How to Set Up a STEEM Exchange Node in 60 minutes or less

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To make it easier for exchanges to adopt and run STEEM, we've updated this documentation with the definitive quick start guide for running a STEEM exchange node, with this recommended configuration.

View the exchange quickstart guide on GitHub here.

Running an exchange node from this guide is as simple as four steps. First make sure you meet the hardware requirements and then build the docker image, create two directories for storing blockchain and wallet data, and then run.

Although the instructions are technical, anyone with basic system administration skills should be able to follow and to execute the guide quickly and easily. The quick start guide linked above is available in the steem GitHub repository.

Using this method is secure because this software runs in a container segregated from the rest of your system. And, there's no risk of misplacing key data for the CLI wallet because you can keep it outside of the docker volume in a persistent area of your filesystem if you wish.

To make the process even more seamless, we've made a quick video tutorial (8 minutes) that follows these instructions step-by-step:

To Exchanges: Update Your STEEM Code Today!

We released a new version of STEEM today (0.19.2) that includes some optimizations to the STEEM peer-to-peer code along with this updated documentation. We recommend that all exchanges update their nodes and start using this release immediately, preferably according to the quick start guide.

- Team Steemit


Seriously @poloniex.

lol.... I am also Tweeting this to them and tagging them on twitter.. 100%.. Also applied Steem to be voted in for next coin to be added to C-CEX exchange

@poloniex its been 2 months since you disabled steem however for the past 2 weeks you have isted the highest price on the internet for it, but no one can buy or sell at that price as you have had the trading disabled! Rant over... @poloniex follow this ;)

Assuming they care to listen 😡

your post is very nice, full pack of knowledge and very attractive :-)

Good devs keep it up!



Awesome good to see developments, the platform / currency is growing!

@ned @dan @steemitdev great job guys keep it going!

Supercool! I upgraded my seednode it worked like a charm! Compilation is not working so I'm using docker till @timcliff finds a solution.

Great post thank you so much for this awesome platform
steemit now is more then social network for me steemit is a way of life!
thanks @dan and @ned and steemitdev for all efforts:)

lets say somebody meets the hardware criteria and runs the node. What is the ROI after a month?

There is no ROI.

RPC nodes do not pay you.

Doggy doesnt seem like he care how you think about him or he is not too thrilled of the fuckery . Either way i love it.

Thanks for being good division. a project need to be regularly updates. nice work Team Steemit

I'd love to see this post trending higher but I feel this should be @steemitdev / @steemit Inc to decide how much visibility their posts should have. I seriously think Steem would benefit from seeing this post trend higher.

Yes you are right this is a great post deserving to go on trending page :)

@teamsteem and @cryptotrader its at the top now :)

I found this in the trending section.


haha :)

Lol this is funnnnnny

I get Transaction broadcast error on Power down. Can anyone help? @steemitdev

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I'm new to the Steem community and I was wondering what the benefit of becoming a exchange node if any?

Hello i'm a devops engineer (from a developer background) who happens to have just started to see the big potential of steem as a blockchain.
i have just spent maybe 2 hours digging into it in every possible point of view and of course as a developer and an it specialist i was thinking of ways to make it my own and by my own i mean get into it right away and i wanted to become a witness(mine was my first word but i got what it is later).
my question is: having my own skills in it and administration could i run some cloud instances(aws,azur...) as servers (i can easily get them running) and still be profitable?
i understand that only the top 19 witnesses are making many blocks and generating real income from it.
what do you propose i do if i want to get into it in depth and make it really profitable?

of all digital currencies steemit tops the chart, steemians we rock solid, cute post, thanks

What is an exhchange node?

and what's next??

Can you say me what is a node in french ? Good post

Thank you steemitdev

I like this,,, nice post.... you always paid,,, good job friend

Thanks for communicating it, i will try it right now.

Now this is a good idea to make the chain propagate easier so more people can witness the chain and talk to it with transactions.

It's also good for developers testing apps on a testnet.

Finally, yes, of course, if you run a crypto exchange, this is the easiest way to support STEEM and SBD on your exchange.

Is all three of these correct (what I just said) ?

I am happy to say as of today i am a member of the steem family. This is probably the best thing I've done all year . Thank you for the service you provide.

What's a steem node?????? Sorry newbie here ^_^

Very cool tutorial ! I have been curious about this stuff!

Do you know if anyone is on top of Steem and SBD integration into OpenBazaar? I seen they had put this up

With as many artists as there are on Steemit among just every day users, it would be awesome to have a decentralized marketplace to use directly. I know I used it when @shapeshiftio took Steem or SBD, but they seem to pick up and drop coins weekly.

Yayyyy!!! Steem's gonna be tradable on more exchanges now; especially on Poloniex.

Mind follow me back ? Thanks, im newbie from aceh, indonesia. Nice to meet you @good-karma

Prepare for a price boost in 3....2....1....!

great post and thank you

Happy trade friend ned, excuse the abuse I write to you to know if you could help me, I do not want you to feel sorry for me, but I suffered an accident that completely changed my life, the accident left me in a wheelchair and many difficulties to work I am from Venezuela and this country is too bad, I would appreciate it very much if you help me with what you can, thanks and apologies if you bother @nanowins77

thx for sharing, very good and interesting post!

Thanks. Your post is usefull and helpfull. :)

Well, poloniex is ex when it comes to steem/sbd. . just move on!

Great update, thank you

Sorry for the ignorance, but what is a STEEM Exchange Node for?

Great post. Is this similar to a witness nod?e and if not can you point me in the right direction for a simple way to start a witness node. It's something I might be interested in, in the future thanks

Here is the one I use. It is a tiny bit out of date, but it would take you most of the way there. @someguy123 also has a good guide. The users in the #witness channel of can provide additional guidance if you need any help.

Thank you @timcliff for the information. If I wanted to become a witness and had everything set up are there any special keys I would have to put into my node? Most likely right because then anyone could set up a witness node? I understand the voting part of it! Any info would be greatly appreciated. Have a great night.

The guide I linked explains it, but you will generate one new public/private key pair called your signing key. You configure the private one in your steemd configure file, and the public one is used when you declare your witnesses to the blockchain using update_witness.

Yes, I read it and thank you for explain it in more detail for me. Very much appreciated have a great night. Thank you

wow, such a nice developers!

Thank you for the quality tutorial. While it is not an exchange I'm interested in setting up, this tutorial includes the sort of detail I desperately need. I have intermediate coding skills, but the proper setup of a development environment for steem continues to elude me.

Failure, on top of failure, on top of failure. For 2 weeks now. It is bot and app development I'm interested in. I'm striking out finding tutorials that address the issues I run into.

It is probably my lack of the system administration skills mentioned in the video. I've long been a Windows guy. :/

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

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