Steemit Update [ January 30th, 2023 ] : Community Curators for February

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Thank you to all 64 people who took the time to submit an application to become a Community Curator for February.

There was an especially strong field of candidates this month, making selection of the seven teams for February even more difficult.

February should be another very interesting month of curation.

Community Curator Teams for February 2023

With so many good applications it was again difficult to make the selections.

To maintain a certain level of continuity and experience, many of the curators have been kept on for another month, but we have also rotated in a number of new people to help expand the reach of the curation teams.

Seven members in each team appears to work well so we have kept with that. Between the seven curation teams there will be 49 community curators with a total of 4 million SP in February.

The teams selected for February are…








Congratulations to everyone selected for one of the seven teams.

Please would one person from each team confirm acceptance in a comment below and include their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

Then would the other members of each team add their acceptance to their respective starter comment along with their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

We will then be in touch to provide the keys for the accounts.

Teams are free to select a leader if they want and need to.

If anyone selected is not wanting to participate in their chosen team for any reason, please let us know in a comment as soon as possible and we may introduce substitutes.

Curation Guidelines

For Teams 1 - 5 we are continuing with the free-ranging curation.

There will be no specific themes - each team will be free to vote on posts on any subject.

We also want teams to look beyond communities. There are many good posts that are outside of any communities - just directly on people’s personal blogs.

Teams should seek out good posts everywhere - both within communities, and outside of communities.

Voting on comments should also be continued.

Good comments can be as interesting and as valuable as good posts.

We want good comments to be encouraged and rewarded.

Therefore for February we are looking for the curation teams to continue to allocate some of their voting capacity to comments.

Team Millionaire

Team Millionaire will be in charge of the @steemcurator03 account that now has 1 million SP.

This Team has a special mission to encourage and expand contests and challenges on Steem.

Contests are a great way to encourage participation, expand activity and range of content, and to share rewards.

They are also a very good way for newcomers to expand their connections in the community and to build their Steem Power.

We would like Team Millionaire to seek out and reward people running the best contests and challenges.

To find the best contests they should look at the creativity and originality of the contests, the clarity of the rules and presentation, and the size of the prizes.

They should also be considering the number of participants for each contest.

The Team can also allocate a portion of their votes as prizes for contests as long as they are completed and awarded before the end of February.

Team Newcomer

As outlined in our recent recruitment post Team Newcomer is a specialist curation team dedicated to supporting newcomers through their first three months on the platform.

The team will be helping people through the Newcomers Achievement Tasks in the Newcomers Community and also curating their other posts anywhere during their first three months on the platform.

All teams should ensure the posts they curate are plagiarism free and not using images from copyrighted sources.

Teams should also give preference to posts that are steem-exclusive, bot free and by authors in club5050, club75 or club100.

We are happy to see some flexibility on these guidelines (apart from plagiarism) for posts of the highest quality. This especially applies for Team Newcomer.

The @steemcurator accounts should only be used for voting and commenting. They should not be used for downvoting or making posts.

We suggest that a comment is left on each post voted to let the author know the post has been supported by the curation team - and please include which member of the team selected the post.

How the Curation Teams will be rewarded

Every day the teams will be allowed to allocate one full vote to a team member’s post - ideally in rotation.

In total therefore no more than 10% of the account’s voting power should be used on team members each week.

Additionally each week one member should post a report for the team in the Steem POD community with a list of their top 7 posts, with a brief note of why each post was chosen.

These weekly report posts should set beneficiaries to be shared with other members of the team.

The posts will be voted by @steemcurator01.

We strongly encourage teams to ensure all members review and agree on the merits of the selected posts of the week as poor choices may influence the reward given to the weekly report by @steemcurator01.

These reward rules apply for Team Millionaire and Team Newcomer as well.

February is going to be another interesting month for the Community Curation project.

We are very much looking forward to seeing a continued growth of contests and challenges, as well as strong support for newcomers to the platform.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Hola 😊, muchas gracias por darnos la oportunidad nuevamente. Claro que aceptamos el compromiso. Estaremos en contacto con nuestra amiga @karianaporras.


Mi contacto: franyeligonzalez#5807

Hola para mi sera un verdadero placer integrarme a este equipo, gracias por la oportunidad, mi discord. Ana Karina#1384

Congratulations to the team.

So happy working with our team again.

Saludos amiga, me alegra que hayas sido elegida nuevamente, has estado haciendo un excelente trabajo de curación y por ello mereces un puesto en cualquier equipo. Te deseo éxito.

Congratulations also to:


You have been an amazing team member who has played the role of a quality leader to ensure the effective running of activities, week in and week out. We will miss you on the team, @adeljose. I wish you all the best.

Greetings friend, thank you very much for your good reference to my work, it is an honor to have shared team with you who is also doing an excellent job. I wish you success.

Hola querido amigo, muchas gracias, te voy a extrañar!!❤😊

Gracias por el apoyo, nos mantendremos en contacto.

We miss you my friend

It has been a pleasure working with you, we will keep in touch, I wish you success.

Thank you my friend

Good luck my mate in your next mission!! Thank you for everything you do, my friend.

It has been a pleasure teaming up with all of you, we will be on line. Best wishes brother.

You have done many great work
We will miss you

It has been a pleasure to do so, we will keep in touch for any support you may need. I will not go far. Thank you for the appreciation.

I am glad to hear that
Congratulations to all of us

Thank you Steemit team for giving me the opportunity and I congratulate my Indonesian colleagues.

Discord: afrizalbinalka#8136
Tim 3
@damithudaya [Sri Lanka]
@f2i5 [Indonesia]
@goodybest [Nigeria]
@graceleon [Argentina]
@sualeha [Pakistan]
@wilmer1988 [Venezuela]

Hopefully it will be a team that can work very well together.

Discord faisalus#2937

Selamat untuk tim 3, semoga sukses menjalankan tugas hebat ini.

Thank you very much Steemit team for trusting me and giving me the opportunity again! Congratulations all, especially my teammates! We will do our best to perform the role well!

Damith Udayanga#9442 (discord)

Hi friends, please join the afrizalbinalka #8136 discord group.

Congratulations Damith.

Congratulations to all

Discord: wilmer1988#7749

Saludos a todos felicidades, que gusto volver a ser parte de un equipo de curación.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

Thanks for this great opportunity once again, congratulations to all my team members.

Discord ID: simonnwigwe#1226


@ashkhan [Pakistan]
@harferri [Indonesia]
@josepha [Nigeria]
@josevas217 [Colombia]
@msharif [Bangladesh]
@naka05 [Venezuela]
@simonnwigwe [Nigeria]

Thank you so much for giving me another chance. I will fulfill my duty properly as always.

Here is my discord I'd

Congratulations bro 🎊🎁🖤🙂

Congratulations bro ❤️🎈🎊🎁🖤🙂

We are active and continue to work to support as many as we can.

Congratulations to the choosen ones

Thank you so much dear steemit team for trusting us again. God willing, we will do our best to support quality content. I hope the month of February will be more interesting for us. We accept this role.


@bambuka [Russia]
@chant [Cameroon]
@eliany [Nigeria]
@malikusman1 [Pakistan]
@pelon53 [Venezuela]
@shohana1 [Bangladesh]
@waterjoe [Indonesia]

My discord : malik usman#9093

I’m grateful for another opportunity to serve the platform as curator.

My discord: chant#9602

Thanks very much ..:)
Discord : waterjoe#3535
Telegram :

Congratulations bro ❤️🎈🎊🎁🖤🙂

felicitaciones a todos los del equipo 5, han hecho un gran trabajo.

Por favor, @bambuka necesito tu discord. Gracias

Hi @pelon53, Congratulation to you and your team! @bambuka is moderator in WOX, here is his discord: bambuka#1499

I also dropped him message :)

Thank you very much @stef1, I appreciate it.

Glad to see you @pelon53 in one team :)
I think winter February will be hot :))
I just need to understand the technology of this form of curation. I am sure that we will solve all the issues.
My discord: bambuka#1499

A pleasure that you belong to our team, I know that you will understand everything very easily and all the problems will be solved.

I'm waiting for you to accept the invitation I made you on Discord, so you can join the team.

Thank you, friend, ok !

Thanks a lot the Steemit team for giving me another opportunity for this noble task. Congratulations to other teams and especially my dear team, TEAM 04.

@chiabertrand [Cameroon]
@fantvwiki [Indonesia]
@lhorgic [Nigeria]
@nahela [Venezuela]
@petface [UK]
@sduttaskitchen [India]

My Discord: steemdoctor1#7159

I am glad to be on team 4🤝We work really well together 🌍Cheers to another great month ahead! @karianaporras congratulations on your promotion👏

Hola mi amor, para mi es un gran placer trabajar con ustedes, son un excelente equipo...

Greetings guys, it's a pleasure to join your team.
I hope to do a good job together with you.

Discord: nahela#9211

Thank you so much for this new opportunity for Team Newcomer. We accept the commitment, hoping to always give our best.


@heriadi [Indonesia]
@inspiracion [Venezuela]
@juichi [Philippines]
@ngoenyi [Nigeria]
@radjasalman [Indonesia]
@ripon0630 [Bangladesh]
@yousafharoonkhan [Pakistan]

My discord: inspiracion#0799

Congratulations to all of us. Let's do more!

ngoenyi 2#0664 is my discord

Thanks for Giving the opportunity . congratulations to all the team members 😊

My Discord : ripon0630#4573

My discord radjasalman#2911

Thanks 🤗

Thank you steemit team, I accept the role of community curator at the Newcomer team

Discord : heriadi#1116

Congratulations to the chosen friends in February

Thanks to the Steemit team for the appointment.

Congratulations to all the selected curators for February/2023.

Good to have my former team members back.


@fjjrg, @ponpase,@sofian88,@solaymann
,@stef1 ,@suboohi


@ponpase would you please add me up so that I can put you in our discord group...?

Felicidades al equipo.
Éxitos en su nueva labor.

Thank you, check your DM !

Muchas gracias al equipo de steemitblog por est nueva oportunidad de servir ala pltaforma y a los usuarios de la misma, sobre todo por seguri reuniendo al equipo (en su mayoría) ya que estamos perfectamente engranados en el trabajo que hay que hacer.

Un gusto estar nuevamente con mis compañeros: @stef1 , @suboohi, @sofian88 , @solaymann, @ubongudofot y darle la bienvenida al amigo @ponpase.

That is great news team1, glad to see the majority, @naka05 it was a real pleasure to work with you, I am pretty sure you will be a great curator in other team too!

Aprecio tus palabras @stef1, felicidades equipo 1.😁


Dear @steemitblog,

I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the amazing work you are doing in the Steem Platform. The Steem platform has been a source of inspiration and opportunity for countless individuals, and your efforts in maintaining and developing the platform are a crucial part of its continued success.

One of the things that makes Steem so unique is the way it empowers its users to be creators, curators, and moderators all in one. The Community Curator program is a prime example of how Steem supports and encourages its users to contribute to the platform in meaningful ways. By selecting seven teams of talented and dedicated individuals, you are giving them the resources they need to make a real impact on the Steem ecosystem.

I also appreciate the focus on encouraging and rewarding quality content and comments. The more high-quality posts and conversations that are taking place on Steem, the more valuable the platform becomes for everyone involved. By encouraging teams to look beyond communities and reward good content and comments, you are helping to create a more vibrant and diverse platform for all.

In closing, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing to make Steem a better place. Your commitment to the platform and its users is evident in all that you do, and I am grateful to be a part of such a dynamic and supportive platform. Here's to continued success and growth for Steem in the future!

Best regards, @fabiha

I thank @steemitblog for your trust and congratulate all the selected curators for the month of February.

I also thank @stef1, who encouraged me to do this activity.

I would like to note that this initiative may be the most important and useful of all available at the moment. I would really like the curators to reach as many users with interesting posts as possible. Users (especially beginners) need motivation to work well here. So far, there is no better motivation than encouragement for a job well done. These are not the most fun times in cryptomeria, and the work of curators is all the more in demand.

For my part, I will try to find the least known users, support their posts and motivate them to be active. Of course, it's not much, but I'm not alone and all together it's already a good result.
So be it :)

Я благодарю @steemitblog за оказанное доверие и поздравляю всех выбранных кураторов на февраль месяц.

Так же благодарю @stef1, которая побудила меня на эту деятельность.

Хочу заметить, что эта инициатива на данный момент является может быть самой важной и полезной из всех имеющихся. Очень хотелось бы, чтобы кураторы охватили как можно больше пользователей с интересными постами. Пользователям (особенно новичкам) нужна мотивация для хорошей работы здесь. Пока не существует лучшей мотивации, чем поощрение за хорошо сделанную работу. Сейчас не самые весёлые времена в криптомире, и работа кураторов тем более востребована.

Со своей стороны я постараюсь находить наименее известных пользователей, поддерживать их посты и мотивировать на активную деятельность. Конечно, это немного, но ведь я не один и все вместе это уже неплохой результат.
Да будет так :)

I look forward to hearing what you have to say about your work as a curator later! When I was in this position for a month, that's exactly what I wanted to do - make the little-known users better known and more visible. Back then we were allowed to do that; maybe you remember Team Freestyle. We didn't have to consider club affiliation or reputation and decided solely on the quality of the posts.... I experienced this as an opportunity that was unfortunately wasted again.

Ich bin gespannt, was Du später über Deine Arbeit als Kurator berichten kannst! Als ich einen Monat in dieser Position war, hatte ich genau das vor - die wenig bekannten User bekannter und sichtbarer zu machen. Damals durften wir das; vielleicht erinnerst Du Dich an Team Freestyle. Wir mußten auf Clubzugehörigkeit oder Reputation keine Rücksicht nehmen und entschieden alleine nach der Qualität der Posts... Ich habe das als Chance erlebt, die in Folge leider wieder vertan wurde.

I have already tried to find little-known users with good posts... just for the sake of interest for a trial... I was looking through the general feed with all the tags...
Maybe I didn't search well or I have other criteria, but I haven't found anything yet that I was counting on. This turned out to be a difficult task for me.

It's time consuming! I just found something from @justiceanietie and @rey01v... Very different, but they seem to have potential...

You will find new guys, I'm sure.

Hi @weisser-rabe
Thankyou for recognizing my profile, it means a lot to me.

It's a pleasure ;-))

Thank you @weisse-rabe. My curation day has not come yet, but I will keep these users in mind if they have fresh interesting posts :)
I will be very grateful to you if you find someone else worthy of curation, especially since you know the requirements for candidates and their posts. That would be a good help.

Let's work together ;-))

Wao! This is interesting but can you through more light on what you really me?

My task for the month of February will be to find authors with good posts and support them.
We started searching for candidates :))

Little things we don't pay attention to...

Hi, @justiceanietie. You have gotten a potential recognition that requires you to cease it with your all. Just 10 secs of proofreading your comment would make a great difference.

Well, what you meant can be understood by some while others would see it as quite irrelevant or an act of negligence.

Wao! This is interesting but can you through more light on what you really me?

You meant:

Wao! This is interesting but can you throw more light on what you really like about me?

It would go a long way to pay attention to every detail. Good luck, man.

Thank you very much for your observations and correction.

Thank you so much for giving us opportunity this month again and we will do our best. Best of luck to all the selected community curators.



@harferri [Indonesia]
@josepha [Nigeria]
@josevas217 [Colombia]
@msharif [Bangladesh]
@naka05 [Venezuela]
@simonnwigwe [Nigeria]

Congratulations to we all.

@naka05 please contact on discord then I will add you in our discord group.

Felicidades amigos, excelente equipo!😊

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