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Steem holidays in Bali.jpg

The drive from Ubud (central Bali) to Amed (North East coast) is a spectacular one.


I took a bunch of pics from the moving car.


Upon arrival we found the perfect hotel right on the beach. For 500,000 IDR per night which is $37.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 14.40.07.png

As you can see they don't even have a website or telephone number!

Yet today I have an hour long appointment with the english speaking manager and I am going to teach him about the cryptocurrency revolution. I am going to teach him about BTC & Steem.

I am going to teach him about Steemit and help this hotel set up an account.

And then I will add them to the @steemshop, @steemshopsell and now also to the new @steemholidays account.

And you my friends will be able to book a holiday here using the STEEM in your wallet!!!!

It occurred to me that we should all be doing this!

Every time we go on holiday, take an hour out to chat with the manager of the establishment and do what I have just described.

By doing so you are bringing further value to this platform and also bringing much potential happiness to other Steemers!

Amed sunset fin 1.jpg
I took this shot last night. You can see Mt Agung in the background, Bali's largest volcano. It is part of a motion control time-lapse I am currently processing. The picture at the top of this post, I shot with my drone.

I hope this motives you to follow in my footsteps!

steemholidays banner 1.jpg


Great idea @steemholidays! Upvote and follow. Just yesterday was looking for places that accept crypro in Tunisia and could not find any.... You should come here ob holidays

Yes... teach that manager about crypto Sam and invite him to steemit. Nice ! :)

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