Steepshot bug fixes. New photo contest for Steepshot users.

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Hello, Steemians!

Welcome to the regular post about bug fixes and our new contest!

This release introduces several bug fixes. Last week you were really active with your feedbacks that helped us rapidly tested the bugs and fixed them as quickly as it was possible. See below for complete list of improves.



  • Correct displaying photos both on Steepshot and Steemit.
  • Photos that were taken from the camera are displaying correctly on the next page “Post settings”.
  • Spam checking after taking a photo from the camera.

Dear, users, please take into account that all IOS updates will be available within a period of time due to the App Store approval.



  • Correct displaying photos both on Steepshot and Steemit.
  • No more crashing for push notifications.
  • No more freezing and crashing while choosing the power of like.
  • The quality of photos is improved.



  • Now all compound tags are entering like they are. No more division (e.g. travelphotography).
  • The max length of a tag is changed to 40 characters.
  • Correct displaying of gallery photos in the full-screen mode.


Image Gallery Contest. Share your images with the whole world using Steepshot and win a great reward!

As it was mentioned in the previous post Image Gallery becomes really very popular among Steepshot users. So that is why we pick up the idea to run a contest. During this image challenge, we give you the opportunity to show your creativity and beautiful photos. Good luck to everyone and remember that winning isn’t everything, it’s the taking part that counts.



  • To create an attractive image gallery.


How to enter:

  • Make series of photos (using the feature Image Gallery) connected with each other under one topic. You can choose the one that is up to you.
  • All entries must be tagged both #steepshotcontest and #gallery. It will help us to find your galleries and choose the winners.
  • All the photos should follow the regulations of our Community Guidelines



  • Resteem this post.
  • All photos must be your original work.
  • The contest will be running through 7 days.
  • We will publish the results the next week.
  • The best 10 galleries will get such rewards:


All the photos will be taken on a case according to the quality of the images, the composition, lighting, exposure, and aesthetics.
Public votes will not be used as a basis.


If you haven't been the user of our app yet, you can download it below and sign in with your Steem account.

4 copy 2.png

4 copy 2.png


Discord group

Also you can promote your contest photos on our Discord group in the #post-promotion channel:



More info

  • How to start using Steepshot app? What is the tech behind? See this post


Social Media

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in to Steepshot life.







4 copy 2.png


Great job as always @steepshot! Thanks for the update.

Is the image gallery feature only available for Android? I've got an iPhone, so currently I use the web interface in order to publish pictures via steepshot.

How may iOS users participate in the contest anyways?
Thanks for getting back :-)

Hello! This feature is available on iOS and Android.
Now it is very difficult to say the number of iOS participants...

Cool! I just noticed that I missed your post that announced the launch on iOS. Thought there was still just the Android version available. Sorry for the confusion! I'll be happy to participate in the contest via iPhone then :-)

I didn't ask for the number of people actually, just the way they may participate... But as I said, it was a misunderstanding from my side.

Appreciate the dedication and hard work you put into this app to make it awesome! Running contests is a great way to increase interactions on this app, because a lot of people will surely want the rewards. And I really like that the rewards are quite high, especially for the first spot. 50 Steem? That surely sounds very attractive, haha!

Good luck dear @steepshot you are my favourite app and will be no one in coming days and will be most loved one for everyone.

I will participate in this contest :)

Thanks for the update you are doing so great that I don't post on Instagram anymore keep on doing this

Looking forward to sharing some images of the micro vacation I'm on!

Do it! We will look at them with great pleasure!)

Given that the code is free would you consider an F-Droid build?

Really it is very good app and it is very easy to use.I use your app and i love this .I will participate your competition

Good job🖒

I like the way team steepshort quickly address the problem of app and fixed the bug as their top priority. Thanks for your input. Hopefully the way you are doing fantastic job soon you will give tough time to instagram. keep it up @steepshot

Fantastic work guys, keep the developments coming! Steepshot is great!

This is a Steem killer application! Instagram that pays you :)

When they fix the loading speed and HD photos yes. 🚄

wow great! thanks a lot . my husband @panoramicview will surely join this! is there a minimum number of photos for the gallery?


Wow this is wonderful, I can't wait to get started on this contest. I hope I will win thanks for sharing this amazing post @steepshot

good comment tui ki bal bujis salar bota vonga.

Awesome initiative :)

Just got myself involved with Steepshot!

Just uploaded my first photo!

Liking it already


Sounds like fun..I know my dog loves it :)

Let's do this Steepshot :D Instagram Killer!

together we can do it!)

Definitely :)

Good say. Salar hadaram toder kotha kisu buzina

Hey love the idea of the contest! What do you mean by using the feature Image Gallery? Where do I find it? Can I find it in the web application too?

Hi! It means that you have to upload several photos in one post like it is in the GIF. This feature now is available on iOS and Android.

but do I have to upload that many again? because I already got a good looking gallery you know what I mean?

Yes, i know. But you still do not understand me :)
I have already look at your profile, you really have got great images, but they are separate.
I mean, that one of your posts should contain more than 1 pic
like here

I see perfect ;) I will do that tomorrow then, thanks for your help! Have a great rest of the day

love to try posting the best picture on stepshot

Wow ... !! A contest that can be a motivation for those who use steepshot applications.@steepshot

Hello, missing 2 minutes I hope I could enter the contest, it was difficult for me to upload the photos with the slowness of the internet.

You are great developers! The application has taken full advantage of its great capabilities on the Steem platform! This is an opportunity for professional photographers and even amateurs like me. The Bot is wonderful. Again, I sincerely thank you! I love you guys!

It's a real pleasure, day after day, to share a photo related to my erasmus journey! And the experience is getting better and better! I hope this great job will continue folks!

Finally I wanted to thank the Steepshot community for making a social network social again!!

PS : For sure, I would participate in the photo contest! However, I didn’t perfectly understand how are we supposed to proceed? Could you please be kind to clarify? What do you refer to when you say “Image Gallery”? Thank you people :D

Thank you for your reactivity !
When does it start and when does it finish ? Can you send me the exact dates ?

It has been started yesterday and will be finished the next Tuesday

Hello! Thank you for such a pleasant feedback!
I mean that you have to upload several photos in one post, like you can see it here

Will there be higher resolution photo support eventually? I still feel that the quality could be much better on photos. I'm also curious if the slowness loading up the app ever will be fixed? Since it's currently not even close to Instagram in loading speed on Android.

Yes, with each release we are closer and closer to the perfect condition!

Awesome to hear! This is a great project and I really loved the first ad.

Thank you for this. I really am pleased with the latest update, except for the problem with the photos. Look forward to being able to download the updated app because that's it's I mostly post - a bit like I use Instagram.

How may users are using it?

Very nice software and very good initiative!

Hi @steepshot!

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Thank you for the lengthy tags fix!!! Reposted from main and my new (to steemit) Silent Zen support channel and telling all the friends! Will surely chime in to the gallery fun :)

... and yeas!!!! Now I am fully ready for my Europe vacation :) .... wait i should exercise the flow of taking photo from Canon camera to the iPhone and share it with friends on a go !!!!

☮ Silent Zen ~ Indie ~ Music ~ Photo ~ Art ~ Support ☮

Is Steepshot down? I'm receiving the following error message on both the app on on the web:


yes its the same for me. Neither the web version nor the android application is working for me. For anyone facing the same problem, let's upvote this and let the issue be heard!!

Interesting information to joining this contest, I will give the best results from participating my photographs, hopefully I can be one of domination. Thank you @steepshot.

It is about time something like this was done for steepshot. I quit posting on steepshot cause it felt like no one was using it. Hopefully this will get more using it and voting etc in steepshot.

Steepshot is an awesome platform, I am use it in most of my posts and I am totally satisfied!!!

Sounds great there would be a contest likes this. Thank you @gallery and @steepshot for making this contest

it is a very good app. i always try to use, but irony of fate i am not get reward from @steepshot, although i am using because its using so easy that i share my photo any time

my contest post :

I give you one my photo.This type photo contest.
vfdv c.jpg

I am interested to this contests..

what a nice post. redeemed.

awesome , done ;) hope I win

Love this app and I'm excited to participate!

I love @steepshot but really better you are app really good service him

Hi @steepshot I was using web version today for firefox 52.8.0 unfortunately I cannot upload photos again. It says file type incompatible but it was fine before. I was uploading in jpg.

Hello! The problem may be in the file itself. Try please another one. Or simply update the version of your Firefox.

I was able to upload today with a different photo. Can you tell me why there is "no rating yet" on some of the posts of steepshot?

That is good. "No rating yet" means that there is no upvotes on these posts yet.

This is on posts that have votes!

This post has received votes totaling more than $50.00 from the following pay for vote services:

postpromoter upvote in the amount of $117.69 STU, $166.58 USD.
appreciator upvote in the amount of $116.21 STU, $164.48 USD.
rocky1 upvote in the amount of $48.74 STU, $68.98 USD.

For a total calculated value of $283 STU, $400 USD before curation, with a calculated curation of $71 USD.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform and is by no means a judgement as to the quality of this post.

Wow... This is really nice.
Maybe I will start posting pics on steepshot now and see how it goes

@steepshot this application is incredible, the contest is not a great opportunity to start, it will undoubtedly be a well-known application in the future, for now it presents problems to upload the photos on my cell phone, to participate I will have to do it from the website, even this is great

a detailed explanation and very helpful about stepshoot. with the presence of this post provides knowledge that I have not known before. very helpful. thank you and success always @steepshot

I think i will participate in the contest. In fact, I will surely participate. I just hope people find my pictures and activities interesting. Else, I'm not going to feel too good🤔

i am getting this erroe message whenever i want to post what does it meam??


error uploading fotos !! "type array "

How to create image gallery??? I need guidance please

I just tried uploading a gallery of 6 pics and it wouldn’t load . So I brought it down to 5 and it still won’t load . I even listed less hashtags in hopes that would help and still won’t upload .

Was only able to get it to upload when I used only 2 pics to post to the gallery . When I picked 3-5 it wouldn’t upload .

Hello! We will check this issue asap in order no one else face this problem again. Thank you very much for you report!

I’m having the same prob again. My post shows up in steemit .... but not in the steepshot app feed ?

@steepshot it looks like only one of my two recent steepshot posts showed up .

GO forward @steepshot and SmackDown instagram !!
Good job!!
I will participate in this contest :)

Hi. I have a feedback...
My Steepshot App is keeping crash when I open it. I am using OnePlus5T with android system.

Amazing contest! :D

Thanks for fixing the bugs, i really appreciate that. I had used it for months, now I will try again. Thanks anyway

Nice new version. I like it.
I would like to take part in the contest. I posted a gallery yesterday.

But I can't see this listed under the hashtag #steepshotcontest , but this is the first one I selected.

Any ideas?

@steepshot, is the gallery feature not available on the web version?

Hi, it is available on iOS and Android.

That's looking good contests

good to know, nice upgrade. my app had even been giving me issues last few days

I resteem your excellent contest post sir

I love it steepshot thanks for your contest

Hey @steepshot I wrote a post about a bug on steepshot, since it was too complex to message it in a comment!

Here is the link to the post

i participate this contest

Great update , that is really helpful to grow the community.
Thank tou @steepshot

Hey there @steepshot I'm having problems uploading photos... Here is a link to the problem

thanks for your hard work this app help full for me thanku so much.

i only get 504 bad gateway on my android phone. doesn't matter if wlan or lte connection. tried to download again and still not working

You got a 21.16% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @steepshot!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

This is a great news for me! Im just new on steepshot and im happy to join on this contest! So much love❤️❤️❤️

Among them are some applications that are liked and used my wife, great you make an application in Steemit and extraordinary

It is great idea !!!! I,m using steephot since six month is amazing!!!Getting better all the time.!!!

Really great hard work I just install the app now and see how it can bring me this platform. A Stem Blockchain Instagram is very necessary.

good job. helpful post. tumi akta gadhar baccha.

where is the feature Image Gallery? i cant find it anywhere thats immediately obvious to look :\

Hello, please, look through the all the comments, there you can find GIFs and the example of the IG.

@steepshot is an amazing app...But it is not available for indian users why?
Please consider my request to release app in India.

Screenshot (214).png

Best of luck

@steepshot posts are amazingly helpful, I will try this app,

Şimdi kayıt yapacağım

Why can not I upload video to steepshot? How to upload videos please say please?

Hi, now this feature is in the stage of the development.

Thank you for your information

This is such a great contest idea to showcase everyone’s photos aside from the usual uploading through the app.

I’m definitely gonna participate about this!

Hey @steepshot that an awsome contest for all pro and amatuer photographers. Here is my entry too...some random clicks of city landscape using mpbile camera..

Really nice FIX! Thanks!

Hey @steepshot hope I don't go on your nerves :D Do you know why my new post won't show up under the tag #steepshotcontest ?

just wanted to pop in and say thanks for your app..
it makes posting my daily #themorningbowl blog so easy. 👍👍

It's an interesting project. I think I need an assistance of someone for me to join in this. Help guys....

Steepshot has really make my uploads easier!

bought a new phone just to install steepshot.. coz my old lenovo doesnt support this apps.. hehe

I have been using Steepshot for some time ,while will sure get onto it .

All the very best to all

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