SMT Development Update #6

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Hello Steemians, today we have for you the 6th installment of our SMT progress reports.

As we explained in last week’s post, since we work in two-week iterations, it can sometimes appear that work has stalled if you look at a burnup chart in the middle of a sprint. Because of that, we expected this week’s chart to contain a larger than average list of finished work items. As you will see below, that is the case.

SMT Scope added last week:

SMT work completed last week:

Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 1.57.14 PM.png

The blue dots symbolize the number of points that we have completed for SMT development. For those who don’t know, assigning “Story Points” is part of Agile Software Development. They are a “unit of measure for expressing an estimate of the overall effort that will be required to fully implement a product backlog item or any other piece of work” and determined by using a Fibonacci Scale. In addition to these reports, you can follow along on our GitHub project organization and tracking system for SMT development which is (usually) updated daily.

The Steem Blockchain Team


Excellent, good to see the progress. I'm looking forward to seeing the technology match the community spirit that was so evident at Steemfest. I just made a pretty detailed post on issues I see facing Steem and how their solutions might fit into SMT Communities. I'd love to hear anyone's comments on this topic and particularly anyone able to offer any details on how Steem communities might be able to address the issue of bidbots.. E.g. If we achieve one human, one vote using Oracles - who will run the oracles? Will there maybe be a master oracle for human identities that any community can access a whitelist from for free?

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OMG bro, OMG...

Please check out @steemdetective posts

hehe.. that's a bug that has been fixed now - on steempeak at least.

It is good to see and things going onward and upward despite people worrying about the crash of steam full stop with all this work going into it there is no way we aren't going to exceed expectations.

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I know what you are doing is complex, I sometimes have a hard time working with blockchain APIs, imagine building one for scratch.
Good work and congratulations for another step! Every small or big one counts!

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In times like these it especially brightens up one's day to see a curve going upwards, no matter the angle...:-) Steem on!

Is Jan 14, 2019 a hard SMT roll-out date?

Any time in the first quarter would be a welcome addition to the Steem blockchain and the experiment it represents in DAPP communities.

Cool. Love seeing those story points slowly trending up. Hope no major impediments come up.

silence is deafening, there should be a post here daily

This is great, I'm so glad I found steemitblog to keep me informed.

Onward and Upward... only way to go !

Slow and steady we shall get there

Testing. Don't vote\n\nI am thinking :/ :\

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Good update! Thanks for the more regular updates!! Been waiting over a year like the rest of us! SMT's day will come! I know, believing is for etherium!!

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They are going to an excellent step friends of the Steem Team

Following in anticipation.