Steem Got Just 19582 Votes at Gonetcoins Contest | Final Hours

in #steem6 years ago (edited)

Steemit is in its 3rd year and still could manage to get only 19582 votes for a contest that can actually bring it to limelight through some big exchange as it will be listed on some big exchanges. The number that I mentioned above has been possible after a lot of effort put by some big names like @oracle-d,@acidyo, @blocktrades and @drakos to name a few. This means, if we remove this effort from the equation, Steem could not be even in top 10 coins list in this contest. Just in last 30 minutes, INS coin snatched first position from Steem and is now leading with almost 800 votes.

Without wasting anymore time, I'll direct all of you who still want Steem to win this contest, please go and vote here:

I've already contributed here for the last time.



I thought that nothing could go wrong. Steem had a mighty lead yesterday

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