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RE: “Steemit joining the Tron Ecosystem” - What it means

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SteemPeak still strongly believes in decentralized content posting and decentralized governance. We wait to see where they stand and if they leave us.


That is really good to hear @steempeak! This whole thing seems like Steemit Inc. is just doing what I know as a colloquialism as 'cutting and running' and seems like a massive disservice to the community that has been both supportive and albeit tolerant of them through all of it's growth.

Just my not-so-humble-opinion there.

I think you are very well positioned to become the #1 front end for any STEEM Classic legacy blockchain if that is what you aspire to.

We want to be a solid site that exists for years to come and it not dependent on crypto price fluctuations.
Once the site and the chain proves a solid retention rate then the millions will come. And we for sure do NOT want to be the only site... one of our propositions for content creations is that steem has decentralization. We will always work to exceed expectations and make it the best user experience possible.

You were always the #1 front end to me Steempeak <3

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