Steepshot 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia contest results.

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Hello, dear Steemians!

We are excited to announce the winners and finalists of our third photo challenge, selected from a huge amount of submissions submitted by different photographers from all over the World. Thank you for all the great entries and keep snapping such cool photos! Keep an eye out for next contest and your chance to win a great prize from Steepshot!


In the matter of fact that there were not so many photos matching the topic and the rules of the contest we have decided to add 1 more week for this challenge.

In determining the finalists, we were guided by the following rules:

  1. The owner of the Image Gallery should have resteemed our previous post.
  2. Made series of photos (using the feature Image Gallery) connected with each other under one topic.
  3. Entries must be tagged with both #steepshotcontest and #gallery.
  4. The photos should follow the regulations of our Community Guidelines


150 STEEM@runicar
225 STEEM@anomadsoul
315 STEEM@surfermarly
410 STEEM@vandigital
510 STEEM@crcs2o4
65 STEEM@michaelcabiles
75 STEEM@deusx
85 STEEM@tonie
95 STEEM@long888
105 STEEM@lex030

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Winner №1 - 50 STEEM - @runicar


Thank @runicar for such an amazing and colorful image gallery! We didn't spend much time thinking about the first place. These photos really make us feel a true fans' spirit and exciting atmosphere that 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia gives us this year.

Winner №2 - 25 STEEM - @anomadsoul


We are also very grateful to @anomadsou for his contribution to our contest. He did a great job and make a very picturesque image gallery. It was marked for a perfect attempt to show the real mood of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and an opportunity to see the fans from different countries that are united together under one goal - to support their favorite teams.

Winner №3 - 15 STEEM - @surfermarly


Winner №4 - 10 STEEM - @vandigital


Winner №5 - 10 STEEM - @crcs2o4


Winner №6 - 5 STEEM - @michaelcabiles


Winner №7 - 5 STEEM - @deusx


Winner №8 - 5 STEEM - @tonie


Winner №9 - 5 STEEM - @long888


Winner №10 - 5 STEEM - @lex030


Wish all the fans good luck and hope your favorite teams will do their best!


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Oh wow!!! Thank you so much for recognition! I'm happy you enjoyed my post in such way.

Big congrats to all the other winners, there were some really funny entries :-)

I will donate my win to the charity project @dreamsoftheocean

Congrats to you too .. your entry was beautiful 😊

Thank you very much!! :-))

Welcome :)

Woohoo, congratz @runicar for the 1st place, well deserved!
And congratz to all the other winners as well.

thanks ggirl :)

Thanks for chosing me for the first place and congratz to everyone else who won! I really enjoyed the time spent going to the main square full of thousands of fans cheering their hearts out for our national team. Even though I'm not a football fan because of specific reasons I still had an awesome time taking the snaps for the contest.

I'm looking forward to your future ones, you should make them more often :)

Happy to get the 7th position. Steepshot love ❤ and congrats to @runicar, @anomadsoul, @surfermarly, @vandigital, @crcs2o4, @michaelcabiles, @tonie, @long888, @lex030.

Thanks, man @deusx! Congrats to you, too! 🤙

Thanks 🏆 now more excited for the next contest. 😁

Congratulation for the winners, indeed there're an interesting photographs.

Thank you very much @steepshot! More power! 😁🤙

congrats dear

Wow, @surfermarly there with a sweet entry it's a beauty contest, worthy winners here @anomadsoul with brilliant entries as well, thank you for hosting @steepshot

Is the contest closed now or do we another week from now?

Congrats to all the winners!

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