Video Content Characteristics on Steem

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I'm working on a new video related Steem project and this morning I did a little research into some characteristics of video content linked from the blockchain.

I analysed the number of YouTube and DTube videos that were posted as top-level posts to Steem (between 06:30 and 08:30), and found the following:

  • 246 videos were added
  • 18% were DTube videos, and the remaining 82% were YouTube (I didn't look at Vimeo or other minor video hosts)

I then looked at the difference between when the videos were published to YouTube and when the corresponding Steem posts were created, and a deeper breakdown shows that of the 246 videos added:

  • 18% were posted to DTube
  • 40% were posted to YouTube within the last 24 hours
  • 53% were posted to YouTube within the last 7 days
  • 59% were posted to YouTube within the last 30 days
  • 23% were posted to YouTube more than 30 days ago!

I suspect the majority of YouTube content older than 30 days is unoriginal material, and of lower than average quality, and that this kind of metadata could be useful in improving front-end experiences, so watch this space!

I'm aware this wasn't from a very typical time period, but expect it should be somewhat indicative

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Интересная статистика.

@steemreports... Thank you so much for your statistics and you really put lots of effort in your great job.. I noticed it but tell me in which time zone is this , 06:30 to 08:30 ???please @steemreports


Thanks. Sorry, I should have said - it is UTC time, which is what the blockchain uses and also my time here in England at the moment.


OH ! thank you so much for the time.. :)

That's actually really interesting data, thanks for sharing. I'd expect that virtually all of the YouTube content older than a week would be unoriginal and even part of the rest is probably unoriginal too, with some people may be sharing YouTube videos as a form of an easy way to post content to the blockchain.


Yes, that's true. I can imagine people uploading their original video up to a week before posting, but seems less likely after that, unless they're new to Steem. I think a fair number of these older videos would probably be considered to be spam by most people.


Even videos that are shared mere days or hours after being posted to YouTube could be spammy too if somebody is sharing new videos by established YouTubers with guaranteed quality. Hopefully steem(it) is not a very fertile ground for those.


Yes, there's the possibility of attempting to create an account mapping between YouTube and Steem accounts to help identify spam.

Good Idea to examine the data that way!

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Thank you infonya .. very useful for us
... please if there is new info ... d kabari bapak ya .... please d folback ..