SteemVPN No Longer Recommends Steem Blockchain - Power Down Initiated - Censorship on Steem Now in Effect

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Hive is the Future of Steem

Claim Your Hive Power - just simply use your Steem keys to log into the Hive blockchain. There is many new front ends just like on Steem. The scale down of our operations is due to the censorship action taken towards partners of ours in online ventures. Last week we still had intentions to keep our services open to Hive users, but if there is censorship this has gone far past any value for freedom of speech and would be a waste of our time and against our ethics to encourage this type of centralized bias on a platform we endorse with this service.

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Anouncement Post

This post, along with the accounts of the top 20 witnesses are all you will need to trust that Hive is truly the old minds behind the Steem blockchain front ends you have grown to love. Join Hive before communists fork your Steem onto the Tron blockchain. You will notice Hive gives you the option to sign in with the keys you have always known and trusted from your Steem account, as well as continues to use Real DPOS consensus models for the volatile DPOS consensus we all abide by using the Hive or Steem Blockchain, unlike Tron which is now in control of Steemit Inc and the Steem blockchain as of their hostile take over of the witness pool with sockpuppet accounts voted in to take control over the creation of blocks from the witnesses who were voted for by over 180,000 unique users.

This is gross negligence and already had @steemvpn distance itself from this platform. Not even within 2 weeks of Hive launching has mass censorship riddled the platform we originally were inspired to support with the increased quality of living a Delegation VPN client could offer the end users.

180,000 Users have already migrated to the Hive Blockchain

If you want to view the announcement post on PeakD to see how seemless the transition is click here to see the announcement post on PeakD.

There is a guarantee of 1:1 Hive Power : Steem Power when you log into Peakd just as you would Steemit, Busy, Steempeak or other front ends

The communities are on PeakD just as they were SteemPeak.

The functionality of steemconnect is replaced by hivesigner.

Esteemed Ones Facebook Group Post discussed how they are all moving over.


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This post is here for your safety. Please advise the Hive Witnesses if you need help logging in, or visit for more information about your favorite Steem features on Hive. If you do not like this post please comment below. If this account becomes censored due to a lack of communication in the comments it will show you the true degrading centralized state this platform has been reduced to.

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