The Steem Sisters Were in a SUPERBOWL Commercial!!

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Whaaa!! Some of you may remember us announcing we had been approached by a media company last year, but we finally got word today that they used a clip from the Steem Sister Show in a Discover Card Commercial!

The fact that a Steem based talk show could somehow get noticed by a large media company making commercials for big clients like Discover is kind of blowing my mind.

Those in the US may see the commercial played in various settings - but you can all view it on YouTube! Here's the link:

Watch the Discover Card Commercial on YouTube

I hope you guys enjoy checking it out! This is definitely an exciting moment for Mary and I. 🥳Besides... now we can officially say we've been in a commercial with Lindsey Lohan. 😂What other celebrities do you guys spot in the video?

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

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I literally just saw the ad and came over here to see if my eyes were deceiving me!

Very cool. Congrats!

Are they gonna air it during the super bowl?

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I wish!! Haha I doubt it. I’m definitely keep my eye out for it though just in case!

Just saw it during the Super Bowl! Congrats!

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Just saw it during the Super Bowl! 😳

It was just on!

Well done SSS! That's amazingly amazing!
I thought it was going to be a heap of YouTube videos but it really wasn't... so good! So happy for you both!

Crazy right?? I thought it would be mostly youtube videos as well... I couldn't believe we were one of the only ones and it was mostly celebrities! 😱

Congrats! That is kinda a bizarre occurrence but really cool!

Quick... let’s start a rumor that Steem & Discover are announcing a partnership... 🤫

might drive the price up lol...

LOL! Good idea!

Just saw ya and had no idea! Lol. I rewound it and was like “holy shit!!!”. Then rushed here and saw this. Lol

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And right after the awesome Marvel Studios ad... best few minutes of the broadcast for geeks on Steem... 😆

Thanks for inviting me to your Super Bowl Party, Chris. Cough.

Lol. In my PJ’s. The wife yelled at me for being in my robe...all ready for bed.

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Watching the game with my family because I love them (not football 😂) and Jason and I just looked at each other, like “What?!?” when we saw your faces! That’s awesome, ladies!

hehe thanks! It's a crazy world!

Wow!! Just wow!! You guys are killing the game!!🙌🔥💥🚀

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I just saw u in the Super Bowl. Wow!

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Yes! The sheer brilliance of your acting...mind blowing... absolutely lol ;)

That was great tho!

So random, right??? 😂

In the best way :) I watched it twice haha

Did the steem sisters just become a commercially viable product? Oh dont tell me you're selling out already? If I see your next epsiode is "sponsored" by Squarespace or Raidshadow legends a piece of my soul will die lol

A big congratulations my friends! Perhaps you can lower our discover card bills too! LOL Seriously way to go.

Well that is frigging awesome!
Congrats :)

Now where’s that comment I made about you guys being on TV one day... that was forever ago 😅

I Told You So!!!

That's brilliant. Can't believe your in an ad with all of those other massive actors and shows. Great achievement and hopefully the start of your celebrity journey.

Wow! This is a great achievement for the project. Keep up the good work sisters @coruscate & partner

A bit ironic init?

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I got goosebumps when I saw you during the Superbowl. Totally shocked, a big congrats! Resteemed to my 7600 followers!

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