The Steem Experience 003

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@sykochica, @richardcrill, and @seablue talk about the promotion bots (vote buying/selling) on Steemit. Join the discussion on Discord by going to

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Great podcast/radio show! It's nice to hear others view on the how bot thing! This topic seems to be heating up here since I've joined. For me I view this platform as both a place to create content and make an investment. Putting value into the posts adds value for those who take the time to read and interact with me by having a higher curation reward. In this way it seems to be a win/win. I do plan to taper off as the SDB do lose a bit with every post but I do get more back in steempower. I've already started delegating my steempower to grow my investment in another way. Thank you for creating this and posting it for us to listen too! How can I find out more information on your collective as it seems like something I might enjoy?