500 Steem Cash Giveaway! I am giving away 10 Steem + Up-vote to x50 Users each to help promote the "I ❤️ Steem" Campaign.

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem on Social Media with the "I ❤️ #Steem!" Campaign - #ilovesteem

i love steem plus screen reduced (1).jpg

500 #Steem Cash Giveaway.!!

I am giving away 10 #Steem + Up-vote to x50 Users each to help promote the "I ❤️ #Steem" Campaign.

It's very simple.

Please share your Blog holding up the "I ❤️ #Steem" A4 Print (below) and tell us all why you love #Steem.

A4 Print

I love Steem A4 logo.jpg

Download, Print and Photo

Download the above A4 Print and get a friend to take your photo.

Don't have a colour printer?

If don't have a colour printer, no problem.

Do what I did and pop down to your local store and pick up some red card.

Can't get red card, don't worry, any colour will do.

Feel free to be creative.

A4 preparation

i love steem A4 preparation - (1).jpg

i love steem A4 preparation - (2).jpg

i love steem A4 preparation - (3).jpg

i love steem A4 preparation - (4).jpg

i love steem A4 preparation - (5).jpg

i love steem A4 preparation - (6).jpg

Create your own

You don't have to use the above A4 Print if you don't want to.

Be creative and create your own.

Looking forward to sharing your work.

10 #Steem + Up-vote + ReSteem + Retweet + Like

All Blogs will each receive 10 #Steem + Up-vote + ReSteem and if the Blog is shared on twitter I will also Retweet it + Like your tweet for my followers to see.

i love steem plus screen reduced (2).jpg

i love steem plus screen reduced (1).jpg

#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem on twitter with the "I ❤️ #Steem!" Campaign - #ilovesteem

I love Steem logo.jpg

I ❤️ #Steem - Twitter Campaign

As the "I ❤️ #Steem!" Campaign on twitter gets underway, I am pleased to say that the first ~72 hours have been absolutely awesome.!!

For those that have just come across the Campaign, it is very simple.

I will no longer be Up-voting Blogs unless they are shared on twitter with the hashtag #Steem tag.

We need to increase awareness of #Steem and drive traffic back to #Steemit and this is a great way to encourage more users to share their Blogs, not only on twitter, but across all Social Media Channels.

~46,000 #Steem Power

I love Steem logo 46000SP.jpg

Currently I have ~46,000 #Steem Power and I intend to use all of this to promote #Steem on twitter.

I will not be Up-voting on any other Blogs unless they appear on twitter.

Each Blog will receive a 55% Upvote

I love Steem logo 55pc Upvote.jpg

As the Campaign moves on, each Blog will continue to receive a 55% Up-vote .

I will keep a close eye on the number of Blogs that appear on twitter and should it be necessary, I will adjust this % (+/-) to maintain sufficient #Steem Power.

Maintain a >80% Voting Power

I love Steem logo 80pc Voting Power.jpg

As with the % amount of Up-vote, I will also be looking to maintain a strong Voting Power in excess of >80%.

This again will be kept at this figure to ensure that the value of the Up-vote is not diluted, giving the recipient a reasonable Up-vote and a token of appreciation for sharing their Blog.

Re-tweeted and Liked

All Blogs that receive an Up-vote will automatically be Re-tweeted and Liked on twitter.

500 #Steem Cash Giveaway!

I love Steem logo 500 Steem Giveaway.jpg

Thanks again

Looking forward to seeing your Blogs and giving away the 500 #Steem Cash Giveaway.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this Campaign.


Promoting #Steem on Social Media with "I ❤️ #Steem!" - #ilovesteem


Awesome idea! Maybe I'll have to replicate something like this for SteemPress. Think I would look to also add some more elements to ensure external expose and sharing beyond Steem(it).

Keep it up, and good to see you still doing good Steem promotion!

Maybe I'll have to replicate something like this for SteemPress

That was the whole idea.

I wanted to show people what can be done and encourage more to copy the idea.

Thanks for the support and good luck with doing something similar on SteemPress.


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Great campaign idea and just something to put people use their imagination and come up with the best version of it. Cheers and good luck!

just something to put people use their imagination and come up with the best version of it.

Nailed it.!!

I want people to be creative and do something special.

This is just to give people an idea of what to do.

Thanks for the support.


Great idea. Supported with a resteem :-)

Cool Contest!💥😁 I Resteemed❤

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With your amazing art skills I am expecting to see something extra special. ;)

Stephen :)

🤗❤ Thank you, until when people has chance to participate?

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Easy and fun! Thanks for the giveaway and for helping us to grow together.

Let's show the world that we love Steem!

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It's really great initiative with #steem love this campaign. Yes already retweet it.

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Resteemed with all my heart.
You have been continuously promoting steem for the longest time, and very consistently.
Its time we all join hands and make this effort more spectacular

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appreciate your ongoing efforts to promote steem ✌️

Such a great initiative. Nice one.

I go shere this post... it is good idea 😋👍👌

Great job sir @stephenkendal. You are the heart💖 of Steem. Thanks for the big giveaway.

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@tipu curate

Let's do this! Yaaaay!

Hi sir my submission for steem promoting campaign..
Steemit link

Twitter link

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I love steem too
It's high time I left to prepare my own entry

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Resteemed. Loved this contest. Thanks for continuously promoting steem.

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I love this campaign! I'm on it, sir! 😍



Thank you.

Fun and generous contest!

Great initiative to promote our #steem and I will submit my soon. Thanks

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The campaign is great, I hope many people add to this opportunity to interact on steemit. Greetings @stephenkendal.

Wow, great movement. Nice campaign. this my entry to following with efforth to this campaign https://steemit.com/ilovesteem/@wongbraling/i-steem

Yaaaay! I just made my own post and shared on Twitter.


Can you create a Blog here on #Steemit with the picture and post it using the #ilovesteem tag.

I can then send you 10 #Steem and Resteem your Blog.


done it. tagged u

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10.0 #Steem has been dropped into your wallet.


Transfer 10 Steem.jpg

I admin a Facebook group with 15k members. I have promoted steemit there. If anyone has a post that you think I should post that you feel compels people to Steem. Link them as a reply. Or send me the links.

Thanks in advance

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I love the energy. Great knowledge

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It's an act of generosity.

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Very good the promotor, i love steem. Good jhob your promotion steem sir.

I like it

I tend to promote steem constantly by putting it in a watermark I share on social media. https://www.facebook.com/azfixphotos/photos/a.465443673539004/1669715949778431/?type=3&theater

This way people are more likely to share and like
Good luck with this campaign

Hey @stephenkendal, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Amazing contest for promoting #steem
#Steem on

..yess!..these are the movements of which steem and we all need!...have also a few projects on my agenda to bring steem to the people..‘if the prophet doesn’t go the mountain, the mountain goes to the prophet‘...thx a lot..

Steem to the moon! Cheers !BEER

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Keep up the great work!


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