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We all love @dimimp. I have been recruiting a lot of people here to join Steemjet community to display their talent with good performance as well. I am so excited to create @steemjet-recruit account to help lessen the work here for you. A lot of people have been commenting more than once in a post. Spams everywhere.
WHY IS @steemjet-recruit ACCOUNT CREATED?
Most of the people here on steemit platform have been inspired with the work here and are interested to partake in steemjet community.
To lessen the amount of comment you receive in a post in the sense that @steemjet-recruit account can take each of what is done by an individual and file them up for easier assessment.
It will not be authorised to comment more than once in a post. Failure to do so, the person would be disqualify of getting a chance of being hired or paid in steem.
So therefore, I humbly request for a DSP to start with which will help in upvote.
One of your favourite: @philip6 (SF1)


This sounds like a great idea!
Each post made by each person will be compiled in this account, where @dimimp will just have to read from instead of seeing repeated comments and this will make it easier for everyone to get replies from @dimimp Ryt?
Am sure @dimimp will love this!
The faster the delegation, the easier work gets for @dimimp.

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