Steemit Update [ July 29th, 2022 ]: Community Curators for August

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Thank you to all the teams who took the time to apply to become Community Curators for August.

There were 11 applications in total for the five themes - up two from last month.

If your team was not selected this time do not be too sad. Start reviewing and refining your application for next month - particularly read the rules carefully and take note of the comments at the end of this post.

We hope the whole community will continue to embrace the new Community Curators, and work hard to produce good content to earn votes from them.

Community Curator Teams for August 2022

The teams selected for each of the themes are...

Congratulations to the winning teams.

Please would the leader of each winning team confirm acceptance in a comment below and include their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

Would each member of each winning team also add a comment to their team leader’s comment confirming their participation in the team and giving their contact details (Discord / Telegram)?

We will then be in touch to provide the keys for the accounts.

Team Lucky Dip

This month, instead of the Learn With Steem team, we have introduced ‘Team Lucky Dip’ made up of members from the unsuccessful teams.

For August the people selected for Team Lucky Dip are…

Team Lucky Dip will not be tied to any theme and will be free to vote on any posts that meet the usual standards (club status, esteem exclusive, bot free, plagiarism free). The posts can be in communities or outside of communities.

The team should not vote on any posts that have already been voted on by any of the other @steemcurator0x accounts.

The team should select a leader amongst themselves.

Please would each member selected indicate in a comment below if they are willing to join Team Lucky Dip. Please also include your contact details (Discord / Telegram).

We will make contact with at least one member of the team to provide the key for the account.

We would suggest all teams make a post declaring what tags they will be tracking for their curation, and also how they will be checking for plagiarized posts. The tags will not apply for Team Lucky Dip.

The @steemcurator accounts should only be used for voting and commenting. They should not be used for downvoting or making posts.

We suggest that a comment is left on each post voted to let the author know the post has been supported by the curation team - and please include which member of the team selected the post.

How the Curation Teams will be rewarded

Every day the teams will be allowed to allocate one full vote to a team member’s post - ideally in rotation.

In total therefore no more than 10% of the account’s voting power should be used on team members each week.

Additionally each week one member should post a report for the team in the Steem POD community with a list of their top 7 posts, with a brief note of why each post was chosen.

These weekly report posts should set beneficiaries to be shared with other members of the team.

The posts will be voted by @steemcurator01.

We were disappointed that we were not able to rotate more of the teams for this coming month.

Unfortunately, many of the teams had one or more members that didn’t meet our various selection criteria. Our recent posts for Country Reps and Booming Communities provided guidelines that cover these criteria.

Team Leaders should study those guidelines and carefully check all potential team members against them.

Voting patterns have been a key factor.

Remember, it is always best to vote for real people making good posts…

And manual curation is always the safest.

We look forward to seeing the August set of Community Curation teams in action - particularly Team Lucky Dip.

Keep following Steemitblog for news of further changes coming for September.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


We already know this but its ok, because the main thing is the name of the team members and that are highlighted.

You're welcome sir

Hola mi amigo @habercitr gracias por tu observación es un error solo de enlace diferentes no influye.


Congratulations to all the teams!
Thank you for choosing me for "Team lucky dip""
I hereby accept
Telegram: patjewell2

@abiga554 @alee75 @chant @ispin @leonelb @nadeesew @patjewell

Thank you for all agreeing to join Team Lucky Dip.

Are you okay to chose a Team Leader ?

Okay, arm twisted enough 😊 I’m the team leader

I suggest @patjewell should lead the team.🤗🤗

Yes we suggested @patjewell. We have formed the team in Telegram with all 7 members as everyone was ok with that. Now we are discussing about the leadership. @steemcurator01

I agree with my teammates, I also suggest that the team leader be @patjewell

Can I please have the key. We are ready to roll.

Be with you shortly...

Thank you!

Good morning sir, I just want to use this opportunity to please 🥺 apologize for any of my wrong action, behavior or bad quality of post, please. I am prepared to work harder for a better steemit.

Thank you very much for all your support.

Happy new month

love steemit

Any news on the key?

I think after the fourth week report of the previous teams.

Thank you we got it and we are ruunnniiinnnggg with it!(•ิ‿•ิ)

@steemcurator01 looks at me apologetically at first. I always try to create good content without stealing anything. But if I get your support I will be able to create better content. I want your support. Please help me get support.

Thank you! We are sorted!

Lucky dip ;-))) May be I understand this not perfectly - but it's hilarious, isn't it?

Haha! I suppose it all depends on where we dip 😊

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I accept the Team Lucky Dip quest. Thank you so much for making me worthy of this task.

Discord Pınar#0023

Congratulations to all the selected teams, I very happily accept the assignment to belong to the Lucky Dip team. Congratulations @alee75 @nadeesew , @chant , @ispin , @leonelb , @patjewell .

My Discord: abiga554#4404

Congratulations to you also! I've sent you the link to join the group.

Hello my discord Pınar#0023 I happily accept the assignment.

Welcome teammate! Do you have telegran?

Thank you. Of course there is my friend

I've sent you a link to join the group :-)

Congratulations to the selected teams. I accept my role as curator. My telegram is @blueee55

Congratulations to all selected teams and of course the Lucky Dip. I accept the assignment as a lucky dip team and
Congratulations @abiga554 @nadeesew, @chant , @ispin , @leonelb , @patjewell .

My Discord: alee75#9065

Whoop whoop!
Do you have telegram?

Thank! I've sent you a link to the group chat

Ok. Thanks...🙏

Congratulations Ma'am ❤️

Thank you!

Ma'am who is the leader of Team Lucky DIP?

Me 😊

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉
Ma'am for this new team and best of luck.

Thank you!

Thank you! 🤛🏻

Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you steemit team for selecting me amongst the lucky dip😃😃.

My Discord: chant#9602

Whoop whoop! Congratulations my friend!
Do you have a telegram account?

Mu telegram @ispin

Thank you and congratulations too.

My telegram: @Mchant

Thank you! I've send you a message :-)

Well received with thanks.

Congratulations all selected teams and of course the Lucky Dip. I would love to engage in the task this month. Congratulations @abiga554 @alee75 , @chant , @ispin , @leonelb , @patjewell .

Discord: nadee#0271
Telegram: @NadeeSew


Thanks to the Steemit team for giving us this opportunity. God willing, we will work with full passion. I accept this role.

Congratulations our team members
@graceleon, @josemen, @ridwant, @sachin08, @solaymann, and @wase1234.

Please accept your participation.

Discord: malik usman#9093
Telegram: malikusmanmubarak

Congratulations to our team.
My Discord - A1_Sachin#3036

Thank you Steemit Team. Congrats to all the team.
my discord: ridwant#6212

Congratulations our team. And congratulations to all team

Discord: Solaymann#6464

It's an honor to be choosen for curation team. Congratulations to my team mates.

My discord: Wase_Elmina#0440

congratulations to our team @graceleon, @malikusman1, @ridwant, @sachin08, @solaymann, and @wase1234.

in this new beginning we will give our best

  • My Discord: josemen#9810

Congratulations our team members
@malikusman1, @josemen, @ridwant, @sachin08, @solaymann, and @wase1234.

Please accept your participation.

Discord: graceleon#2348
Telegram: graceleon

Gracias amiga que privilegio estar en este maravilloso equipo y contar con tu presencia 💕

Thank you so much Steemit team for giving us this great opportunity again. My team @suboohi, @rosz, @simonnwigwe, @monz122, @msharif, @franyeligonzalez, and @waterjoe is ready to work for month August.
As team leader I accept this opportunity. My id

Discord : suboohi #9678
Telegram : @suboohi


Thank you dear

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