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We are excited to announce that we have now launched a brand new website!

The website is one of the main sources of information for the Steem blockchain and STEEM currency. Many potential new users and investors will land there looking for information about what the Steem blockchain is, what it does, and whether they should get involved. It is important that we keep this website up to date with accurate information and present the blockchain in the best way possible so that we can get everyone as excited about the platform as we are!

Much of the information on the site has been updated, including:

We plan to continue making additional changes to the site as well. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for changes or additional content. We also encourage users to submit pull requests to the GitHub repository with any changes they would like to make!

Now that we have the new website in place, we look forward to it becoming the go-to source for anyone interested in learning about the Steem blockchain and STEEM token. There are so many exciting things going on and will be a great tool for sharing them with the world!

Steem on,

Team Steemit


I don't like the term 'proof of brain'. Steem is DPOS ( delegated proof of stake ). When users post on steemit they don't actually mine steem nor secure the blockchain so it is very misleading to call it proof of brain because it is technically inacurate and there is no innovation there, not to mention that it sounds ridiculous. You have to get rid of the concept of mining, people don't care about this stuff and the few who do are going to be confused by this term.

some typo in there

We built Steemit on Steem to show the world the future the web. We built it to inspire new digital content business models and apps by entreprenuers and developers.

And please do something about the curation reward incentives which are not working at all

Also I'd be grateful if you could explain the slogan 'money talks'

First I am really bothered with the word 'money talks' and I would really like to know what the meaning of this word is in this context and what message steemit inc want to get accross with this slogan, because to me there is a very negative connotations with this expression( money is everything).Nowhere has steemit inc explained the choice to use this nor have they asked the community if they like it, so if you read this steemit please let us know.

This is not helping steemit image imo.

I actually wrote about this a month ago.

Compared to gold, Cryptos aren't REAL. They are not Tangible. Cryptos are not real assets. They have value because of what they can do. Cryptos are the hyper-gold except for being REAL. Most cryptos are mined or minted in a POW or PoS process. I see STEEM not as a social media but as a non-PoW non-PoS mining/minting process. Just think for a moment what if we could replace the Hashes and piggy back on social media activity instead.

What I love the most is the whole process having an intrinsic value. Even in PoS mining, the token/coin creation process itself has no value on its own. Steemit has built the single best mass community on the net and used the community itself as the mining process. It's Human Action within Human Action; 2 layers of pure capitalism.

Blocks are produced using DPoS. But the rewards are allocated based on the activity within the eco system. Instead of how many hashes you can do, steemit creates a system where it's about getting the most upvotes by providing value to the community. It's value on top of value. Proof of Brain/Creativity/Contribution is simply a term to describe piggy backing the token creation process on an intrinsically valuable system of Human Action.

I like the idea that tokens are created based on users's contributions ( even if technically not true), what I don't like is the word used to express this idea.

Token Are created based on users's contributions. But they are not created by the contributions or the contributors. Creation is done by DPoS and the created tokens are distributed based on user's contributions measured by the received upvotes.

In a DPoS system, the token creators tend to be much similar to mining pools than miners. This isn't a perfect allegory. But it's an interesting observation I've come across.

Token Are created based on users's contributions

This is wrong. Tokens are created at a fixed rate by block. They are then distributed to users according to voting.

But they are not created by the contributions or the contributors

Which is why it's not "proof of brain"

I absolutely agree that "proof of brain" is a pretty bad term. It has a nice ring to it and people that know very little about the technology might like, heck, it might be a nice marketing strategy, but it's absolutely inaccurate.

And there is a very common killer example to show how inaccurate the term actually is - all the bot voting. How are the bots showing they have a brain? If this system is supposed to be a proof of brain one, then it isn't working at all as automated voting and earning is commonplace here.

So I do agree that the term needs to be replaced with something better and more accurate.

Proof of Brain is Rewards Pool consensus. DPoS is Block Producer consensus. There is innovation in PoB - everything to do with the Rewards Pool allocation for content creation and curation is and it needs to be described succinctly.

Is Proof of Brain an alternative phrase for 'Subjective Proof of Work'?

Yes, I think so.

The consensus mechanism is used to secure the blockchain, why do you need it for the reward pool ? I don't get it..

I think what Ned is trying to do is put focus on the rewards voting and labeling that "PoB", which is the part that new users need to wrap their head around before they move on to the other "consensus" that we have about the actual blocks. Hope this makes sense and that I'm not way off here.

Labeling reward pool distribution as 'PoB' is wrong, because the allocation mecanism does not use proof of anything, it's just a smart contract and so there is no need for consensus, the blockchain is already secured by DPoS. Proof of work has a clear definition, it's not some vague concept that you can apply to anything by just adding quotation marks..

It's true, or so I think, that there's not cryptographic "proof" so to speak in this case, but rather there is "brain work" that gives an entry into the economic system without doing the classical buy in of currency/hardware to "mine" it.

You're right this does introduce some confusion. I can see use for the term on a microscale, but out of context (which it's going to be for most people, both non-steem techies and non-techies) this could be very burdensome.

A better term should probably be introduced at some point.

Wouldn't Proof of Contribution be a good term. It discribe what's happening under the hood with greater accuracy.

Instead of how many hashes you can do, steemit creates a system where it's about getting the most upvotes by providing value to the community. It's value on top of value.

The upvote system isn't perfect. But it represents the contribution of an individual to the community. My term may not be perfect. But it's pretty damn good IMO and it can be backed with reasons.

I think using proof of anything is misleading but if they are going to use this word anyway, proof of contribution sounds much better. Actually I'd use 'contribution proof' so as to not confuse this with a consensus mechanism.

Contribution, or percieved contribution, because who knows how many real users vs bots might be a better term.

Of course in the end, technically, it all circles back to a real brain somewhere doing the work and being rewarded for that work. Hence proof -of-"brain (work)" isn't an alltogether horrible term, but it can get very confusing.

There is innovation in PoB

Says the guy whose delegation is used to fund plagiarism. What innovation is there in plagiarism?


it needs to be described succinctly.


Got 'em, coach.

Fair response.

As I mentioned in my other comment, I think the biggest problem with the phrase "proof of brain" is that participating does not actually require a brain. There are a ton of automated votes that are part of the steem ecosystem, so nobody has to prove they have a brain in order for them to participate. So if the idea is to have a proof of brain, the bar is currently way too low ;) Everything that's being done on the platform, can indeed be done without a brain.

It's a nice-sounding buzz word that has something to do with the typical blockchain terminology, but I think you guys should look for a better and more descriptive term, because this one is obviously inaccurate.

thanks for bringing the issues infront.

How would you describe the reward pool allocation in a concise, catchy way to the target demographic of users (hopefully, people likely to be engaged and get at least some SP)?

I'd just say rewards are distributed based on users's contributions.

You can find Russian version of this post HERE

Русская версия тут

Is the whitepaper now deprecated? It's not linked on the new site and I was unable to open the link to the whitepaper.

Also, in the blue paper - I see:

Of the supply of new tokens created by the Steem blockchain every year, 75% of those tokens compose the “rewards pool” which are distributed to content creators and content curators.
15% are distributed to vested token holders, and 10% are distributed to Witnesses, the block producers cooperating inside Steem’s DPoS consensus protocol.

Who are the vested token holders? Is that intended to refer to the APR shown in the wallets? If so, is the 0.01% APR in the wallet produced by a calculation involving the total amount of new coins available for 'vested token holders' and the total amount of vested tokens in the system?

Thanks to anyone who answers :)

vested tokens = steem power

ok, thanks! I have been reading the whitepaper that i had saved on my computer and it makes this clearer.

So, 15% goes to steem power holders. How is it distributed?

Every year?

non-stop, but I think it goes down over time (and will eventually approach zero)

Yes, that is better. Also, steem should always have a 2-3 dynamic inflation to fund the reward pool. I read that the inflation will go to 1% which I think is too less to fund the reward pool when there will be a lot more people in the platform.

Great website! I love the emphasis on SMTs and I'm really excited for the future of the Steem platform, especially as more apps come on board.

If you guys could do something to reduce overt "gaming" of Steemit, I'd be a bit more optimistic.

As it is now, it seems the platform is drowning in spam and low-effort copy-pasters who think reproducing a website is "curation".

It just makes Steemit look like a web-scraping bot farm, and I fear the original creators may not be enough to turn the tide.

Prove me wrong, show me tools that help fight this.

(And not user created, but platform integrated utilities and top-level strategies.)

Awesome. Looking forward to making the best use of the new website. I hope Steem prices also increase now. Not been much positive lately.

Well, a soothing quote might be appropriate:

If a business does well, the stock eventually follows.

They seem to be on the right track;)
PS: did not update the API lib though, hope work-in-progress

To quote another great financial mind: "Cryptocurrencies are not for the faint of heart."

Happy to see the effort in branding on both and We need to make design a priority to bring the masses into blockchain applications. #design

Thanks for the updates on the website.
I would like to thank the developers for the new logo and the swift speed we now have on Steemit.

The last few weeks i was promoting Steemit in Uganda,the site was down and i had to explain a lot to the people i bring on board why it wasn't loading and slow!

Its great now and speedy.

would be great if you could put links there to all the Steem based projects: Steemit, Zappl, Steepshot, Dtube, Dsound, ChainBB, Busy, Utopian etc

Yes, or simply to an index page over all of them.

Would these technically be competitors? is supossed to be about the Steem blockchain not In that context they are not competitors. There should be a list of all the major apps conecting to the blockchain divided in categories (e.g. social media sites, wallets, tools, etc)

That depends on their particular reveneu/investment/'charity' model. I think currently some of them are, to a certain degree, competing.

Theoretically, although I don't want to imply that this is necessarily the case, Steemit inc (whom I suppose controll the site) could of course deny listing any apps that they think could be hurting their bottom line. At this point in time however , I have a hard time seeing why they would.

How about listing all of the currently available apps / sites running on the Steem blockchain?

I'm not sure but it wouldn't be great to point to SteemTools as well or to another steem based apps directory to showcase the services, features, tools that have been already created to get the most out of the steem blockchain ?
Just a thought from a regular steemian

Exciting to see Steem, and now, continue to grow by leaps and bounds! The new standard for social media has arrived!

I love the new website, simple, clean and professional
Keep up the good work

2018 should be a big year for steem!

Solid move, guys. I'm really pleased to see that Steemit Inc isn't underestimating any detail.

It's such a exciting, scary time for both the platform Steemit and Steem. No detail is to small, especially as they both inevitably get exponentially more holders and press.

Again, thanks for keeping us informed.

P.S. - where are we as far as an app?

it's surprising how many people get to via, I'm glad that you've updated that.

On another note, I'm sad that the rebrand and are the only "release" that came out of steemfest. Somehow, I was hoping for something more.

It's a good thing you posted this because I noticed some errors on the website like missing words, grammar, etc... I even asked around in for information on where I could submit my suggestions and so I'm glad you shared a link to the GitHub repository :)

I'll be submitting my suggestions soon.


You got a typo on your website. Applications is misspelled on the front page in one of the paragraphs near the bluepaper link, under the heading "faster than bitcoin and ethereum, with no fees." Not nitpicking just trying to help!

Woohoo...which makes Steemit will be adapted to more masses.

Great job Team Steemit :-)

Wow the new website looks amazing.The part on SMT is an interesting read too.

Clear ,Concise and with Real use cases.

Good job devs!

After more than 1 year you finally managed to bring the homepage up to date...great job guys!!!

Nice new look, loaded pretty quick for me. Any plans on a suggestion box anytime in the future? Or a "this seems to be broke" dropbox? Steem front end looks nice, now can you spare someone to break the "resteems" out from the "blog" tab on steemit and give "resteems" it's own tab?

Go go go. I love this platform. Thank you for your hard work.

Wow! Super development, steem is built on a solid foundation, it's unfolding gradually.

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Aren't the files in the GitHub repository deprecated? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I see the old website files there. It's my first time contributing via GitHub though so maybe I'm missing something.

The old repository will either be updated or replaced with the new content in the near future. Many of us are at steemfest so time is limited this weekend :)

It's okay, I understand. I've put up a couple of suggestions over at the GitHub repository already (as issues because pull requests are a bit too technical for me ☺) and I've got more suggestions coming.

Enjoy your time at SteemFest ☺

I want to know, if it is possible for local media to use SMT(s). It would be nice if I can get the explanation. Thank you.

It's a pity that the new logo is missing there. Not that I am a big fan of it)

My understanding is that the new logo is only for the Steemit blogging platform. The Steem logo will remain unchanged. It will continue to be the logo for the Steem blockchain and STEEM currency. More information can be found here: The New Steemit Logo is Here!

Thanks for the link, somehow missed it )

Yes this is correct - the use of the 'old' logo will continue as the logo for the steem blockchain, which is different than the flagship product/website steemit.

Thats true all new seeker landed on like me. I do reading there. While the join button on top lead me to and I do signup. Thats why I am here noe.

Ok. Let me have a look and see what is all about.

Spotted two errors on the page. of is missing in one of the bottom paragraphs:

We built Steemit on Steem to show the world the future [of] the web.

There's another a little above it with what should be the word 'application':

Steem is a next-generation blockchain, uniquely designed to run real-time [applicaitons] with near instant, fee-free transactions.

Only doing it because I want our first impressions for new users and investors to be the best!!

As a new member, it is positive to see the forward momentum within Steemit. As a fairly new member myself, in the block chain-ging landscape who has spent countless hours trying to learn and understand the technology, and exploring everything Blockchain/Crypto/currency/decentralized, my
my observation.. is the language in this article is a bit off putting to those who barely have heard the word blockchain, let alone proof of brain. Articles introducing the redisigned Steemt platform should not forget the target audience. New, and seasoned members. A mix between highly experienced and brand-new. We are at the cusp of change in the world, and most people don't like change much. People won't join if they cant understand the platform, or sounds too far creepy out there. One last note, it is my perception of the new logo, I neither care for its design. The old design with 3-s- shapes I liked visually. I think perhaps, it would have been wise to have first, considered old Steemit branding, as a redisgn. This new design departs completely, and is not interesting to look at. The old one stood out visually, very nicely. The new logo, and as an enclosed circle, does not stand out, and seems cinstricted, contained, and I think may get lost in the hundreds of logos on visual coin exchanges. The old Steemit logo, from my visual perception, was very easily recognizeable, and had a nice open ended flow.

I am amazed with the excellent post. thank you for sharing! I say success always! thank you,..... @steemitblog.

“Proof of Brain”

Loved that. Hahaha! 🤗

LOL what is a dog doing in that steemfest's pic! Who's doggy is that?

wow amazing

Owo! Great news

thanks for the update.

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

Do what you want - the main thing that at the exchange rate the rate grew up! =)

Nice change ! It felt kinda outdated, nice seeing you felt the same.

luvin the support COINBASE is givin!

this is a great post

Amazing job, @steemitblog. I love the transparency in your job, always giving every steemian an opportunity to have a say about what you guys are doing. Getting people involved has a way of making us become stronger as a community and that's what is so special about the steem blockchain. I love you guys! @greatness96

Great and Nice Achievement We Appreciate May Be It work Better Before

Hello, I probably should make a comment about this on the ' steemit logo' post, but that post was from 6 days ago so I wasn't sure if someone was going to answer. @septemberbre2ze and I, @zoethehedgehog are planning to make a Korean steemit college group , and we've made a logo based on the current mint colored one.

We did change it with a character in it, but is this logo okay to use?

This is why I am so excited. The steem blockchain is a huge endeavor with a lot of things needing to take place. It is not an overnight process. It requires a lot of hard work and foundations laid. A website like that, which looks amazing, is a great functional piece for marketing campaigns.

The building blocks are being put in place.

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