Introducing SteemitLA

in steem •  8 months ago

Hey Steemians!,
Wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves, we are a collective of over 60 LA steemians out to spread the word!

most actively, @cryptohustlin, @sammyb, @peacewarriorette, @erring, @driva, @blockchainnation, @thevark

We run a meetup here in LA, teahing newer steemians the ropes as well as on boarding people to their first post!

Now we are actively try to grow super fast :)

Guard Dog :dog:



Time to stimulate the economy...


Subway guy likes it...





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Of all your themes the one that got me most is

Come for the money, stay for the community

I'm in far away Nigeria. Can I join you? If so, how?

Moreover, your example is quite inspiring to emulate.


Steemit communities poppin up across the globe.


Great thanks, @dandays.

Everyone in the group please feel free to reach out to me. Look forward to meeting you and making this successful!


stay bad ass!

Replacing the fliers with money bill! Damn nice idea! For sure people would be interested what steemit is!


ahahaha :D this was my brain child hehe


Can I use this brain child of yours in our next @steemph event? I will definitely tag you fro credit 😁

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Awesome, im from LA myself would love more details. Followed the whole gang.


Would love to see you at the next meet up!


Definitely bro. Do you guys have a discord channel. My discord account name is californiacrypto

Wow! Super cool idea with the cards/dollars. Some deep marketing!

Plenty of us in LA looking forward to your next move.


Join our telegram group :D stay up to date. Hope to see you at our next meet up.


Where is the link @cryptohustlin


I live in LA too, I'll be looking out for the events, would be great to meet other fellow steemians in real life


Looking forward to meeting you! are you gonna join our telegram group?


Yep I'm already in it, I think you may have given me a welcome. Will be seeing you all at the meetup!

Very cool! I'm an LA guy, got a lot of friends on the platform as well. Would love to attend an eventual meetup, I'll be looking out for you guys!

Brilliant marketing move with using the dollar bills!!!

Followed you guys and am looking forward to the events . . .

Awesome, love to see this group, I'm an LA Native looking to join the community!

Thanks for all the work you're doing.


Look forward to seeing you in the groups / meetups :D

hey @steemitla! i'm based in la and would like to stay in touch with the group on meetups or events. keep me posted, and hopefully i find one of those dollars laying around town.


Join our telegram ;P make sure you dont miss anything :D

Awesome! I'm from LA. How do I help??


join our telegram group!

Greetings From Mr. Crypto. HERMOSA BEACH L. A.!

Please help us grow @rehab22 Thank You!

It's great to see something like this for LA! I look forward to the next meeting!

hahaha so this is what Rob was telling me about! 😂😂😂 You guys are hilarious, can't wait to see you all again at the next meetup!

Grear post.
Am follow you @steemitla

nice and nice blog amazing
Great Job

welcome! Im glad youve decided to joined the party!

Long live and prosper.

Welcome to Steemit!! And really, what a great idea. I wonder if there is a group like this in Tampa Bay where I live!. hmmm maybe there is. I am new to Steemit, so I am trying to learn as much as possible. Thanks for sharing!!

Ahahahha this is ridiculous!

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Hi! I live in Los Angeles! I would love to hang out with local Steemians.

This is hilarious and a great way of marketing congrats! :D

I would like to learn how to start a steemitrenonv...


Nice group of people building the great communuity on steemit

your team are nice, wish i can join but i am in far Africa.

Nice, welcome to the club.....

Those flyers are brilliant. I hope you get a lot of new users through them! I found this group as a local recommendation I think

Hi I'm Tony Mullins hopefully you are having as much fun as I am here on steemit. I'm new and I hope I can help you out here on steemit

Talk about good campaign :)