Users Alert On Steemexchanger And Additional Information

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We update the on a regular to improve usability and performance as we scale to increasing numbers of users. Every step we take is the right direction towards acheiving a user friendly website.

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Improvements in performance to handle more users

The site has be modified and improved since its launch to accommodate more users. Server speed has been increased to ensure that transactions are adequately handled. Currently our site has been able to handle the inflow of users without any problem and indeed our primary challenge has been to maintain our high-speed response to customer support issues (hence all the work above to reduce the number of customer support requests that require human intervention).

Refund of Steem/SBD sent without memo

From launch till now no customer has ever recorded that he/she has not been refunded almost immediately by our vigilant support system when they send Steem/SBD without a memo to the site. Since we still working on incorporating the automatic refund feature, we have ensured that users get thesame experince for the time being.

Ensure you are sending to Steemexchanger and using your memo


We advice that users shouldnt be in a hurry to transfer without first validating were they are transferring to and if they are using the right memo. To avoid such confusion of the account you are sending to, you can first follow steemexchanger on @steemexchanger, so that whenever you want to transfer it comes up before you completely type it. Your memo is your tranfer key on the steemexchanger because other users can use it to transfer you Steem/SBD from the steemit wallet to your steemexchanger account.


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Nice post bro keep educating us

I tried to buy Steem yesterday, but i was been told to pay with card. Is there no way one can pay via bank transfer or cash deposit? It really would be important have this means of payment cos not everyone uses credit card

I made a transfer of fund via my credit card, my Nigerian bank (ACCESS BANK) debited me but I did not get the STEEM equivalent. Please resolve this AQAP.

Please i made a withdrawal for the past two days, up till now, i haven't recieved the money.


Have you receive your funds now?

I just transferred some SBD to you guys and I haven't gotten a refund or a credit. @steemexchanger
Why???? 😡


Bro whatsup about the transaction?

I made a transfer
I haven't received any alert.


Have you receive your funds now?

I made a transaction too few minutes ago, this is the first time i'll be doing this and i did it already before i got to know there was a memo somewhere and your account was credited while mine was debited and since i'm yet to see alert..i know i was inconsistent but then please help work on that.


Has your problem been rectified?

Very cool friend

@steemexchanger I transfered 1 SBD for sale for over 8 hours now and it is yet to indicate in my wallet and i can't even find the convert to naira option. When i click on the 'I made a transfer' the reply i get is 'No new transfer detected'. Please kindly fund my wallet.