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Hello everyone. It's about time I wrote about some of the interesting people I have had the pleasure of meeting on Steemit. Please do check out their work and consider following them. They are good people who deserve to be heard.

I will start where I started. The first 2 people I followed on here were two good people who not only add value themselves with their own content but they also actively seek out and promote new users who are providing value to the platform. Their value in providing such a service to others cannot be underestimated and I recommend all of you try to do the same if you are not already doing so. I probably would not have stayed beyond the first few weeks were it not for the encouragement and support of @steevc and @slobberchops. Two gentlemen who continue to inform and inspire me as I make my way along the road to minnowship.

@willymac has written some of the best material I've found on here. His writing style is just wonderful. He writes as if no one will ever read his words. He exposes himself emotionally in such a warm, honest and touching way that I have been moved to tears by his prose. An exceptional human being worthy of a large following in my opinion.

@twowheeledmonkey uses his excellent English skills to post about daily life on the road as a long distance cyclist. His tours around India are a joy to read and I have noticed his work get better and better over the last couple of months. I'm sure he will succeed on here and will be around for the long haul.

@jessicaoutside writes travel blogs from stunning locations. Her photography is superb and her writing style elegant and concise. She knows what to post and when to post. An absolute pleasure to follow, she has just arrived in Mexico and I'm very much looking forward to her Mexican stories and photographs which will be of her usual high quality I'm sure.

@fictionspawn writes daily short stories of exceptional quality. His own artwork accompanies his daily tales. He has an exceptional imagination the like of which I am trying to emulate but I feel I have some way to go yet to reach his very high standards.

@vibeof100monkeys writes about activism among other things. His posts about the highly important and highly occulted matters are extremely valuable to us all if only we would all read such material. He is wise beyond his years and a true friend of mother earth. I feel a true kinship with him and his writings.

@martinsu is an adventurer and mountaineer who blogs about his excellent adventures. His photographs are often stunning and he visits some very interesting places indeed.

@tonysayers33 provides exceptional content in video format mostly. The author of the book 'Are you living or just existing,' he posts about nothing but matters of the utmost importance. An illuminating character with admirable warmth, empathy and courage. His mantra 'Love Care Courage' is highly appropriate. His material would have been laughable to my younger, less illuminated self but I know now that he talks sense and cares deeply for all of us as a collective.

@celestal provides ramblings of awareness which I find interesting. He seems to have his own unique style that I find appealing. I often wonder if he knows what he has written sometimes such are the hidden nuggets of wisdom contained in his ramblings. A very interesting contributor indeed.

@themadgoat has composed some of the funniest and wittiest writings I have found on here. A quick thinker who makes me smile. I can be sure to cheer myself up by reading his blog.

@mrprofessor writes with positivity about travel and adventure among other things. It is an uplifting experience to read some of his travel tales.

@freebornangel often divides opinion but I admire his principles and his courage. I may not always agree with him but he brings great value to this platform.

@richq11 writes about current affairs. He seems to have a wealth of knowledge and provides a great deal of quality content. As with everyone else, I sometimes disagree...but that's okay.

I'm sure there are others with whom I have spoken that could have made this list. I simply can't put everyone on here so if I've missed you, I'm sorry. I will be doing more of these posts as we head on into this exciting and unpredictable future on here.

Thanks for reading and for being a steemian.

Steem on people.


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Thank you!
Just followed the ones I wasn’t already👍
I look forward to more quality content


My pleasure :)

It's been my pleasure to help you out. It looks like you are getting something from steemit. It's not just about the money


Indeed. The money is just an aside to the pleasure of writing on here and finding so many wonderful people out there.

Thank you for listing me here! :)

I had a very slow start in Steemit (in my own opinion) and your motivational feedback was a big help on times, when I got very few upvotes and earned just some fractions of cents with my posts. Thanks! :)


My pleasure pal. I know how I felt at first and tried to help you as I was helped. I'm happy to see things are now on the up for you. Thanks for sticking around. I'm looking forward to more of your adventures :)


Thanks! :)

Now I have many kind of motivations here and my all kind of travels will be published in my blog as soon as I'll find enough time. After two weeks I'll be out of civilization again, but more active blogging season should start somewhere in August.

I remember, I found your blog thanks to your stories about hijacking to home from Morocco, this seemed so epic adventure! :)

@celestal provides mostly fictional ramblings of awareness

Well actually the "Confessions of an Unknown Worker" is my only thing at the moment I consider as fiction myself, but otherwise: accurate :D

I often wonder if he knows what he has written sometimes such are the hidden nuggets of wisdom contained in his ramblings.

No, I'm not very aware of this, haha, but it's good if others can find it in there.

Thanks for nominating me, and for the list – I'll check everyone else on it too!


Thanks for the update. I'll edit the post :)

Ahh that sure did bring a smile to my face on this fine morning. Thanks so very much for your lovely write up. It's a pleasure following and knowing you my friend! Very honoured to be included in your post 💙🙏💙


My pleasure. It's nice to bring a smile to someone :)

Thanks for the shoutout.


You're welcome my friend. Thanks for your content.

Thank you for putting me up on this list and for the kind words :)

The first thing I noticed as i scanned the post was the existence of a third monkey out here :D


Hehe...maybe we can be see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil ;) (I completely disagree with that concept btw)

Your one of the best writers on the platform, of course I'm gonna follow you and encourage you! Hope you have more crazy stories for us.


Thanks mate. I've definitely got quite a few more up my sleeve yet :)

First thank you for the kind words!
I will be checking most of these recommendations out. This platform gets better and better, great to connect 💯🐒


Likewise and my pleasure fellow monkey man :)

Oh man! It's such an honor to be listed as one of your followers, I'm glad I've inspired you in some way or another.

Hearing that is bigger than any reward, thank you so much.

Loads of positivity for you, my friend.


I feel it bro...back at ya :)

Hey, thanks a lot my friend! I've been away from Steemit for almost a week, a good little notice to come back to :)


You're welcome pal. Nice to have you back :)