Payouts to sponsors #1

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Hello, Steemians!

Recently we have written about the power delegation and curation strategy. There were 20 first delegates who showed their wish to take part in our initiative. You should know that all delegated power will be used to upgrade our content curation, help new users to adapt and feel significant in the vastness of our platform and of course encourage those who post unique, high-quality content which follows the Steepshot Guidelines.


Now we are happy to make our first distribution to delegates:

1@xeldal15.532 STEEM
2@pmartynov8.324 STEEM
3@ash0.413 STEEM
4@trans-juanmi0.405 STEEM
5@george-zagraid0.042 STEEM
6@sergiomendes0.039 STEEM
7@tim.clarke0.037 STEEM
8@michalecki0.037 STEEM
9@eastmael0.023 STEEM
10@suika0.022 STEEM
11@hafizul0.018 STEEM
12@aussieninja0.018 STEEM
13@neeqi0.017 STEEM
14@slayerkm0.016 STEEM
15@giovanalrico0.016 STEEM
16@pixelheldin0.011 STEEM
17@spenceryan0.007 STEEM
18@thecrytotrader0.006 STEEM
19@azis0.005 STEEM
20@victhor0.004 STEEM
21@smileyinvest0.003 STEEM
22@rulesforrebels0.002 STEEM
23@ddrfr33k0.002 STEEM
24@scottcbusiness0.001 STEEM
25@vmirag0.001 STEEM
26@randumb0.001 STEEM
27@juliux0.001 STEEM
Thank you for donating your SP to Steepshot! It means that you trust us and we appreciate it very much.


Why to delegate?

  • By delegating to Steepshot you help us provide more effective curation.
  • If you don’t have enough time for reading and upvoting on your own, you could be a good investor. It is an easy way to get simple payouts.

If you want to delegate Steem Power (SP) to @steepshot you can do that by clicking one of the following links: 100 SP, 1000 SP, 10000 SP or any other amount.


If you want to participate in Steepshot life, have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media.










apnader aie kaj e amio join korte pari mone hocche.

That is awesome. Thank you guys. ❤ and thank you as well for the upvotes and the support on my pictures 😁

Lets go to the moon.

This is Awesome :) Thank you for this great platform @steepshot

So happy to be supporting an amazing project. Love your work @steepshot!

Congratulations, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

Thumbs up for Steem Network´s strategy

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