Update your seednodes now! Your shared memory file could be full

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What needs to be updated?

If you run seed nodes, witness nodes, exchange nodes, or any other small-sized STEEM nodes then it's time to update the shared memory file limit for them. The previous default was 16GB which has been exceeded. The new default in the master branch of steemd is 24GB. If you use our official docker images you can simply grab this using docker pull steemit/steem:master. If you run steemd without docker you can change the shared-file-size setting in your config.ini file and restart steemd.

The solution moving forward

We're working on a dynamic shared memory allocation option for steemd and should have a release out within a few days. This will make it no longer necessary to manually update the configuration file when additional space is needed in the shared memory file. In using this option, you will only need to monitor total disk space usage, not the individual file size limit.

Thanks for your attention to this!

To operators of all STEEM nodes, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to update your nodes. By keeping your nodes updated and properly running you are ensuring the continued efficiency and operation of the STEEM blockchain.

Steemit Devs


Great work @steemitdev ! I am sure we will be able to utilise it in development of our platform!

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This is just getting better every day.

"you will only need to monitor total disk space usage"

Thank you for this update and looking forward for the next release.

Really good post bro...!

Some updates about Poloniex?

While we cannot comment on specific exchanges, we are always communicating with exchanges and providing them with all of the resources they need to run a node successfully.

Community Liaison, Steemit

It is on Poloniex to fix the issue. There are many people that reach out to them to see if we can help.

Good post!! 😊

cogratulations friend,,, good work,, i like this post @steemitdev

Mi mas felicidades a la final todos queremos upvotes

You can find Russian version of this post HERE

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You guys don't post often enough, so completely off the topic of this post, thanks for making the "Reply" box re-sizable. It comes in handy.

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