Restoring Community Governance

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Dear Steemians,

As we stated two weeks ago our goal to return governance back to the community, we have now officially removed all temporary witnesses. We appreciate the hard work these witnesses have dedicated to protecting Steem and the community. It’s dedication like this to the Steem ecosystem that will help us overcome the recent challenges, but most importantly, bring blockchain and cryptocurrency to the masses.

As the core developer of and Steem, we will try our best to stay neutral and we will not engage with community decisions in the future.

We look forward to continued collaboration with witnesses and the community to get back to the things that really matter. Supporting existing projects, things like improving the status of, adding features to communities (in progress!) and ultimately creating the best place for all people to enjoy great content, share content and enjoy all the rewards that come with being a Steemian.

As we can now look to the future, we will continue to share updates more frequently and continue to listen and engage with this amazing community. In the meantime, please stay safe and well.

The Steemit Team


Censoring certain posts you don't like (about hive) at the api level is restoring governance?

you are a joke, steem is dead, and you are the reason

Can we get some specific plans on how you will create more value with steem? So far we have seen a lot of vague statements and promises, but nothing concrete. Would love to hear some specifics from you guys...

For example:

  1. In the past you mentioned that you would get more exchange listings for steem, which exchanges are you targeting?

  2. You mentioned on-boarding more users to steem, how do you plan to do that exactly, more advertising, integrating other websites etc?

  3. You mentioned more community tools for steem, what tools are you referring to, SMTs?

  4. You mentioned several times bringing crypto and steem to the masses, what specific steps will you take to help make that a reality?

The community would love to hear some specifics on things instead of generalized statements.

It's so disheartening that a specific and neutral question such as this gets no response.

You have replaced sockpuppets with loyalists, you are still enforcing the policy that witnesses are loyal to you with the ninja-mined stake.

Also several may still just be sockpuppets by the looks of things. You couldn't even find 20 people to lend you credibility xD


You removed all "temporary witnesses"? Then what are those? And the more important question, why are you still voting for them? What's the difference between sockpuppets installed by you or those paid cocksuckers that do everything you tell them to do?


Paid😆You have good imagination☺

So JS didn't offer them 2.5k$ monthly to run their node? Strange, that multiple people already confirmed this, independent from one another...

That's just a rumor. Did you see any evidence? Many people are fooled by the previous top 20 witnesses and whales. They didn't remove steemit's stake, instead, they make it to steem.dao, and it's for the proposals. And guess who can get the votes and take the funds? The previous top 20 witnesses and whales. Their cross voting can get themselves much of the things.
Besides, top 20 witnesses gets much increased SP, that increase the total circulation, and make usual people like your and my assets' value shrink.

It doesn't really matter. Justin doesn't need them anymore, as we speak the blockchain is being censored through the API endpoint so even Steempeak doesn't show the censored posts any more. I am seeing a dystopia unfold here. There is a growing list of people that don't have equal speaking rights in Justin's little kingdom. Of course that doesn't matter for people like you and Hive might feel like a dictatorship.

Just know that if you burn yourself on anything, which I have seen happen to basically everyone piece by piece, just give it time...

You will be welcome on the other side.

And just like that by mentioning the big H I already went against the new terms and conditions again, oops!


You will be welcome on the other side.

And just like that by mentioning the big H I already went against the new terms and conditions again, oops!

Two very true statements.

About the difference between the stake here and there: steem.dao doesn't have keys and can only be moved by hardforking, which means that every witness has to be on board to do anything. That makes a huge difference. You could say it's just a way to represent the stake, it cannot do anything as it stands. Meanwhile, you cannot deny the stake is not just in Justin's hands here, but actively being abused.

I wait while I let you do the math.

Really? Can you show your references? The fund of approved SPS are from steem.dao, as you said, if there's no keys, the fund can only move by hardfork. That doesn't make sense.

The SPS funds are through SBD and those are programmed in as an on-chain app that follows rules. Nobody does that with keys, it's just in the blockchain rules. SP is by definition not mobile, so the SP is just parked on that keyless account and cannot be accessed except by a hardfork. There will be a vote about the accounts that the next hardfork should give the HP equivalent of SP etc, but it's still up to the witnesses if they will run that or not.

Please tell us who told you that. As a member of the @dev.supporters team, I confirm you that we did not receive a single penny from anyone (including Justin of course).

(Using the same words) multiple people who became top 20 witnesses already confirmed that they did not receive any, independent from one another.

Please check the facts youself instead of listening to the one-sided propaganda. I understand that one may not like Justin and/or steem, but insulting new witnesses without any evidence is totally different.

Talking about evidence... Any evidence brought up here is being erased, so that's not a fair game...

Talking about DLT... Data on chains can't be easily erased. Maybe you should study more about it.

This isn't a DLT. This is a selection of DLT data availed the apps of choice via the APIs they use. How do you know what is or isn't in the blockchain?

Perhaps you should study more about it.

I don't actually know. But I have changed to use steempeak for a long time. The team mainly support Hive now, so there would be little possibility of censor of the blockchain.

Being a top 20 witness brings in $1,660 in revenue per month at current Steem price. The vote to place you in top 20 = being paid.

Interesting perspective. So top 20 witnesses on HIVE are mostly paid by freedom, pumpkin, and themselves😆

No, they're paid from the pool of new tokens generated by inflation, just as they are here. The voters backing them merely choose them to get paid, and don't pay them directly.

Uh yeah, they're paid by the stakeholder community voting for them. Whereas here it comes down in its virtual entirety to Justin Sun.

Taxing this gif!

The post is signed:
"The Steemit Team"

Which individuals constitutes the team? Is it a secret? Or is it still a remaining one man "team"?

we will try our best to stay neutral and we will not engage with community decisions in the future.

Are you going to unvote all witnesses @dev365 is voting for?
Do you plan on declining your voting rights?

Oh, well at least you'll try. It's the thought that counts, eh?

It would be rude of us, when you inevitably continue to take total control, to say you didn't at least try

Yeah right, now that the entire community left and started powering down and dumping their STEEM. You are a fucking joke.

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