Mini Delegation: Steemjet Mini Boost For Low Sp Users.

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The Steemjet Mini Boost is an initiative by @steemjet to support 15 very low Sp users with less than 50sp so they can engage on the platform without having resource credit issue.

@steemjet currently sits on a generous delegation by @dimimp and @bleepcoin and therefore can use its own Steempower to support those who truly needs it for a month.

The following are the current beneficiaries of the first implementation of this scheme about a month ago. These beneficiaries will be undelegated seven days from now when this post pay out and the new available Steempower be given to a new set of users.

The current beneficiaries of this are
















How do I enrol.

  • You don't have to be a Steemjet Spaceforce member to request.

  • If you qualify, drop a comment below stating you want the delegation.

  • You can also suggest someone else if you are not qualify.

  • This delegation will last for only a month and will be rotated to a new set of users. We can only support a Max of 15 account now as our own Steempower is just a little over 800.

How can I support this initiative.

  • Small account holders can help themselves by powering up some of their post reward. Even if you cannot afford to buy in Steempower, power up the one you earn by posting.

  • Don't post spam comments and trolls. Give only targeted comments that are for engagements.

Generous individuals can support this initiatives by upvotes or Steem donation which will be power up to increase the number of reach.

Beneficiaries should be grateful to @dimimp and @bleepcoin whose generous delegations allows for this initiatives.

NOTE: we can remove the delegation at anytime if

  • You got up to 200sp while still in your active delegation.

  • It is discovered that you are spamming or the account is a bot.
    So, who needs some mana and a little resource credit.?


Plz delegate SP to me I need it because of low RCs

I need sp delegation.
I am new on steemit. Today i have startes my work on steemit And i want continue my steemi work.
I want some SP delegation.
Thank you.

Your account is an inactive account. This comment is the only post you have made on Steemit.

I need your deligation.

You have enough for now to over come the resource credit issue for now. you may consider powering up some more Steem too. Thank you

Thanks for this great initiative, plz I do need the mini steem power Delegation, thank you!

Your account is not active on Steemit. You have made only one post in the last five months and no comment in the last two weeks.

I thanks @dimimp how he as been helping us on steemit.
And please I really need this SP

Your account is not active on Steemit and you use your resource credit to spam the same message all over the blockchain. Spamming is expensive to the blockchain.

I need delegation to continue my steemit work, thank you

Your account is not active on Steemit and not due for delegation

Please my friend @opey really need this sp due to her low sp

Plz give her

Due to mini RCs and low sp i have to weight for making comments.

I need SP delegation to make my steemit journey beautiful.

I will be thankfulnto you.

Please I will be happy if I be one of the beneficiary of this delegating SP.

Please grant my request

Your account is inactive on Steemit. And also you can manage the Steempower you have by not spamming.

I also need deligation.

Pls i need steem power

This account us eager to be active on the blockchain, the zeal is quite enormous.

I'd like it to be delegated. @whizzydom

I recommend @frosh2018.

Please I suggest this user @paparazy06

I am really really thankful to @steemjet
Your help give us a good boost

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I suggest @abidemiademok21

It will be a huge honour if I am part of the account to be delegated to. I really need it. Thanks in anticipation to @dimimp and @bleepcoin

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I need your deligation @steemjet

Posted using Partiko Android

I really the good work of steemjet community.

I will be happy if you can give me SP, I really need it

Hello steemjet. I am using your 50 sp delegation in very positive way. You can check my blog. But i need this delegation for more days.
Thank you. I still need delegation for some more days.
Because it helping my vey much.

Thanks, I left the delegation for an extra week but will have to give it to others.


Plz delegate SP to me I need sp delegation.

Please help me with this delegation...@akinrolabu

Your account is only used in spamming. And consider powering up some Steem.

Please I want this delegation

amazing ... I want a delegation

I am new here and I need sp delegation . I have joined here a few days ago. I need to delegation this, through my account, I can grow up and help me a lot. I am a student. I want to do something here and want to learn a lot from here. A few days ago, I had bought 50 steampower with the amount of money I had. I have no money, I can not buy anymore. So my delegation is very much needed

Thanks @dimimp and @bleepcoin and @steemjet and team

This kind of Innitiave is so great as it encourages the onboarding of new Steemians.

Thanks to @dimimp and the @steemjet crew and team.

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The recent hardfork changed a lot, dropped my enthusiasm due to the ensuing changes needed to improve the steemit community.

This is me asking for sp delegation so as to aid me get more active. Thanks

I am new on steemit please delegate some sp to me .i shall be very thankful to you.

please delegate sp to me

I want a delegation

Please i need this delegation @ytb

Due to mini RCs and low sp i have to weight for making post.

I need SP delegation to make my steemit account active.

I will be thankfull you if you give me @oyindamola1.

Flagged for spam

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @owllc.

  • spam
    You are repetitively posting the same content or recyling contents after a period of time.

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you have been given steem by @dimimp and you are running multiple accounts. You would have a lot of rcs if you did not engage in this sort of action:
oyindamola1 transfer 100 STEEM to thompson2
oyindamola1 transfer 50 STEEM to smithmadu
oyindamola1 transfer 72 STEEM to blocktrades
oyindamola1 transfer 230 STEEM to smithmadu

so selling steem to a trader and begging for more is just as bad

Madam...I lend him 100 steem last week and he just sent it to me ..... check his transaction through STEEMD
you will see am saying the truth

Please take my account out of this

Am Thompson2...I never involved in any bad act to damage this real and I own a single account..

Thanks for your understanding

steem faq - tell me you are not a rule breaker?

Please take my account of this

I don't pass my boundary..

So is a crime to lend someone steem when he urgently needs it

Please let take things easy on how self..

That's not multiple accounts. Smithmadu is a local crypto trader that Nigerians sell steems to . Take it easy on the flags

do you see many flags from me?

I heard you are flagging steemjet members so I decided to check and first comment I saw is flag related

do you see me flagging many? ever? I try resolve before I flag, and if I have given 20 flags in my years on steem i would be surprised. Get your facts straight!

Sorry if I'm wrong but on this case the multiple accounts claim is false and also if you want to stop spamming on steemjet then you have to talk to dimimp he can easily do that

I am waiting for dimimp to email me. Dont worry Im happy to tell him he is being robbed and genuine people from this community are losing out and getting a bad name. Multiple accounts is not a false claim. we have more evidence to prove so. saying you have low rcs and need steem when the account had plenty, is that Honorable? is that in your favor?

also while I have you, 3 comments saying the same things is spam. Please read the steem faq, it will explain it all to you

Madam.......all you say is not true........ The fact is that @thompson2 is a SF member, am not the owner of the account, he lend me 100 steem last week and I return it to him...
Check my transaction, you Will see the fact



@smithmadu is a local crypto trader..

Make ur findings...I only have a single account which is @oyindamola1

Am saying the truth....

you are a spammer. multiple copies of the same comments. Read steem faq. you are a beggar, you had plenty of resource credits. you traded your steem and you are begging for more. this is not how we want steem to be promoted. as a begging platform. @dimimp is promoting spam and actions which are not wanted on the blockchain. i am here to help enforce blockchain rules .

Is that why you reported me and decided to flag my acct severally

You too, you are a begger.
Why don't you reject the 500steem you beg from @dimimp


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