and look at my posts to read it.

All the best, its wild west out there when it comes to cryptos.

I think it will boom soon