questions about getting some data about STEEM/prices/blockchain

in steem •  7 months ago
  1. how to get STEEM price in USD at certain date+time, from some API or other (also needed for blocks before witnesses reported with price feed)

  2. how to get STEEM/VEST ratio at certain block (using cli_wallet or daemon)

if i have more questions, i will edit this post.

Thanks !!!

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Hi steempty.

  1. Steem price in USD historical, maybe this one:

  2. Steem / Vest ratio: i think you can only get this by replaying the blockchain and querying

total_vesting_fund_steem / total_vesting_fund_shares every time.

Maybe get_state function might be able to tell something too.

@steempty maybe that will be useful
USD price - any exchange with api or scrapp it from the coinmarketcap


the average/close daily price history i can get from coinmarketcap and other sources, but not to specific time+date

i still don't know how to get the VEST/STEEM ratio for specific blocks in history


Knowing inflation you can calculate it


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