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RE: Hate putting private keys into websites? Introducing Steem Keychain!

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We look forward to implementing keychain on we are big believers in it.

Our partner site has already been using Keychain for over a month now and it's been a raging success. Specially with people who buy cards frequently it makes it much easier and we believe much safer. (unless you often walk away from your laptop in public places)


Steempeak is really becoming the most dynamic STEEM UI out there, power on!

@jongolson, if you catch this, please consider mentioning Steempeak in a Savvy if you haven't already (I have not unlocked all videos yet -- which is another issue for testing, but more on that later).

Why Steem UI? I can't use normal Steem from there. Though the cards are based on Steem. 🤔

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Ah, perhaps you're confusing with itself? Steempeak is used for blogging. The most dynamic STEEM UI "for blogging" is what I should have said :)

for sure. it’s planned absolutely. i just don’t have a working knowledge of it yet. but will be diving in much more. thanks for the recommendation

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I just reviewed @steempeak in detail and really loved it. Someone really put a lot of effort in this project but it still seems undervalued. It would be really nice addition if you add this keychain on it and thus give users almost a perfect experience. Good luck!

Love hearing that!

I want all projects to use this key chain!

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I always thought that Steempeak was an alternate frontend for Steem monsters. Do they have different origins or are they branches of the same thing?

Posted using Partiko Android = an interface/frontend for steem. = A bulk Market for SteemMonsters with some other data insights

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