How will STEEM price change in the future?

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Recently, STEEM's price fluctuations have continued to decline.
It will soon be decided whether to fall or not.

Price of bit coin keeps rising, so I think STEEM can go up together, but I think Satoshi price is a little more likely to decline.

What is the price of STEEM?

Fortunately, the STEEM engine project showed the price increase, but the dollar price did not rise much compared to the lowest price.

I hope the price of STEEM will rise.


I don't think that the price of steem will increase. I am following this platform from a very long time.

There is a simple economics behind everything. High Demand and Low Supply will increase the price. This platform has nothing that will increase the demand.

So to we have to work on the demand generation. We have lots of data which is updating in real time, we also have high search volume from search engines. So we can implement advertising over this platform or on the whole blockchain. Advertisers will bid against each other to gain the engagement over their ads. The more they engage the more we can get the demand, the more we get the demand the more will be the price of steem.

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