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STEEM is now available for trading on the Huobi marketplace! For U.S. residents, go to (previously to deposit, withdraw and trade STEEM on the Huobi exchange. The site is licensed and operated by HBUS Holdco Inc., a US company based in San Francisco.

STEEM is also listed on Huobi Global at

Participate in the AMA!

We will be hosting an AMA with Huobi through @steemitblog on Friday the 1st of March at 1:00 PM CST (7:00 PM UTC) where Steemians can ask the Huobi team any questions they might have about their exchange. This will also be an opportunity for those from the Huobi community to ask any questions they might have about the Steem ecosystem.

About Huobi (from

Huobi is an advanced U.S. digital currency trading platform operated by HBUS Holdco, Inc. ("HBUS"), a U.S. company and strategic partner of Huobi Global, one of the world’s largest digital asset trading and management service providers. The Huobi service offers a wider variety of token options and giveaways to American audiences, with 24/7 personal customer support, and unparalleled security.

Located in San Francisco, HBUS is founded by a team of proven technology executives and disruptive founders, and operates the Huobi marketplace platform under the highest of ethical standards with a commitment to U.S. legal compliance.

The Steemit Team

UPDATE: The post formerly listed the AMA date as the 29th of February, but as this is not a Leap Year, the actual date will be the 1st of March.


Oh snap! That’s great news! Binance needs a USDT pair or better yet, Steem/TSUD pair! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Agreed! Waiting for Binance to do that.

With any usd pair, I can set buy limits instead of bitcoin 😬

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Great news, I would love to see some inroads made to getting steem included on the Wirex card/app.

That would be massive!

Agreed. I’d get a card for sure if they had Steem on them.

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And with the card it is so easy to go from fiat to crypto too!

Take a look at they have their own token but do basically the same thing as wirex but claim lower fees that any exchange on the market. Which is esentially what these cards are. Background exchanges.

Do they have a card though? The exchanging is nice but it's the exchanging direct on the card that is nicer!

Yeah its direct exchanging over their visa

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In that case I will look, cheers !

From what country do you use Wirex?

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Excellent team! Keep grinding :)

Excellent news and work and hopefully it brings some more eyes on.

Great news, I hope this also brings more exposure to Steem.

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Steem to the moon :)

Steem Monsters Cards pump

I would still like to see a SteemPay debit card! 💳

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Can't wait until steem can be bought directly through our own exchange and in Canada.

Thanks, Oldtimer:)

You may want to read up about one of the key operators of this exchange:

You may want to read up about one of the key operators of this exchange. He was the founder of the following:

Thanks for the information. I don't use this service. I just know they exist and we voted steem on their exchange, not soo long ago.

You are most welcome. I was just checking them out and happened to find that information. Suddenly shutting down like that is scary. If you read the TOS (terms Of Service), there is absolutely no protection for people using the Huobi Exchange. I was lucky not to have any money in Quadrigacx when it suddenly shut down. As far as I know, there is still 1 more exchange that Canadians can use, but I don't recall its name. Trading was cheaper on that exchange, but buying your first crypto was more expensive, so I went with Quadigacx since I'm not a trader and just needed to convert fiat to crypto.

I went through Quadrigacx to deal in steem. Fortunately, I had nothing in my wallet. I chose to put it all in steem. A good choice in hindsight. I think the time will come when steem will back a marketplace similar to amazon and then we won't have to convert to fiat at all. Wouldn't that be lovely?

YES! That would be ideal. I'm hoping to never have to cash out my Steem. You and I are alike in holding all our crypto in Steem. They say you should diversify, but that's like having cash in different world currencies. Too much trouble for me. I can't imagine trying to keep track of all the bank accounts I would need in the various countries. If one crypto-wallet could hold any and all crpto, then that would make things a bit simpler, but still. meh

Steem stands out for me because of the multiple websites linked to it. Compared to most crypto is has an actual functioning presence. I think what has held it back is word of mouth and all the bad talking about bitcoin.

I'm using bylls at the moment.

Hmmm... seems they deal only in Bitcoin and Bitcoin is slow as molasses and has high gas fees. I chose Etherium as my entry token and used that to buy Steem. However, it is good to know there are other options available.

I was talking about selling and getting fiat to bank account.

awesome news!!! great way to start the work week with news like this.

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Way to go David and team! Awesome news coming out of the Steemit team lately, great job and keep it up 🙌🏼

Awesome job! Keep it up David ;)

Great News, I hope they will provide Fiat deposit / withdraws and fiat tradingpairs for Steem.

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Listed on Huobi and tracked on CoinGecko!
HBUS and Huobi Global

Great news! Nice to see Steem/USDT, so you can buy Steem without needing to buy the shitcoins:)

Good work!

Great to see another step in the right direction.

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Congratulations on the listing!

Huobi Global represents more than $500 Million in Trading Volume, now available to Steem. It's time for the world to know more about Steem and the potential it represents.

We noticed the new ticker from Huobi Global a few days back and has been waiting for the good news from your end.

A good news! Thank you!


So more places for Steemit SINC to dump their coins?

Would they dump there if it's actually an US company? Kind of hard to "hide your crypto" when Uncle Sam is watching.

You guys are amazing, i am so glad to be a part of this community.

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Never heard of Houbi, but @onepagex accepts Steem and they don't require any registration :)

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1500 STEEM OnePageX Contest

This is great news. 👍🏼 @steemitblog
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Nice! Great news. Thanks for sharing!

The post formerly listed the AMA date as the 29th of February, but as this is not a Leap Year, the actual date will be the 1st of December.

Uh, December is pretty far off maybe you meant the 1st of March??

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Yes, the 1st of March is correct. Thanks!

wtf is going on with steem and steemit accounts on twitter ?

they are not working.

Huobi is Mandarin for “currency”: [Simplified Chinese] 货币 huòbì / huohbih, [Traditional Chinese] 貨幣 huòbì / huohbih (spelled in Hanyu Pinyin and GR Tonal Spelling [-h stands for 4th tone]). Using a Chinese name implies that Huobi is a Chinese company, but their home base is not obvious from the website.

Having a Chinese company make it easier to convert between fiat and crypto is good news, isn't it?

Fantastic news! Binance should launch a USDT pair as well. Keep up the good Work.

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That's sound nice

What is an AMA?

I hate when people use acronyms and don't say what their acronym stands for. As far as I know, it could mean, Attack My Ass. No thanks to that!

Ask me any question.

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Yess, steem is on the move and going places

Awesome news! I commend team Steem for the milestone achieved... Well done!

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A great news! Thank you for your efforts in adding Steem!

Wow is it a leap year this year? Feb 29?

No it is not. Good catch! Thanks, we've corrected the post.

UPDATE: The post formerly listed the AMA date as the 29th of February, but as this is not a Leap Year, the actual date will be the 1st of December.

So...until December?

Nope, it's March. Thanks

STEEM was on Huobi much earlier lol.

Great News, I hope they will provide Fiat deposit / withdraws and fiat tradingpairs for Steem.

Oh, very cool! Makes me very happy to see Steem getting some more "wings" and spreading out further! In a strange way, my week just got a little more positive, reading this!

Not at all relevant side note: Interesting similarity between the Huobi and Steem logos....

That’s great news for steemit community!

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This is great for Steem. Good job

Go Steem! I love this community and ecosystem!

Awesome, thanks for sharing.

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Price is gooing to the moon
Great thing.

I got a Huobi wallet some time ago, probably as a part of an airdrop, It is an app on my phone so after reading this I logged into it and listed Steem/USDT as my favourite. The wallet is quite complicated with all the different options and contracts and so on,

This is really great news as I am more comfortable using Huobi in trading. I used to create a blog promoting EOS using Huobi, now its gonna be Steem now that I will be promoting! Thanks for this update dear whales.

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